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    The lemmings would be tiny.
  2. I'll see if I can make it this time. Damn work
  3. What was that Res Evil 'Hive' footage that was released recently all about then? It had Leon (I think) and a party of people wondering about I think.
  4. I thought this was quite old, certainly the existence of Citadel anyway? There's no date on the http://goldeneye.detstar.com/citadelfound/index.asp site is there - I'm sure this can't be that new, I remember it from my first year of Uni in 1998. As I say though, it could be just that references to it had been found in the GE code as opposed to the level itself. Edit - yeah, after reading it properly, they knew it was there at some point but have only just 'unlocked' it.
  5. Are you on about the Resnikov here? Last time I went - last year, I just got some random punter to sign me in. It helps if you're dashing (no, not in a hurry...)
  6. Ahhh, Wang for Maths. It was hard anyway, but in his hybrid language it was rock!
  7. You can add me too if you like?
  8. If John Rayner's involved, it's sadism all the way! Rob Miles was the best. nb, I assume you go to Hull uni...
  9. The reason why Live is good and why I think it's better than each publisher having their own online shenanigans is the cross game invites and being able to see what games your friends are playing from the dashboard / other games. It makes everything go very smoothly really.
  10. But you might aswell just get it on the N64 for the price?
  11. 1) Hitcher 2) Squirtle 3) Kryptonian 4) 5) 6) 7) nb, I'm crap.
  12. I'd say golf for 2 player, billiards for 1 player [i find it relaxing] and then bowling cos I don't like it much. However, before unlocking owt, take out your memory card and unlock what you want. You can see if you like it without it costing you play points. When done, reset the GC and put the mem card back in, take it out when loaded and try another one.
  13. I agree. On PGR2, you only seem to be able to corner in some cars by using the handbrake. And I aren't talking about going 100mph+ here.
  14. If there's room I'll have a go. You might have to make me a mod to even things up though...
  15. Kryptonian


    He's from Leicester.
  16. Kryptonian


    I had the same problem in Game in Leeds when I wanted a BBA and actually had the guy following me around the shop spouting shite. I tried politely to tell him a few times to leave me alone but he wouldn't shut up. Everything he said was completely wrong but he always had to have the last word. Topics he tried to cover involved the BBA, Zelda (this was ages before it came out) and Animal Crossing (which he hadn't heard of and was astounded that I owned an American GC)
  17. Kryptonian

    Wall Jumping

    Chun Li & Vega [balrog - Jap] in SF2.
  18. Low ping. 99% of Live games are I've found. And if not, it's usually cos someone is also downloading stuff over p2p.
  19. I said I didn't like it, not that it was crap.
  20. Oh aye! Everything's coming up Millhouse
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