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  1. It’s certainly not something that we can expect as a rule, but I see no problem with Game Pass offering the new Elder Scrolls for that ultimate price and a 100 more games while Sony sells it for the ridiculous $70.
  2. Were people actually confused and bought the wrong Xbox or is that just a stupid meme of some kind?
  3. Didn't I warn you some pages back not to use these kind of mods?
  4. I kinda envy him because he has probably never visited a game site for the last ten years. That must warranty some kind of respect. He has probably never visited any game stores, physical or digital, youtube, gaming social media or saw any gaming ads anywhere. Based on my superior Sherlock skills, I'd say he only plays on mobile based on the ads he clicks during cooking shows.
  5. It would but it wasn't released this generation.
  6. How does this affect your gameplay? You don’t really see it in the gameworld. Every conversation in story, quests, etc or stores, smiths etc is fine with the lips moving. Are you playing a first person mod?
  7. Of course it’s Fortnite first and foremost. There is a some difference I think between what defined us personally and what defined a generation. In no particular order and just of the top of my mind: Fortnite, Witcher 3, Inside, Last of Us Part II, Edith Finch, Life is Strange, God of War, Nier Automata, BotW, Bloodborne, Destiny, Crusader Kings 3, Forza Horizon 4. Promising tech I have to give it to VR just for the ability to stick around this time. Most disgusting company has to go to EA and most disappointing to Ubisoft. Most fallen from grace to Square Enix and most promising to CD Projekt.
  8. Who is this guy? He seems such a tool. “The animation is insane”... Sure dude, it’s “insane”. What is actually insane is the price of this remake.
  9. It can be less subjective than this rubbish and with much more interesting conversation. Comparing games in different genres is like almost comparing different sports. These kind of lists are a relic from the past and they offer nothing more than a meaningless debate actually.
  10. I like how Zelda is better than Uncharted, like there is a way to compare such different games. These lists mean nothing because the logic behind them is broken. You can't compare such different styles of gameplay in any logical manner. People who make these lists certainly need a wake up call on how to approach these things, like trying broader terms like "most important games for the industry" and finding ways to at least make comparisons in ways which make sense, like how they moved the industry forward in design, tech, writing, etc. What a load of bollocks.
  11. I think we mean different things. I am not too fussed about some issues with lip sync or some bad animations. The detail of the world and the ambition behind its immersion when combined to all these factions and CDPR's quest design and freedom of approach... man.... It really looks they are pulling it off and it simply looks like no game out there. Who cares about some slight technical issues here and there?
  12. Every time I'm posting the same thing after an episode: this looks like too good to be true. Its kinda sad for Sony and Microsoft to have nothing to show for next gen except overpriced gamed and PS3 remakes, while this seems like it comes from the future. Still. What the hell is CDPR doing? And how can these be the recommended specs? WHAT IS GOING ON
  13. Thanks, I have some tinkering to do. Even though the SX version will be superior to my rig, I can’t wait any longer.
  14. So, it feels nice to be back after many years not playing FSX. It's certainly an achievement. Any recommendations for a GTX 1070? Game defaults to high end on 1080 but I have tried using my monitor's native 1440p and render down to 70, for example. Any tips on what is the best and which graphic settings can give me some more fps?
  15. Thanks, that's the thing, I wasn't getting the second option for some reason. I've restarted a couple of times and I got it.
  16. Hm, my first contact with this is becoming a mess. First, the tutorial is stuck, then when I choose 1080p everything becomes pixelated. I am using a 1440p monitor, could that be the reason? When I'm in windowed mode 1080p works fine.
  17. I have done it three times now, I am using an Elite controller. It shows the dpad directions to press, I do, and then nothing.
  18. I have started the tutorial in this but right from the bat it seems stuck. The instructor says to look right or left to test the cameras and such and after I do it, nothing else happens. Any ideas please?
  19. Yes. Initially it will get a version with better performance but the proper next gen patch is coming later. Buy the game and you will be able to play it’s best version for free no matter the console.
  20. Mainstream consumers don’t care about the details. What they do care is brand awareness and hearsay. If they listen or read on the internet that Microsoft has lied or they need to read an elaborate piece about the stages of ray tracing in order to decide on their purchase, Microsoft would have lost them.
  21. If the settings are different then the graphics will be different as well. It doesn’t matter much to the average consumer but you really don’t need negativity when launching a new product like this and especially when you have claimed as a company that the only difference will be the resolution. This whole things rests on the ability of the S to deliver what the SX delivers but for a non 4K. crowd.
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