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  1. I agree. On PGR2, you only seem to be able to corner in some cars by using the handbrake. And I aren't talking about going 100mph+ here.
  2. If there's room I'll have a go. You might have to make me a mod to even things up though...
  3. Kryptonian


    He's from Leicester.
  4. Kryptonian


    I had the same problem in Game in Leeds when I wanted a BBA and actually had the guy following me around the shop spouting shite. I tried politely to tell him a few times to leave me alone but he wouldn't shut up. Everything he said was completely wrong but he always had to have the last word. Topics he tried to cover involved the BBA, Zelda (this was ages before it came out) and Animal Crossing (which he hadn't heard of and was astounded that I owned an American GC)
  5. Kryptonian

    Wall Jumping

    Chun Li & Vega [balrog - Jap] in SF2.
  6. Low ping. 99% of Live games are I've found. And if not, it's usually cos someone is also downloading stuff over p2p.
  7. I said I didn't like it, not that it was crap.
  8. Oh aye! Everything's coming up Millhouse
  9. If anyone can suggest a gamertag for my mate, go for it. I've unbanned my other xbox and am gonna use one of them free trial Live things you get as he's bringing counter strike with him. I thought of Crypt Onion but any suggestions will be welcomed.
  10. I'm shit... Although he has beat me at Halo a few times to be fair to the lad.
  11. The 50 year olds? I'll be on tonight and tomorrow then. My mate is up from sunny London tomorrow so we might alternate then, ie - shit, really shit, etc...
  12. Yeah, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked that last map [prodigy?] best.
  13. Started off badly, but was top of the board at the end then kerraig vanished
  14. I'll be on between 9 and 10 I reckon.
  15. I am, don't finish work til 8pm though. See the Online folder and join us.
  16. That's what I did yesterday too! Then PacMan
  17. Yeah, this topic was started 2 days before yours
  18. Don't get me wrong, I understand collectability 100%. No arguments here
  19. Res Evil 2 on the PC had a 10 min demo I seem to recall. It was kind of fun racing to the police station avoiding all the zombies and seeing how far you could get.
  20. I know. But all the shite that followed it wasn't. I meant that if you desperately wanted to play 'game x' but thought it was too expensive on AES, you could go the MVS route.
  21. It's probably more to do with the games good difficulty curve / ease of getting into to. Name some examples of what you mean.
  22. Monday night's good for me too. I start a new job and finish at 8 though, should be home for 8:30-9 I reckon.
  23. I thought this was about playing the games?
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