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  1. 4 hours ago, Quest said:

    Which graphical settings should I be using on console? I’m on performance mode, obviously, but should I be leaving all the chromatic aberration and motion blur stuff on? 




    I would say turn off chromatic aberration and film grain. They do not impact performance but they slightly change the image for the worse in my opinion. But this is just what you like or not. 



  2. Forty hours in I have decided to continue with the main story. I have to meet Takemura to arrange an intricate mission and visit Pacifica. But since I was exploring the Badlands I decided to meet Panam first. After spending some time with her (as usual the writing and direction is great) I have to meet her at midnight to continue the quest. Just as I exit my motel room there is a kind of sandstorm around and of course very few people. Great atmosphere, somewhat ominous and oppressive, but I am glad because I will spend time with Panam, who seems fun. 


    And then I get a call from 


    Judy... She sounds in real trouble and she asks me to go to her place at once. I hop onto my bike and when I reach her place... Evelin has committed suicide...




    This game... 


    Also, I don't understand why quests don't describe the previous phases as they did in W3. Its not easy to remember the details sometimes. 

  3. 10 minutes ago, Yiggy said:

    I must say in what I’ve seen so far I am heavily channeling Bladerunner as I play. The main difference being the obnoxiousness and desolation of Night City. 

    Especially when you meet Misty who looks like Pris. 


    As opposed to the welcoming and festive environments of Blade Runner? 😜


    Night City is much brighter than Blade Runner. But yes, of course there are Blade Runner vibes. 



  4. 39 minutes ago, JoeK said:


    I've said it before, and I'll say it again - Cyberpunk is the best example of why it's the right time to do a full on Judge Dredd open-world game.


    Night City's great and all, but the thought of seeing (and then paying money to use) the Palais De Boing (tm) makes me very, very excited and possibly a little bit moist.


    You don't play as Dredd, you play as a Rookie and you live his life. Go on a hot dog run in the Cursed Earth with the man himself. Missions to get your full eagle in big Meg, and then onto a full on story of your deeds.


    It's mind-boggling that this hasn't happened yet! I wish Rebellion wasn't such a useless publishing house, got its act together and sorted this out.




    My afternoon is now clobbered by thinking of what could be...


    Actually I always thought it was a missed opportunity for them not getting the Blade Runner rights. Being a Blade Runner is quite like being a Witcher, hunting down "monsters" and investigating -  and the design can easily justify exploring the world and doing all kinds of side quests, etc. Plus, the world is ripe for the kind of storytelling CDPR excels at, the moral grey area and bringing characters and human emotions to life. 



  5. 5 minutes ago, FishyFish said:

    No. I did have a bike for a bit, but that was nicked from a gang I fought. I had to abandon it during one of the earlier taxi missions.


    I’m not sure if I’ve completed the Jackie quest line.


      Reveal hidden contents

    Jackie is dead, and I think my next story mission is to meet Takemura in a cafe or something.




    If you have been to the memorial you are given his bike which then becomes always available for you to summon.


  6. 1 hour ago, SqueakyG said:


    I like how sleazy and corrupt and grotty the world is -- it's like a culture with all its goodness sucked out. It's a culture where the most obnoxious green-haired Youtube influencers became the most sophisticated members of society. With a touch of Mike Judge's Idiocracy thrown in. I like how there's pornography everywhere -- there are adverts for hardcore porn on the News channel inbetween news segments. Children walking around the streets getting exposed to it all. It's got that 2000 AD/Judge Dredd style of grim satire that makes it work.


    Maybe I haven't reached some of the really grimdark moments yet through. I just experienced the end of Act 1 and thought that

      Reveal hidden contents

    Jackie's death, and the wake held by Mama Welles at the bar

    were handled really well - emotional and human. Made me feel that there is still plenty of human feeling still left in this world, and real human connections haven't rotted away entirely.





    Yes, CD is especially good at that. To echo this sentiment I was trying to find a tarot graffiti in the centre and I wandered into a building I had no idea what it was. After some moments it dawned on me that it was the Arasaka memorial - no major need but spoilered that just in case


    the one Jonny had hit. It just felt such a human world building moment, seeing the ruins of the tower under my feet and listening to a conversation about the rescue effort of that day, one of the people saying "they kept finding bodies for hours and hours". Going into the main outside level with the memorial tablets, a group of monks was praying under the main Arasaka tower and the oppressive Militech building looming over the area.


    Such a grand tragedy which became even more personal and chilly, when I remembered I had the one responsible stuck in my head.

  7. 1 hour ago, FishyFish said:


    I got stuck out in the boonies after I beached my van on a massive landfill area while doing the Delamain taxi missions. I headed to the closest road and thought I was in for a long walk but then I saw a car parked up not too far away next to a couple of cops in hazmat suits waving metal detectors about. I decided to chance stealing it, expecting to get shot dead as soon as I attempted it but they completely ignored me and I just drove off. It wasn't a police car, just a civilian model.

    Didn’t you have the bike available? If not, then you should really complete the Jackie quest line. I did it very early (for RP reasons).

  8. 17 minutes ago, ZOK said:

    I know exactly where you mean.


    And both you and @Ste Pickford are right, this game is really for the explorers like us…if the exploration of this incredible digital space and what it communicates through those visuals is not enough to thrill you, then it can seem lifeless.


    But this is a problem that I think comes from C2077 being so good…it’s so almost alive it feels like it should be actually alive in a way a game can never be, and it suffers all the more for that.


    Does it have less interaction than, say, GTA V? I may remember it wrongly but you literally did very little things to interact with the environment, aside of car crashes and shooting innocents. You couldn't even talk to any NPC (which people have weirdly complained about in CP for example). All the interaction were in the main missions, which had hardly any depth - especially compared to CP.


    In the morning I reached the Badlands and I went on exploring and discovered a base with really high level enemies. I decided to approach it and take my chances, when suddenly a fixer called and told me about this job. It was totally organic between exploring and stumbling up on a side mission and I totally went for it. It was very difficult to take on the enemies so I tried stealthing my way through. I took down some and hid their bodies and methodically I reached my destination, only to find out that I didn't have the strength to open it. After some panic time I used a sticky grenade and it got the job done! Unfortunately that alerted the entire base and they stormed the place I was. There was no way to fight them so I jumped to my certain death to escape, only to survive by landing on some boxes and with a sliver of health. I legged it as fast as I could with all the enemies shooting at me like crazy, jumped on my bike and I made it... barely. 


    Game has many moments like that which come from just exploring and there are also the simple, calm ones, where you discover the world, items or a book in derelict buildings. I literally discovered an entire sub level of shops via an elevator at one point - my jaw dropped!


    Sure, it may not have the interaction of a Fallout but it's not supposed to be Fallout, is it?

  9. 2 hours ago, Ste Pickford said:

    I got a motorbike last night, and then had a very pleasant time doing the tarot cards quest, which forced me to drive around all the different areas of the city and the badlands, which really gave a feel for the whole city and the different vibes and styles of the different areas.  Some very dramatic and changeable weather along the journey as well, which was nice.


    It is a little bit disappointing how empty a lot of the outlying areas are.  They look great but there's literally nothing to interact with for vast swathes of the city.  It always felt a bit cheap that games like Fallout 3 would have loads of generated junk loot to pick up everywhere, but it least you felt like you were doing something as you wandered around.  I spent some time exploring some abandoned, empty warehouses, and climbing up storage towers in the oil fields, and there was literally nothing to do at all.  Nobody around, nothing to scan, nothing to hack, nothing to loot.  Not even a box of ammo to loot at the top of a long climb of several ladders.  It felt a bit like an empty stage set ready for some gameplay to be added later, but currently not in use.



    I find that quite realistic actually. Makes the city feel like a proper city and not just a playground for the player. And it’s literally the same with all open worlds games (if you want to exclude AC which is so overblown with stuff to do). Remember, the city in this is based on the Rockstar template, not the open world RPG template. GTAV and RDR2 for example is equally devoid of interaction the way you describe it. Besides, there’s so many little side activities you can do along the way (again, the Rockstar template :). 

    Also, can anyone please explain what device hacks are? I thought they were supposed to be pre installed hacks but I’m not sure now. There’s an icon of “whistle” but wasn’t available in my list to use on enemies. Man, if there’s really something wrong with this game is the UI and it’s inability to explain things properly (or make it really convoluted to find an answer).


    edit: or maybe it’s the hacks that can be enabled?

  10. I’m not sure I’m getting the most of the map. 

    I am at a point where I need some cash, so what better way for V to help out Padre, in Jackie’s neighborhood. I have no idea how to locate him though and using the mobile is not giving me any jobs. I also don’t know how to look for the Mama Welles bar to pay a visit. Any ideas? 

    I don’t understand why we can’t simply place our own custom points.


    Also, my World of Cyberpunk book just arrived. Cant go around without being knowing the lore inside out! 🥰


  11. The city in this is on a different level. I spent three hours just on Kabuki and around wandering through the rainy streets. Little alleys, shops and people everywhere, a guitar player, a couple of crimes, a ripperdoc, a clothes street vendor and finally on a mission for Regina. All so organic, so immersive - and this in just a sub district!


    As for the gameplay, I just let it roll. I am trying a stealthy approach but when it fails I just go with the flow. It so much fun alternating between shooting, stealthing, hacking and melee. 

    I did a series of Judy missions to track down someone, man, some cold shit - very hard. The mystery is just evolving and it’s so engrossing. 


  12. I just solved my gameplay issue and had my first real great side mission, rescuing a doctor from the Maelstrom. Apparently, I had gone for a quickhack built and I had missed entirely the quickhack menu in the intelligence. 🙈


    It was a small building up on the northside of Watson. I scanned the area and found a side door but my technical wasn't high enough. I persisted though and went behind the building. I managed to climb on some containers and from there on the roof. After some searching I discovered a shaft and I was able to go in. I disabled the first batch of cameras and distracted the enemies. Then I pinged and jumped into the big room. I moved silently distracting, incapacitating enemies and turning off cameras. Suddenly I was spotted by the last two enemies, I glitched the weapon of one, drew my katana and I killed the other one. As the glitched guy aimed his weapon at me and started shooting I fried him with a quickhack. 


    It was exhilarating. 



  13. 1 hour ago, JoeK said:


    All good stuff in deed. I just wish, wish they made that initial cut-scene fast forward of your first six months in Night City actual, proper gameplay. For me, the game's trajectory is so fast paced and...well...urgent that the whole idea of this huge amount of side-content (actual interesting side content of course) feel utterly counter-intuitive. 


    I'm a real saddo when it comes to these things - if I get involved in a role-playing game, I like to properly get into it, and work out when best to do things. So, for me the game as a coherent story fundamentally doesn't work because my motivation to sort myself out is always taken away from me because of the unremitting bombardment of side-stuff.


    So, whilst there's absolutely quality writing in the small scale, the overall story arch has been screwed over. For me - with this absolutely OCD need to have logical reasons to do stuff, it drags CP2077 down and I can't get over it. It's a considerably lesser thing than Witcher 3 for me.


    Because with Witcher 3 - yeah, you're being dragged along from pillar to post constantly, but because throughout most of the game we don't know exactly what's happening until much later on, the side quests and doing other stuff seems to work better in my mind. I'm in an area getting clues, but I might as well get some money whilst I'm here.


    Whereas in CP2077...

      Reveal hidden contents

    I've got Silverhand in my head and this is a real fucking problem that needs a solution. I don't (or shouldn't) have time go looking for new cars and apartments, surely!


    Ah well, I dunno. CP2077 remains utterly contradictory in so many ways. It's a genuinely good game, yet it is the biggest gaming disappointment I've had for years.

    Oh my, how on earth do you endure RPGs?😅 

    I do agree the setup could be better handled, but this is much less of a problem for me. All narratives have this issue in RPGs and other open world games. No matter how much you want to rationalize this in gaming terms, there’s absolutely no reason for any player to roam around in the open world instead of going straight to save John Marston’s family for example or exploring the entirety of Velen before going to see Yennefer with absolutely vital news about Ciri or putting the entire fate of the lands on hold because despite being the Dragonborn you want to gather flowers and become a mercenary.

    The way games try to escape this issue is making sure you are the chosen one, the savior of everyone, so whenever you do something other than your world saving goal you can fool yourself into thinking “well, I’m the chosen one so I have to do everything”. Something I find so boring now I practically don’t play games like that - which is 99% of RPGs.


    In the case of CP I think about my situation in many ways. Finding a solution to my problem, yes, but also take the time to experience the world with Silverhand. “Don’t let him take control” Viktor and Misty said and the best way to do it is exploring the city with him, learning more about him. Finding new friends and relationships to help me out with side quests, taking a break to get some more money to enhance myself, mixing it up as we say, is a good way to role play V and help him find a way out but also taking the stress off. I will certainly spend little time doing police stuff or various small jobs because that wouldn’t make sense to me much. I like doing stuff like that after the main.


    So, yes, I do agree the beginning needed more subtlety but it’s really not the big problem some people described in my opinion. The story unfolds beautifully and compared to other games -which are much less complicated- it’s truly a memorable experience. 

    Hopefully it will stay like this until the end.





  14. There’s no other company that does characterization like CDPR - especially on this scale.


    Jackie spoilers: 



    The game uses Jackie as an emotional startup for V and the player, by combining character traits (simple, fun, honest and sensitive), a montage and his girlfriend Misty.


    In the brief five to seven hours until his death the game establishes that V is close to him but not that close. When V visits the garage the game uses Misty to unravel Jackie even more. The player goes from knowing him on the surface to really seeing a side of him when he finds the book and the…belt.

    And the game goes out of its way to even give the player a choice to speak or

    not to speak in his send off, letting us decide how we feel, if we now

    know him a little better after going through his things or not. All this for a character that dies early on.


    And it all works so well because the game has already been successful in establishing the love relationship between Jackie and Misty. And all that in just a few hours.

    These are the things that make the world feel alive and, frankly, other than ND (but on a smaller scale), no one comes close to CDPR. They did it on W3 but this one seems like it’s  on another level.

  15. 1 hour ago, T Pot said:



    Not every angle or scene can show the difference, especially from afar like this. 


    This video shows many little things that make the non RT scenes look flat, which I actually kind of noticed.





    If the 30 fps mode had issues then I would definitely go for 60. But is fine for me, with no stuttering or hiccups or gameplay issues, so I get the best of both worlds. 🙂 

  16. 2 minutes ago, Floshenbarnical said:

    Which location?


    I find engaging them from range is the hardest way to do it, because their DPS is so much higher and many of them can dodge bullets. I just did one on Very Hard with potato equipment using a tire iron - if you time the block right you parry and stagger them without taking damage, and can rinse and repeat. I got close enough that he switched to melee and then gave him a good hiding. It was the Bodies Hit the Floor (Maelstrom) one, if that helps. 

    I don’t use melee though. 🙃

  17. 8 hours ago, T Pot said:

    Because it did for me? Dunno if it does it every time but the first time I went in there with all the lasers and lights and NPCs etc on RT mode it was just a stuttering lag fest.

    That’s bad luck I think. Does it still do that? My reply was more lo address the general point that the game is horrible in 30 fps. I am actually having a very smooth experience and It only felt jerky when I started as a nomad. Hopefully it will stay fine.



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