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  1. I have the paddles set for left and right on the dpad as I used them for grenade switching on Halo and have just left them be
  2. Thanks! I was wondering what was going on when some of those seemed to pop up out of nowhere and I was on something like 87/100
  3. Nothing so far here but will see what happens in the week then! I need some time to switch my routers over from the old sky one to the new sky one. Can’t be arsed with all the firewall shit but my connections can be troublesome when it isn’t done
  4. I’m hoping some more challenges appear or it’ll be very difficult. I only have the 3 1,000 xp ones that reoccur at the moment
  5. I’m in a similar situation now as at the start of the week I was level 43 and am now 88 or 89. Peer pressure from my kids!
  6. I must be one of the only people that couldn’t care less about the quicksilver thing.
  7. I was very close to tagging you in this thread I have, er, 4.
  8. Makes me feel a *bit* better...
  9. I didn’t have a 4K TV so cancelled my X preorder and got an S. I nearly got one a few times but waited until I got a new tv first. I feel a bit indulgent as I have the S connected to a 1440p 120Hz HDR screen upstairs anyway
  10. I ordered a Series X from Currys this morning and it was set to arrive next Thursday. Just had an email now saying it will be here by the 23rd at the latest, that makes me wonder if they had them in stock or not? A minor annoyance is that it wouldn’t let me log in this morning so I checked out as a guest. The receipt etc came to the same email address as my account but for my sanity I’d like it under my account. I wonder if they’ll end up cancelling it altogether though?
  11. I started this yesterday and am now up to date, most enjoyable. Re the brother chat up there, Agatha said she brought him in as has been mentioned.
  12. The S is on my work desk connected to a 27” 1440p 144hz HDR monitor No interest at all in a PS5 so it will be an X at some point...
  13. I originally had an X preordered but switched to S as I didn’t have a 4K TV. Since release I’ve had one in my basket a few times but decided it was silly. Got a 4K TV yesterday and am feeling a slight pang of regret (not regretting the S, regretting not getting the X)
  14. I thought I’d log into SEN and see what I have registered and what details are on there: That’s literally the data you can access as a customer Absolutely useless if you wanted to log in and make a note of the serial number if the console was broken or lost etc
  15. My phone screen looks a lot smaller than a switches but the internet says it’s 6”. It’s an iPhone though so no streaming/xcloud for me cos reasons
  16. I watched the next few videos and there are a number of techniques etc that look useful. You might know it already though? I'd be interested to see your donut
  17. Is it THE blender donut? I still haven't done the coffee yet...
  18. I haven't seen it but watched the alternate ending posted here. If nothing else, I'm confused.
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