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  1. I watched one of mine live on a screen once and strangely enough was a bit like the Cortana level in Halo 3
  2. I gathered them around and explained it’s how I played Halo free for all back in the mists of time. I can appreciate the annoyance when doing challenges though, like that one the other week with the chests at steel farm. Wankers.
  3. Was with you up to this then started laughing as my kids complain about it far too much and I tell them it’s part of the game
  4. 12 months gold is £34 on cdkeys for anyone wanting to stack
  5. Yeah it might have to wait until after Christmas. Actually, I have a GoPro (7), I wonder if that could be used?
  6. It’s more for their own use - they want to record some videos but having their faces in the corner seems to be massively important to them. They don’t/won’t have accounts, I’m hoping I can satisfy their desire by doing a few and that will be that. Like during lockdown we each had a camera and played hide & seek then put it together with each persons point of view. It wasn’t published/broadcast though.
  7. Cheers! That and some kind of Elgato or Razer Ripsaw type thing I guess? I’ll keep an eye out for price drops
  8. Thanks both. Yeah they want a camera showing them in the corner so that’s a key part of it I guess, how to combine the Xbox footage and that, some kind of capture device is needed it seems. Shame the Kinect broke a couple of weeks back and MS don’t have any servicing options. I was reading up on OBS, thanks
  9. Maybe his own network falters?
  10. Is there a streaming hardware thread or one with pointers for the stuff needed? My kids are interested but I imagine it will be short lived so don't really want to spend a lot. I have an ok PC and reasonable laptop and they would want to do Xbox stuff. I think they would be happy learning about setting it up and recording stuff rather than/as well as streaming. The main thing they want is a video of them doing something good whilst having their camera video in the corner
  11. Cheers - we don't have the app on the TV but the episode is on there on my phone. We might have to wait for the repeat unless I can do some technical workaround
  12. For some reason it's not showing 'on demand' on Sky for me and someone cancelled the recording
  13. The last battlefield I played and was into was 4. I quite like this but have just been going in on my own, I imagine it’ll be better as a group but have enjoyed it so far, not seen many bugs, the main graphical ones seem to have been shadows going wild
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