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  1. In the first game I noticed this dude in the chat: Then had a good game with some random guys: I skipped BF1 and V as I didn't like the setting for 1 (and maybe V, can't remember) but this seems more like BF3/4 from what I recall. So many options and shit with the guns and characters etc, it's a bit overwhelming. The shooting works though which is the main thing.
  2. I’ve had a few rounds of conquest and all seems well so far
  3. I’ve played games on occasion before but yeah, DMZ and the menus confused me a lot.
  4. My son has played it for 5(!) hours after school pretty much and hasn't mentioned anything so I suspect stuff that is pulled apart by reviewers and the internet won't be noticed so much by people - especially kids - when playing it. He's done 2 gyms he said so a reasonable way in I guess.
  5. Well that's a bit shit isn't it.
  6. Can you buy it on the website or doesn't it let you on there either?
  7. That's the point I guess as you can send stuff like that to people in other games, the console doesn't matter it's the account that's important. So if someone hasn't played before or maybe tried red/blue on the gameboy and not much since them it's a reasonable question I thought?
  8. Yeah, it's not as if there will be any newcomers who didn't know.
  9. Is this the Warzone 2.0 thread as well or are they different things? Thought I would take a look at it and have a few games but it’s 118gb on the xbox! From a technical point of view does anyone know why it’s so big? I think on a series s the useable hd space is around 380 so doesn’t leave loads of space. More reasonable on an x but still, 118gb! If anyone is playing it and streaming pls post in here
  10. Ah, wasn’t expecting that as I’m used to cross platform being impossible (or at least very difficult) to turn off on the xbox
  11. Yeah! I could finally go back and grab the skulls from the first 2 missions.
  12. I've seen snippets of a few things from Forge and the potential looks good
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