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  1. GamePass doesn't stop you from buying the games you really like. It just gives you the ability to play them for many, many months.
  2. Its fucking amazing. I'm off to selling my One X as we speak. An EA Play in the subscription? What the hell?
  3. I'm not down on it at all. I'm just not used to such amazing deals.
  4. This is the consensus here and what Microsoft has claimed. I do not think so either but a DF video posted a couple of pages back shows that this is possible. The fact that the CPU and the SSD speeds are the same as the SX certainly points to the right direction.
  5. Thanks @Clipper. Watching right now.
  6. I’m not well versed in the technical matters, so sorry for making your life miserable. It’s nice to be reminded of who the assholes are though, so thanks for that.
  7. That’s my point. It will look much better on the SX and PS5. Where is the “same graphics but only lower resolution” coming from?
  8. I have a 1070 as well. Can you run new and graphically demanding PC games on ultra on 1080p@60? Also, what exactly are the CU?
  9. Low, medium and high settings in a game are WAY more than just resolution. You are talking about ultra settings of an equivalent 2080ti card on 1440p@60 on a $300 machine which carries an SSD and a current gen CPU. That is insane.
  10. No, I don’t believe that is the case personally. I hope it is, but I doubt it.
  11. So you are saying that the PS5 will be the same as the Series S and won’t have any better graphics aside the resolution which is, frankly, not that big of a deal?
  12. I thought the point of the powerful GPUs, the fast CPUs, the RAM and the SSDs were bigger worlds, more immersive worlds, better AI, deeper interactions etc.
  13. Because it would be a much better selling point if it had the patch. That would certainly make people rush and buy the SX. But maybe they will rush anyway.
  14. Without the next gen patch that won't mean much.
  15. I’m still laughing on the “loading times will be non existent”.
  16. As seriously as people who think the only differences between the S and the SX will just be the frame rate and the resolution.
  17. That will wrap up next gen day one.
  18. And most will not. People will ask which is the most powerful console and if the price range is so close, I’d say that’s the end of it. Couple that with the PS brand and there is really not much of a choice. The last thing MS wants is the proper PS5 at such a ridiculously low price. It will be a disaster.
  19. What do you mean? Getting a console with the power of PS5 in that price would surely made the S look quite redundant, no?
  20. I bet the two versions will look quite different in graphics, apart from frame rate and resolution (I mean, that's a given). If there is really not that much of a difference between the S and the 'most powerful console in the world', then Microsoft better pack it up and go fishing or something.
  21. So you think CP 2077 will look the same on the S and the SX, except it will be lower resolution on the S?
  22. PS was the biggest gaming brand in the world and even with their delayed marketing plans and weak launch period they had no issues. GamePass or the S are nowhere near this mainstream level of branding. If the S is indeed a GP Machine for Microsoft, they need to be much more aggressive in order to build it imo. The price will not mean much by itself. But I was already against this separation for Microsoft, I would like them to have one console or be clear and simple enough like the PS5.
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