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  1. What does exactly unlocked frame rate means? Is it fluctuating? Are there stutters? Or simply allows a game to go 60, making graphics worse and resolution less? Is it per game? All genuine questions by the way.
  2. Since you clearly haven't been following the conversation you should know that we were having a general talk about the modes, not Cyberpunk.
  3. I said that options are always great, sure, but with those come also negatives which I don't appreciate personally. We had for some time two modes. Now we have intermidiate modes. Modes with unlocked frame rates. Modes with no RTX on and 1440p, I mean, I feel it is getting out of hand. And of course 60 fps is better than 30. But for me, for example, a dumb down graphics mode for a 60fps in a game like Cyberpunk compared to a full blown graphics 4K@30fps, I wouldn't mind at all. I had no trouble enjoying smoothness in the LOUII with its 30 fps. Not a problem at all.
  4. It creates more work on the developer side, more testing, a lot of negative buzz around games for meaningless problems which these optimizations may produce. It also magnifies issues which would otherwise mean nothing -like how bad a developer is for not being able to hit a good frame rate, how “weak” a machine is for not providing proper aliasing which will never be noticed by players etc. As I said, choice is good, but there is so much talk around these matters which takes away from the amazing experiences these developers offer. Still an opinion, nothing more. And yes, they are meaningless for me. Is that ok with you or should I make an application though your department?
  5. Not tragic at all. It works just fine for most games if there are no stutters etc. 60 would be better of course, no one is saying otherwise.
  6. These are the stuff from Twitter people I find total shit. What the hell does it mean “performance runs much smoother than quality?” 30 locked is perfectly smooth for gaming. If he is actually saying that performance mode is 60 or higher then what the hell did he expect? I fucking hate these settings modes that we are getting now on consoles if I’m honest. I know it’s all about choice and I’m probably way too old but all these 1440p modes-less graphics here-more res there-less FPS here- 120 hz there are taking so much focus away from what matters. Watching digital foundry sometimes when they go zoom in to show the slight aliasing or any other meaningless detail is the stuff sensationalist press is made of.
  7. Yeah, Sapkowski is good at short stories but when he opens up the main thing, his control of it and general prose are very sub par. Still, he has some interesting ideas for sure. Either way the writing of CD Projekt is amongst the best in the industry easily. You can put the first Witcher on now and it still mainly holds, especially in the RPG genre. W2 and W3 are on another level completely than almost any other game with similar aspirations - the books and tv show included imo.
  8. Why would you spend time to wind me up? Cyberpunk is coming! I appreciate the effort though.
  9. Of course they are doing something right for the people who like them, as any game, no one ever said otherwise.
  10. Yes, there are Skyrim vibes for sure in the sense of exploration as well, as the game seems to combine so many different elements. This is not an action rpg though, it’s a full blown rpg and hugely complex. Much more than W3. My modded Skyrim run was more enjoyable for sure. It is true about the unofficial patch. Seeing how dedicated CDPR is and how Bethesda literally has build their games to be fixed and expanded by the community is an embarrassing divide to say the least.
  11. I was referring to general quality. It makes sense for RPGs back then to explode, it was their time more or less. That is why I think Cyberpunk 2077 is so important: because it tries something new. Will it succeed? I don’t know. CDPR though is the only dev at this moment with the potential to pull it off, talent and resources wise, so fingers crossed.
  12. It’s really not. It’s mediocre and bland in almost everything, combat and writing especially. It does have a nice sense of exploration though and amazing soundtrack. But this is getting way too off course for the thread.
  13. No one is talking about Skyrim, we are talking about great games.
  14. No, they are not. You are talking about drivel like the late Assassin's Creed games. Pure RPGs make meaningful changes and provide alternative ways to play and experience the story. CDPR is quite unique at that, choosing to go for quality and not quantity (like BioWare has done in its late years unfortunately). Combining all these to a sandbox design and open world with multiple hand crafted side quests has simply never be done before. I don't know if they will be able to pull it off, I just hope they will. Also, your last comment about Deus Ex, I am not sure what you mean. Have you seen what games we have had this generation which, imo, is arguably the best we have ever had in the industry?
  15. Who needs metacritic? Your thorough review after a few hours of play was really on point.
  16. That's a nice way of putting it. See, more agreement! Bethesda brings us all closer.
  17. Maybe I was a little bit harsh . I do think though that Skyrim is quite overrated though.
  18. I go with the SX no matter what on this. I will not risk losing the extra power, even if its by a little. But then I again I will not be playing before the next gen update, so there is plenty of time to see how things go.
  19. Skyrim is one of the most overrated games out there. I still can't believe how mediocre it actually was. From the writing to the combat to the characters... Really, really boring and charmless stuff. Morrowind is the last great game from Bethesda imo, everything else was pure drivel more or less. Fallout 3 barely makes the cut.
  20. That's the thing, this combination has never been done before. A single player-like multi branching story in a sandbox environment in an open world is simply unprecedented. You can say it combines styles of games but there is nothing like it. Comparisons with the modern Deus Ex games are simply out of place because they are both very limited in comparison. If I would compare its design approach I would go with the original Deus Ex, in the sense that, for its time, Spector's game also brought a new way of storytelling in sandbox design. But direct comparisons with other games, no, I do not think they exist.
  21. Dear lord no, don’t put Skyrim in the same sentence as this (or any other CDPR RPGs for that matter). It’s also not like GTA either. All the 16 hour previews talk about a deep and complex RPG on almost every level.
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