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  1. Are you using a Router? if so does it have a firewall and have you had the problem with any other games?
  2. Anyone fancy a game over xbconnect tonight / this evening?
  3. Bugger. I only had 2-3 games yesterday
  4. Also, I wasn't on drugs last night. Cos Tooty Poo Smesh. What a beautiful car this is though: EDIT EDIT After I've been driving:
  5. I never saw you on there Rob I had a couple of good games early on but had to dissapear which was a right pain in the arse. Now that J0nny5 has his xbc sorted I wouldn't mind another game... Where was Hitcher?
  6. Me and J0nny5 are trying for a game now but are having technical difficulties. I remember I did when I got a router but can't remember how I sorted it If anyone wants to try and join Kryptonian or j0nny5 on xbc, go for it! password for the game - rllmuk
  7. I followed all the hype about it before it came out and really wanted one from the off but couldn't afford it. Then I played GoldenEye on my mates and vowed to own one. I convinced my mum it would be 'an early christmas present' and got the console, a extra green official pad and GoldenEye just as study leave was starting for my mock A Levels. I nearly failed them all
  8. I have this glass doored cabinet in my lounge, meant for displaying stuff like ornaments really. However, it has N64 games in it - and the box for my GC component lead! I feel compelled to keep it cos it has lovely Japanese writing on it. Same for the memory card box. And GameBoy Player box.
  9. *rubs hands together* Halo is just too good on multiplayer. When I was playing it yesterday, it was the first time 'properly' for a while and it really is amazing. My favourite bit was when this other guy is heading my way in a tank. I see the gun barrel swing my way. I jump. I see the vapour trail pass underneath me. In midair I change to the Sniper Rifle. Before I hit the ground, I'd shot the bugger in the head. HAVE IT.
  10. Kryptonian

    Quake II

    I have Q2 on my Xbox. Would I be able to play?
  11. Jonny5 - I'll have you a game or 2 if you want. My email * if you use msn, I find it easier to use that when trying to arrange a game. Has anyone tried having 2 xboxes (system linked) at their place and going on xbconnect? a ) Does it work? b ) Is it lagtastic? How about we use our forum names for the games? ie, I'm called Gaz usually on Halo but it would be nice to know who's killing who. What time for the rest of you? What gametype?
  12. I'm going on xbc tonight too I think, so if anyone wants a game, please let me know.
  13. No-one joined me so I started a random game. I rule Would've been more but the game was started without me - I hate it when people just start while you are still typing to them. Tossers! If anyone wants a game, ever, please PM me or something. I was really getting into it but then everyone just went
  14. With a friend I think co-op Halo does it for most people.
  15. My xbconnect tag is kryptonian too btw.
  16. Now now! I'm sure it will be useful for something...
  17. Just to reiterate, I didn't realise that you could get the stats for the cars before you buy them anywhere except Kudos World Series and the Showroom. And Penguin_Lad is lovely, nearly more so than Kerraig UK.
  18. Twat! It really works though! I was impressed with my neon blue Ferrari anyway.
  19. I wasn't being an arse - I genuinely thought the showroom was tops and that everyone knew about it. My mate Jon didn't though and I guess it is tucked away a bit.
  20. Heh - in my losing my job thread, I said about being a 3D artist specifically geared towards making crates as there are so many of the bloody things in games. As for FPS's: 1. Living breathing worlds? Full of civillians. Like in The Matrix where Neo is trying to get to the exit without getting gunned down by the agents. 2. Having to assassinate someone and in the mission briefing you're given a photo of them and told what building they work in. It's up to you to find them. 3. Halo AI x10 (maybe too hard?) 4. Definitely more co-op shenanigans.
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