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  1. CP's world building is on another level. H2 is just a game world in my eyes, like the Ubisoft worlds. CP feels like a real place and the writing -especially compared to H2- is also on another level. Everyone feels like a real person, same style more or less like the W3.
  2. The whole "empty planet" thing seems a bit weird. I get the point but its also weird. First of all, we don't have to have every planet to be a quest hub with interesting civilizations, etc. That would actually make little sense from a design perspective. Secondly, planets can be "empty" in the same way No Man's Sky's planets are "empty", but full of resources to mine, wild life to record, etc. Thirdly, we are forgetting about the procedural generation systems that can provide quests, buildings for exploration, etc. If they are just a small improvement over Skyrim I will be happy. Last but not least, very few of us will actually visit all the planets. The number of planets is so high in order to provide a different experience and exploration for as many players as possible, share info and notes about discoveries etc. And we will have crews to send to their deaths when we are bored as well. Give me more planets, I say. 🥳
  3. I highly doubt Sony is in a position to spend 3-5 billion just as a defensive move. On the other hand, they already own 18,6% of the company, don’t they?
  4. Yeah, can't say I disagree, especially on what you say about TR. It just seems that they have done quite good and I really think a western developer wouldn't just get rid of them because they are not... perfoming well. It just seems that the price is low for the portfolio and the inclusion of studios like Crystal Dynamics. In a way it seems like they thought these series should be selling tens of millions per title, which is way too unrealistic. I think they have simply decided to stop competing in the western AAA market, which frankly I don't find it crazy at all.
  5. Matsuda, on TR "failed" launch period of 3,9m copies, 4 years ago: 🙄
  6. The last 3 TR games have sold more than 38m copies and the last two Deus Ex more than 12m. I'd say "consistently underperforming" is way off the mark.
  7. Nah, hyperbole would be "its probably the most stunning achievement ever".
  8. I think he named some heroes and from them the bosses were created?
  9. Fair point, but the generic NPCs in open worlds are there to enhance the atmosphere, nothing more. An inhabited open world like W3 or RDR2 would look silly with no NPCs. I personally still remember the first time I saw Beauclair or Skellige Islands, so the W3 has plenty of moments like that as well. For an open world it doesn't lack awe, although ER has a greater effect because the imagination in the art has practically no limits, unlike in the more traditional open world games which usually need to follow a cultural or historical theme.
  10. And he didn't even need Martin to do anything. 😜
  11. I never compared W3 and Elden Ring directly as games, I just compared their open worlds. Maybe you missed some of my posts?
  12. I am trying to shit on a game that I have already said its a stunning achievement and I am having a good time playing it? It is prettly clear who is obsessively against any view that doesn't support ER as the second coming.
  13. Fair point, but I already said it is a stunning world, but not the most stunning we have ever seen in open worlds.
  14. I totally disagree but we are talking about the open worlds specifically anyway. Sure, the combat in Elden Ring is on another level but that makes sense because it is its main thing. I don't think its a fair comparison to use it to compare it to other games though. It would be like saying "Elden Ring sucks compared to the W3 because the latter has an incredible story while the former doesn't".
  15. Yes, but that works exactly because it is not built as a proper inhabited open world but as a playground. Games like RDR2 and W3 are way more complex and use of landmarks would not be enough to find all the little villages and other places because nature would get in the way, as it does in real life. You would actually need a real map or spend so much time in them as to learn the land as a proper living person there. 😅 I do agree though that if Elden Rings brings something new to the table and open world games is the less hand holding. We do not need as much or we should certainly have the options to tailor the experience as we would like. But that is not a simple matter of settings, design would have to support that. That is why I was looking at my screen in disbelief when an AC designer said that you can turn everything off in AC games as well. Sure, but then you wouldn't be able to play the game because it is not designed to be played like this.
  16. Maybe it does apply, but I believe because these games have been built to offer an inhabited open world which is more unified and where everything feels part of the land and connected, it would do the games a huge disservice if you had loading screens. But technically it could apply to them as well. In Elden Ring I wouldn't mind loading screens so much. I would mind it though if there was a "please wait for loading" in the middle of Novigrad. Maybe I am off topic because I haven't given up on Elden Ring, I am having a great time even though I am quite shit at it. 😅
  17. I have read plenty about how it changes open world games. I am suprised that you haven't. It is a stunning game world but not the most stunning game world ever created. RDR2 or W3 are more impressive in my opinion. Also, it depends on what you mean as well. Elden Ring doesn't have to follow any rules that make sense in an inhabited open world. It doesn't have to include cities, NPCs and NPCs behaviour, random animal behaviours, extended quest lines, interaction with other NPCs, etc. It is just a playground where every place tries to outdo the previous one. If all the areas were just different lands seperated by a load screen there wouldn't be much difference. As I said, trully impressive game, but other than its world beating art, its open world is really nothing special as an achievement.
  18. If there is something that is making me question this game more than other from software titles is this kind of hyperbole. Good game, I am having a fun time with it, but nowhere near as revolutionary for open world games as people would like to think imo.
  19. This will probably be a prequel, taking place when the cat school actually existed. A chance also to meet a younger Geralt as NPC. It’s clear why they chose the cat school: it was the school which allowed women to take the trial of the grasses, hence players can create a female Witcher if they want. Also, their main base was actually a caravan, so a perfect choice for moving around the land doing contracts etc.
  20. How did I forget that? Let me log on to my console mod store account. 😛
  21. It’s not the same though, is it? Elden Ring is designed to be like this, it’s entire system is created based on exploring and experimenting. In Cyberpunk it’s just a logistics issue, you don’t need to do any exploring, everything is right there on the map for you.
  22. For all the amazing stuff in this game, I would never let anyone designing this UI or the entire crafting system near a PC again. Not only that, everything is designed to make your life difficult. There’s no way to know which vendor sells what. Where did you find that legendary mod? How can you locate a mod for your glasses? Where can you find crafting recipes? It’s not like they are hidden, but there’s so many places and so different items sold by different vendors that trying to do crafting becomes such a chore. You literally need pen and paper. There’s not even a way to make map bookmarks ffs. What am I missing here?
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