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  1. Hah, I just came here to say I’ve noticed it’s gone and have emailed them too. Was gonna preorder
  2. I wouldn’t have thought they’d regret it. I’ve had no issues with it on both PS4 and Xbox but with the PC that’s the risk of multiple stores. As you say, it’s a nice extra and people can still play the earlier games through the store they bought it but for those it does work for it’s great!
  3. It's a funny one as generally you don't need to be 'good' and have great reflexes etc like with some games - being patient, understanding the systems and being observant should let you get the best ratings. I say 'should' as there's always a chance a guard comes around a corner unexpectedly or one small error turns it into a John Wick film.
  4. Have you tweeted them and/or tried to contact an exec team like you mentioned the other day? This is really shit
  5. I hope so, I really hate this kind of thing. When it happens overnight or on a weekend it seems worse as you’re powerless until someone gets back to you
  6. Did you read it as his 11 year olds account rather than HIS 11 year old account?
  7. One thing with the OPs account is that they could presumably change the name now too(?) and with their crap systems there would be no guarantee you’d get it back.
  8. I’ve updated mine now too although I don’t use it really these days. I bailed from Sony for all intents and purposes a while back after the big leak/hack whenever that was and their stance on refunds etc some time after that (although that might have changed now). I removed my card details after the hack so it was a chore to buy stuff so I didn’t bother. It essentially came down to me having no faith in their processes, customer service and security which seems like an over reaction until something goes wrong.
  9. Thread would be better with links/model numbers for the monitors mentioned...
  10. Maybe it’s to put people off getting a refund and to stick with it? I opted for a refund in the end and will buy it again when the series x/s patch comes out to do the different paths & endings. I’ve not really played Witcher 3 (done the tutorial I think) so might sink some time into that until then
  11. I didn't at the start but at the end I did and regretted it a bit as the minor bugs built up & led to more frequent restarts so it wound me up.
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