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  1. It’s probably that Nintendo has got a new job.
  2. Smyths: https://www.smythstoys.com/uk/en-gb/video-games-and-tablets/xbox-gaming/xbox-series-x-|-s/xbox-series-x-|-s-consoles/xbox-series-x-1tb-console/p/192012
  3. Halo MCC didn’t work for me but The Medium did. Seems to be temperamental then
  4. Yeah! All those quests that sit in the background make a big difference Ta for the heads up
  5. @gospvg how you getting on so far? I’m level 62 at the moment and stress free!
  6. There used to be an issue with save and quit not working properly I think but they fixed it as far as I remember? Well, maybe not based on the above...
  7. Just tried mine now and both flashed up ok.
  8. Discord and Twitter were shit for me, I used the HotStock app in the end
  9. I couldn’t be less interested in a footballer skin which is a bit of a drag. I’ll still do the quests etc I guess though with the kids to reach level 100/get the v-bucks back.
  10. Oh, I thought that too.
  11. I thought PS Now was streaming too. It was at the start and when they emailed me about it so I never gave it a second thought. Even if it wasn’t after their shitshow customer service I wouldn’t have give it a go anyway, Microsoft have my body now.
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