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  1. That's my point - the people in charge knew but didn't tell the marines that was why.
  2. Yeah but that extra bit of information would’ve been useful, moreso when they didn’t really respect the guy giving the order - was he company as opposed to military? It’s been a while since I saw it
  3. I'd decided to watch the rest from 4 onwards only to fall at the first hurdle as 4 isn't available on the services I have (netflix, amazon, disney, paramount, sky) and I aren't buying the others when I suspect they are likely to be in the 'not great' category. Gah
  4. I never understood why in Aliens they didn't tell the marines why they shouldn't use live ammo when they were scoping out the area, just that they couldn't, which they then disobeyed.
  5. edit - fucking hell, there are 9 sequels!
  6. It looks like it cost more than the rest of them combined. I was late getting into 1 & 2 and found them a bit laughable at first which annoyed my friend who was very serious about them but have a real soft spot for them now. I only saw 3 once or twice I think but actually watched it yesterday as I recorded it off the horror channel and as @Skeeez suggested above I found that it was more interested in showcasing the new cenobites that were complete trash - CD Player Man and Video Camera Man than the story like in the first 2. Never watched any other, I seem to recall Clive Barker distancing from them as the series went on as he had little to no involvement but they still say 'from the mind of...' at the start or something.
  7. This is the online store, yeah? https://lukemcgillenceramics.square.site/
  8. Just caught up with this thread and @beakbeak your stuff is amazing
  9. I saved myself from buying this (for the time being at least as I have no money) by getting my Vita out of the loft and playing EG on there - I’d never finished it so it makes sense. It holds up well still, I forgot how good it is/was.
  10. They should’ve offered those roles to us lot first.
  11. Is/was there a shorter version too? I’ve never seen that before but was sure I’ve seen a music video for it
  12. It seems as though they set it up to be told from Korgs point of view and so the language etc reflected his and his mannerisms but then forgot to stick with it all the way through or realised it wouldn't work for some bits so it's quite jarring. Due to an administration error yesterday, I had to watch it twice.
  13. I've never played Flicky, didn't have sega consoles and I'd heard of it one of those things I guess
  14. Yeah, this. I assumed it was someone in the marvel world, didn't know she was a real celebrity, didn't affect it for me.
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