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  1. That's my favourite post of 2004 so far You know when you laugh and snort uncontrollably, i did that
  2. Here Looks to be ok, and I know some people on here are interested in getting a arcade machine.
  3. You want a Sniper Rifle there EDIT - on T & R on the ship
  4. Bring it on! Do you reckon you can do decals for the MC like for the bikes on Moto GP 2? 90% of my mates pick black. Probably cos they think it's cool and hard. I go for White. Looks like a Stormtrooper. EDIT - took out the bits where I slagged off Kerraig Ahhhh, now I KNOW you're an amateur. I change my colour depending on the map i'm on. Although 'Tan' is my colour of choice f I dont respect the opposition Don't think so - I don't that sort of advantage cos I'm way better than everyone round here That being said, I go Red Team on Blood Gulch Oh, and I agree on Spawn Times and the fact that 24 player would be too tricky for voice comms over live.
  5. Bring it on! Do you reckon you can do decals for the MC like for the bikes on Moto GP 2? 90% of my mates pick black. Probably cos they think it's cool and hard. I go for White. Looks like a Stormtrooper. EDIT - took out the bits where I slagged off Kerraig
  6. How come? Didn't put your watch forward? My mate did that. I get a phonecall 3 days after he should have done it: "Gaz, I aren't being stupid - what time is it?"
  7. Read the question mate - I don't know a thing about it and I trust peoples opinions on here. Well, most peoples...
  8. Me and my mate discuss it often. He said yeah, they could do Banjo 1 & 2 aswell. Come on Rare you swines!
  9. I've been replaying KOTOR - it's on pause now actually, ah the joys of being unemployed I'm thinking of trading some of my games in and saw Jedi Academy and realised I know nothing about it. Is it any good? What's the Live aspect like? If it's similar to KOTOR I'll probably give it ago. Don't anyone start by saying KOTOR was shit, over-hyped or anything else either please. How about some opinions on Academy for me?
  10. 1) Yes, cos no other games used the expansion pack at all did they. 2) If that's what you paid, you were robbed.
  11. yeah thats cool, nerds in fear of actually being sociable can use the headset to pretend their playing partner isn't actually sat next to them As for that shot of all the marines on the beach, I guess they're using sprites to have that many onscreen at once, trouble is they look a bit samey tho don't they I got the impression that cos they were all the same, it was some kind of hack / cheat / whatever and not actual ingame action.
  12. I assume it's like converting, say a DC pad, to be used in an arcade machine. The setup is this - you have the DC wired up to the arcade monitor in the cabinet but want to use the proper arcade stick and buttons. Basically you open up the pads and solder wires from the contacts in the pads to the microswitches for the arcade controls. In reality for an Arcade machine you would be better wiring the consoles controls to a 25pin socket (like a parallel port) so then you can disconnect the DC joypads and put something like a Saturn in there instead. I've done this, so from my actual arcade controls, the 1P and 2P controls go to 2 25pin plugs and I can either plug it straight into the 25pin socket connected to the Jamma interface if I want to play on of my arcade games or connect them to the hacked pads of consoles that i have (or will have in there). Sorry to go on, but the same principle could be used to make a standard arcade style joystick that you can use on any system - console, pc, whatever just by swapping the leads. www.happcontrols.com have the parts and www.arcadecontrols.com have the knowledge
  13. Oooh, I'm in on that! I used to be the mutts nuts at that. Must get some practise in
  14. Is it worth me getting this or will nobody be playing it next week? NB I've never played it on the PC.
  15. More than 2 teams would be interesting though...
  16. I did - I think it was Grenades that was the right bitch.
  17. I loved (or love) it too. It's still plugged in my N64 next to the TV right now. Apart from the single player game being excellent, the fact you could have multiplayer against 'sims' really swung it for me as I live quite far away from my pals and it really made a difference. Especially the upgraded GoldenEye levels. EDIT - Ooooh, what was the level, might be that one ^ Area 51 part 2 with the crate where you could go get the Phoenix gun from a hidden bit upstairs? Also, you come down in the lift after you get it, you can put Xray Vision on, see the blokes outside the lift doors, set the Phoenix to 2nd function and when the doors open you shoot the floor. Wicked.
  18. I agree with with the communication and tactics. My and my mate Jon pissed all over another 4 people on Halo CTF. We just overwhelmed them and if they got their fingers out, they could've got our flag while we were attacking but they were running around like muppets. Ghost recon on Live in small teams was always good due to the communication and more thought in it. That's why I prefered it to Unreal in general.
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