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  1. Don’t you know? Anything you do today is always anti-something to someone.
  2. Im not comparing CP to Deus Ex, I just made an analogy to how different the gameplay is between Witcher 3 and CP. It would be like comparing -in broad terms- Deus Ex and GTA.
  3. I was describing the style of gameplay. And CP is better in many ways than W3 and way more ambitious design wise imo.
  4. It’s not like Witcher 3. To get a better understanding, in broad gameplay terms, comparing CP to W3 is like comparing Deus Ex to GTA.
  5. Shit, I hope there’s no major issues like that when CP launches.
  6. It seems more people talk about 20 hour length more or less which is disappointing for me. I rarely replay games for different endings etc and an epic story is the best reason to keep me in an open world. I’m slightly gutted. edit: unless side quests really change the length.
  7. It won't. None of them are important enough to make a point out of them.
  8. I really had very little issues with the game, so I guess I was lucky, what can I say? Either way you should be used to colossal clusterfucks of new releases since you played Skyrim during the launch period. At least with CDPR you know they will fix any issues sooner rather than...never.
  9. Although there were issues with the W3, my PS4 version played fine. I never encountered any huge bugs, especially none which interfered with the main story.
  10. There is no way you are playing that version. The game already had a 46GB patch during the review process and another 50GB is waiting on launch day. It will generally be fine.
  11. Also he told me that the quests are generally better than the W3 and a couple almost reach Bloody Baron levels (which, well, may be the best rpg quest ever made). But the story branches in some unique ways and there are (big) quest lines you may/may not discover based on your street cred as well. Main character feels dynamic in the world as the way they behave actually unlocks various helps and aids which can be used in the main quest as well. Main story is 30-35 hours more or less.
  12. From my friend who has reviewed it after patch: True sandbox in a proper open world. Systems work fine and freedom all over. The most incredible city ever built. Main story is shorter than the Witcher but its tight as fuck and amazingly edited. Can easily be done as movie. Main story deals with some heavy shit and has memorable characters. Great writing. People actually speak in other languages with proper lip sync. After the patch still some things need to be ironed out. Fun gunplay, infiltrating. Can use various ways to even complete missions which are over your level. Ambitious as a whole and it mostly delivers. Combination of open world, sandbox, multi branching feels new and fresh the way it is represented.
  13. Game has arrived for some reviewers for five or six days now. It’s of course very limited time but two people I know have already hit the 60 hour mark during this time.
  14. Everyone gave a pass to the Skyrim shit combat or the Assassins Creed shit combat because it’s not the main focus of the game. As long as they are just ok it’s enough to give them a pass as games and see the whole picture of what they are trying to achieve. Cyberpunk won’t have that much of an issue but this is not a shooter. It’s an rpg so if people are expecting Doom or Battlefield style of action will be disappointed imo.
  15. Anything above normal really shows the RPG demands of W3. There’s very little to directly compare with the AC games because the enemies there also have no real complexity. With that said it was certainly a conscious decision to broaden the appeal of the game by making the normal difficulty level more or less like a walk in the park. Cyberpunk is on another level completely and a hardcore RPG to the bone with multiple branch levels of progression, weapon levels and modding etc. It has nothing to do with GTA or anything like that.
  16. What does exactly unlocked frame rate means? Is it fluctuating? Are there stutters? Or simply allows a game to go 60, making graphics worse and resolution less? Is it per game? All genuine questions by the way.
  17. Since you clearly haven't been following the conversation you should know that we were having a general talk about the modes, not Cyberpunk.
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