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  1. It was worse when I had done the LoUII review and was talking about it in the thread with another reviewer (I don’t remember who, apologies) before anyone had played it. At least now I have only dabbled with the prologue which is very extensive, White Orchard style, so not too much to share.
  2. Not for consoles. There were no reviews sent for consoles, I just have the game early through the site, so I can’t even play it and show I’m playing it online actually until tomorrow.
  3. You will, can’t actually share anything until launch day. But I won’t be properly playing it until the next gen patch so my impressions will not be extensive.
  4. CDPR has said that the day one patch will be 43GB on consoles and on PC.
  5. That was about the review process, as a whole. I have only had the game since yesterday. You must have a lot of free time in your hands.
  6. I am not doing that though, my previous post was the first one about reviews I enjoyed or didn’t enjoyed, but feel free to assume whatever you like. I only got the code yesterday morning for the SX. CDPR hadn’t sent anything console related earlier.
  7. I have actually been playing it on the SX the last two days but will generally wait for a full play through for when the next gen patch comes.
  8. I find the backlash in these situations almost always unwarranted because no one has actually played the game to compare thoughts. Purely as a writing piece I found the review mediocre and unfocused, with arguments like “side quests don’t advance my main character feel in the main quest” (bit paraphrasing here, dont remember word by word) very general and without merit. The actual writing skills felt like a teenager was writing sometimes so I wasn’t won over. On the other hand I found her clean points about the trans advertising not being explored more in the game much more balanced than Polygon’s forced and illogical five paragraph rant right in the beginning of the review, although the latter had a very high level of skill in the actual writing which I enjoyed a lot more than the Gamespot piece. Personally I have come to like more and more some of the reviews of mainstream outlets lately than classic game press.
  9. Really nice launch trailer. I was expecting it to be on the more emotional side and it delivers. Such a talented company :).
  10. I swear my Amstrad 464 cassette player felt like it took huge amounts of time. Now, if I have a one second delay in my refresh on a page I go bananas.
  11. Even when things are calming down you can always count on Broker’s “varied” discussion to show how much of an asshole he really is.
  12. My comment was more of a general comment about people here being negative about the game’s quality without having played it. Quoting was a bit out of context so apologies for any confusion. With that said though I don’t think I’m way “into” the game, I’m just mentioning many reviews which think the game is great despite its bugs.
  13. Apparently you are not allowed to be positive about a game you haven’t played but it’s fine to be negative.
  14. As I said my views echo the views of a close friend who reviewed it on PC and whom I really trust. There are still big issues with the game but during the review the game received a 48GB patch which came on the 3rd day for him and ironed out main story issues. There is another day one patch coming of 50GB on launch day. His view about sandbox gameplay in an open world echo many views from journalists who say that the game combines the sandbox elements in various gameplay ways, with even side quests playing a huge part on how the story actually expands (this seems to verify the statement of CDPR about “players can even finish the game without finishing the entire main quest”). This kind of sandbox style and story branching is quite unique. The quality of writing, the themes of the main quest are also incredible. This is a game which needs serious fixes still but despite that it has gotten great reviews generally. I don’t understand the reasoning of dismissing them because some reviewers didn’t like the game, especially when their views don’t align with what was said to me about the game. That’s all. The passion of some though to label anything positive said about the game as hyperbole or make personal attacks says a lot about the state we are in I guess.
  15. No, I haven’t, but (look below) None of this apply. The game has serious bugs but after the first patch the main story flowed with no issues. I’ve talked consistently to a close friend who was reviewing it about all this since 1/12 when he received the game on PC and his views -which I basically echo here- happen to align with the majority of the press. How is that cherry picking I don’t know.
  16. Even if that were true, I’d rather much be that than someone who finds most things miserable for the sake of it.
  17. Being buggy doesn’t change what I wrote about what it achieves. Especially when you have done the review post first patch. You just seem determined to read what suits you and not what the majority of the press is saying at the moment: despite being buggy (which will not be for long) the game is amazing on various levels.
  18. All games have backlash, if that’s what you mean. Even the most hyped ones. There’s still vastly more praise than backlash which says a lot with all the bugs present.
  19. Nope, you are probably reading what you want to read. The game is really ambitious and it delivers in ways that other games of its genre have never done actually, especially how the side quests mingle and expand the main quest in multiple important ways. Also, it looks really great and the stuff happening in the main story are truly amazing, movie like quality on many levels. The gameplay is indeed sandbox and it works as you explore the city in surprising ways, while it maintains a single player focus at the same time. It’s really a remarkable game which raises the bar on how open world design is approached. Comparing this to recent open worlds like ACV or Tsushima is literally impossible, that’s how much far ahead it is design wise.
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