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  1. Harsh, I got it yesterday and think it's shit hot.
  2. Oh aye, definitely the way to go. I have a Jamma cab and it's much much cheaper to get a Neo Geo board for that (up to 6 slot) and get the carts miles cheaper than the home versions. Listen to the man!
  3. I got it, just haven't played the PS version. Only played N64 version about 3 times too.
  4. They must be, well component at least as I have a Jap Component lead for my GC. And you can get RGB leads for pretty much everything over there can't you?
  5. I've read that 3 times and can't gat it to make sense Huh?
  6. Anyway, it's probably gonna be a 'wait and see' type affair and everyone's wrong so far.
  7. That's what happens when you get shot cos of your shield. Edit. beaten.
  8. That's exactly what I said to my mate this evening. Spooky.
  9. £5 is £5 mate! It could be a Chicken Tikka in Naan Kebab or anything! Oh, and the Game I got it from (in the White Rose) are complete twats for this sort of thing so I try to annoy them anyway I can, as far as I'm concerned, they should have the same prices in all their stoes.
  10. I just paid £25 for it in Game Can someone tell me the name of a branch of Game that sells it for £20 and I'll go get my fiver back tomorrow, ta.
  11. Had only played it once on the PC and didn't like it at all but I think this is well good Just been playing sinhle player to get the hang of things but i'm really enjoying it and wouldn't mind a game with any of you lot if you don't mind.
  12. If yer whinging about downloadable content, what about bloody KOTOR. Bastards.
  13. Kryptonian


    Why isn't it shiny and silver?
  14. The thing is with see through stuff like that is you can see all the screw fixings and that and I think it looks nasty. Silver / brushed aluminum would've been better as someone said. Or purple.
  15. That would be weel suited to mobiles I reckon. Top stuff.
  16. Yeah for me, it's the pad. I'm a cack handed sod with M&K, just never got to grips with it. I can get shit loads of headshots on Halo or Perfect Dark though. Whereas the mouse maybe theoretically more accurate, for me it isn't.
  17. As I might be joining the ranks of the employed tomorrow, I might treat myself to this too. Oh, and with the whole M&K vs Joypad thing, I think it depends on what the game was designed for and what you have grown up using / had more experience with. Like GoldenEye would be completely different with M&K, and probably not as good. imo.
  18. How does the N64 Ridge Racer compare to the arcade / psx versions?
  19. Looks like I'll have to get back in to this Live malarky...
  20. I was suprised they used the GC button layout for A, B, X & Y rather than a more conventional SNES style.
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