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  1. Argos emailed me earlier this evening and said they have them in stock actually. I think you're relatively local to me so maybe you'll get lucky.
  2. Did Fortnite copy pings from Apex or vice versa?
  3. ^ Please don’t lie about this kind of thing.
  4. One issue I noticed with the Series S at launch and doesn’t seem to be addressed is that is sold as a 1440p HDR console but to use HDR you need to set it to 4K on the dash and it presumably does some kind of scaling? Luckily my 1440p screen supports 4K but not all do: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/xbox/forum/xba_console/will-xbox-series-xs-support-hdr-for-1440p-or-1080p/7d343744-5884-4fa5-a476-8c41c14b210a?messageId=775352e8-30c3-454e-8cc2-9b0c6aba54bc Does anyone think MS will address this?
  5. I knew if I looked up this thread I would find out if it was just me or not thanks everyone!
  6. Not a TV but I use my Series S on this: https://www.benq.eu/en-uk/monitor/gaming/ex2780q.html it does 1440p 120hz.
  7. I’ll have a look - I wasn’t the most ideal person to pick this up actually as I’ve not been around much lately and will probably now find out that there’s some other issue I’m oblivious to
  8. Please do, we’re trying to post in threads asking people to knock it off and explain that different people like different things, if some likes x it doesn’t mean they hate y and that kind of thing but something seems to have kicked off in the last week that’s made everyone argumentative. I didn’t see the tone before your post - yours was reported a few times so I just responded to that to be open about it. If you’re being sarcastic and people were chucking insults around, let me know and I’ll take a look
  9. We’re running a bit behind but really? Assuming you’re an adult, can you post like one.
  10. I was oblivious to all this. It’s like Sony looked at the Hitman/2/3 delivery and thought how can we make this more complicated?
  11. I’d assume running at 1440p as it was designed to.
  12. Halo 5 is the only Halo I didn't finish. I think I got halfway through but had no idea what was happening. To be fair though, I thought Bungie lost it with Halo 2 when I was massively eager to get into the game but was presented with LA Law: Covenant Edition at the start.
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