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  1. If you connect the controller with a cable, it won’t go to standby and try remember to turn the tv volume down when you plug the headphones in. I’ve been caught out with the same thing a few times
  2. That’s poor Although better for your figure if you don’t buy the expensive ones or do buy the small ones. I really should avoid the big bars 😩
  3. I don't have the issues you've mentioned and my connection isn't as fast in either direction as yours. I suspect it must be something to do with your set up or conditions in your home/network
  4. My wife has been playing this for over 10 years and is doing in now whilst watching great british bake off. She's on level 10,454.
  5. The general rule is that you never need a screen guard/case etc until you do. No one plans on damaging their stuff but once it happens it’s natural to want to stop it happening again. Plus a percentage of those that are risk averse.
  6. Destiny had loads of playstation exclusive content historically, Sony need to get a grip. But as has been said, their lawyers wouldn't be doing their job if they weren't kicking up a fuss.
  7. We had a One S in the playroom that got little use but started to get played on more once we rejigged the room a bit. Due being spoilt by the Series X ssd speed we traded it in against a Series S at game when they had that deal on and now it gets used *loads* more. Game changer like you said
  8. I don't trust them still since the hack and the other issues since then like refunds and account security/theft etc It's good for everyone else if they've tightened up those loopholes but I decided to vote with my wallet back then and have managed to stick to it.
  9. Still can’t track it down but 1, 2 & 3 have been on the horror channel and I watched them all this week
  10. I mean block from ordering it again rather than nuke his account. Sometimes places can be a bit funny like that, I once didn’t receive something and was told I could have a refund but also that I couldn’t order again as they didn’t want the risk of losing a parcel again!
  11. Unless they block his account cos of it. But ideally they wouldn't
  12. How many times did you play the original? I played it at release and can only remember a few minor bits so I’m gonna be fine hopefully!
  13. I think it's the 'not being played' bit that I don't get. I might go a while not playing on my xbox or switch but I know I will again at some point so don't really have an issue with that. Unless it's for financial reasons like @Kevvy Metal said when it might be foolish to hang on to something
  14. I've never done it and find it a bit weird really - not just selling them, the rebuying part
  15. This is the kinda stuff that should be more common this generation. I'd take that over a slightly shiner whatever
  16. https://www.gamesradar.com/red-dead-redemption-2-fan-with-nearly-6000-hours-on-stadia-begs-rockstar-for-character-transfer/ This is a shame It’s weird google not telling any developers - I can’t imagine many would want to expose themselves to that risk again in the future if they decided to try gaming again.
  17. I guess I'm more of an outside case with the 120hz thing as I play games where it's an option - Fortnite & Halo Infinite (I know, I know) mainly although I think they use dynamic scaling with the resolution to make it happen. I do rate the screen though and have zero complaints with it
  18. I did look into it before I bought one and obv it isn't as good as the fancy OLEDs but for the price it's outstanding. I was mainly bothered about 120hz but the sound is really good too. I wouldn't have wanted you just looking at hdmi 2.1 screens that presumably would cost more but not necessarily required if just using a Series S with them
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