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  1. Yeah, another disappointment for me. Phase 4 generally has been for me and the kids - they were massively into marvel up to endgame and would be seeing what films were next, who was in them, theorising plot points but now they don't really care. They were kinda hyped for Thor L&T but that didn't grab them much and were confused that the Eternals introduced a load of new people who weren't seen again. I thought it was too long as well, although my youngest didn't mind as he fell asleep for about 90 mins in the middle.
  2. It might be one of times where someone doesn’t understand that it’s designed that way and to drive a 1080/1440 display, less power is needed than if it was 4K which explains it being ‘underpowered’. Some games even uses different assets to the series X version of the same game - I’ve noticed when switching external hard drives one console wants to download a different version and it reduces the file sized which could explain the smaller internal drive. That aspect is really annoying though as the add on costs so much
  3. That’s not true though is it? We have a Series X and a bunch of S’s. It’s not underpowered for what it’s designed for (1080/1440 gaming) I have played fortnite, halo and other stuff at 120fps Storage is a problem when stuff like destiny 2 is 120gb yes I have 100s of games and not many are indie games that I can think of I’ve had great experiences playing Elden Ring, Cyberpunk, the new engine Fortnite, Battlefield 2042, Forza Horizon 5 and other stuff on it. This is on a 1440p screen.
  4. I read it pretty negatively in that she doesn’t care that she’s lost/losing that particular audience as there is another audience that will continue to support her and like her stuff. She doesn’t seem bothered that that audience will also include a bunch hate filled bigots though. I tried to write this post for longer than intended and still haven’t phrased it how I mean.
  5. Sorry, likely my fault missing your intention.
  6. The map design was great too. Me and @metallicfrodo had many a happy hour on it following years of Halo 5. Shortly after release there were games every night almost with other guys from back in the Halo 2 days, it really drew people in and it felt like they recaptured that same feeling from back then but it seemed to fade away just as fast.
  7. I’ve checked and numerous sites mention it, here’s one: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/billy-preston-beatles-get-back/
  8. What I find quite amazing/interesting is how you have to figure out some of the objectives yourself, not literally but in that there's no signposting. As a kid I will have had more time and less games but seemingly more patience too.
  9. George invited him I believe but didn't make a big thing of it to as not create an expectation or whatever. I watched something about it last week funnily enough.
  10. Wow. I used to have a brain back then too. edit: Yep, predated the xbox console by 2 years. I feel my flimsy observation still might be interesting but I fear I’ve lost a lot of credibility now
  11. I’ve never played a Medal of Honor game so started reading about them and it sounds like they were quite a big deal at one point? The first 2 games were PlayStation only but the developers were Dreamworks Interactive who were 50% owned by Microsoft https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danger_Close_Games
  12. your point still stands really though from a technical point of view - if it worked fine when unlocked why couldn’t they do it with these versions. I suspect the answer is Nintendo somehow though…
  13. This is what I half remembered: http://www.goldeneyeforever.com/goldeneye_citadel.php looks sketchy
  14. Ah, you meant the maps that didn’t allow 4 players? Was there a code for that, I thought it was a gamegenie(shark?) thing to unlock them? Sorry, I misread your other post as it not having maps that were scrapped like that test one - citadel? - or something like that.
  15. Are you saying it doesn't have maps that weren't in the original either?
  16. I was coming here to say that, found it a bit confusing after the free for all it was before.
  17. I’ve added the Switch modern control YouTube video guide to the first post of the thread
  18. It's incredibly simple, I was skeptical at first but it's easy, as is switching back. I'm tempted to make more profiles for other games now
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