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  1. Stark still looks like Peter Sutcliffe. My kids are interested (in the game, not the Yorkshire ripper) so I guess we’ll be at least trying the beta/demo
  2. We watched some on YouTube and my 6 year old thought it looked amazing.
  3. Ah sweet, that's a step in the right direction at least
  4. Is this 2 separate points, i.e. they only introduced cloud saves recently or do you mean just for Animal Crossing? I transferred saves between systems before then.
  5. Has anyone had an email about a ‘MS Flight Simulator Research Opportunity’, it’s from noreply@flightsimulator.com. It all looks fine but I don’t trust anyone. It’s essentially a survey you do after playing on the 18th.
  6. Yeah, that sums it up @amc. For *reasons* I’d never be able to buy a top end machine and assumed you needed to spend hundreds (at once) to get anywhere
  7. My new card works! I was a little nervous as it was the top of my budget but my concerns despite checking everything I possibly could online and checking specs in manuals etc were: 1. The card would be too big (I’m sure it is actually a tad longer than the measurements listed but it fits) 2. The HP motherboard in my ex-business machine would be nerfed in some way with hilarious consequences 3. The power supply I got last year wouldn’t work with it for some reason despite having 2 PCIe connectors on it Just had a very pleasant time on Firewatch at 60fps Thanks to @Treble again since it was his threads last year about extreme budget retro machines that got me to buy a PC again for the first time in probably 15 years
  8. As noted above, I’m a budget spec (cheapskate?) gamer and have a 1650 super arriving today to replace my gtx 750. Mildly excited.
  9. I bought an excellent massive penis the other day.
  10. I imagined it like cutting a ribbon at an opening ceremony followed by a round of applause
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