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  1. I'm sending my wife over, she's just sorting her inventory
  2. 8 trips! Jeez I had a price of 643 a few weeks back and only around 10 people visited me
  3. If you could give us a heads up once you're well rested that would be lovely
  4. ah, no worries. We had a beaver & cub event to attend on Zoom that came out of nowhere too. I’ll try catch you another time or will try catch one myself for him like a good dad
  5. If you’re around after dinner I’ll try then if that’s ok
  6. I’m heading online now... I’ll use my profile so the trainer name will be Gary Thanks
  7. That’s great, thanks! I’ll see about getting online later on if that’s ok with you
  8. Hi everyone, my boy would like a Riolu on this but says it's really hard to catch. Would anyone be able to trade for one please? Sorry if this is like asking for the rarest thing in the game, I'm very out of the loop (and can't remember how the online trading works now either... ) Thanks for any help!
  9. @Spleen my wife left a tip by the pizza oven by your house
  10. Left cash by your house (once I found the way there!) @Spleen ~Thor
  11. I bought a Switch Lite last year which has now become my wifes and I had to buy a new one shortly after the release of animal crossing.
  12. Hah, was about to tag you in this
  13. Thanks! Left you a bag behind your house
  14. Some people just like to complain about stuff. Evict them all.
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