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  1. Well the games don’t just do it themselves, do they?
  2. Is there something official about Xbox one pads working on it? Inc the v1 elite pad
  3. And maybe for families where a parent (me) gets the new console and the kids (my kids) have to make do with Xbox Ones.
  4. I'm not sure, I'll have to check when I'm back home, if they do show on the in game menu that's a step in the right direction though, thanks.
  5. Has anyone else had all the challenges disappear from the map in the lobby area? My son has, as well as the daily challenges that show up on the left.
  6. Aha! Thanks I’m travelling a bit today but hope to get on again later, will look for usernames too
  7. To complete the last challenge I’m bothered about, I need to carry a team mate out of the storm. Turns out this is pretty tough when playing with randoms and not using comms
  8. Did you say you turn your router off too?
  9. @Treble is the guy you want, helped me out no end I'd imagine it depends on what you want to run, the processor is the weakest component I think?
  10. I’ve not noticed that on the Switch. I’ve only been playing since Christmas, I started on the Xbox when it first came out but didn’t fancy it really but my boys have wanted to play so I gave it another chance - I enjoy the challenges etc, just managed the collecting the letters one
  11. This thread reminded me I meant to sell my official GCN component cable about 5 years ago. I guess that ship has sailed.
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