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  1. I should be in London over the weekend 17-18th January (my birthday on th 15th).
  2. I need better people to play against.
  3. This was hyped for Wave Race I recall. I was disappointed to be honest when it turned out the memory card was just an option, ie an extra place to save stuff and as far as customising your rider went, it could be done with ease on another machine as you just moved the sliders, no personisation as such. That being said, Wave Race was probably my 3rd or 4th most played N64 game I blame this Surreal64 emu for bringing up these memories!
  4. Isn't it more of a Robotron type game?
  5. I have just been searching the net for info / pics / a rom of the N64 version of Resident Evil Zero and stumbled across this picture: It reminded me of the pictures in magazines such as Super Play (best videogame magazine ever maybe) before the N64 was released and I can remember just thinking that that console would be the best thing since sliced bread. It looked sleek, far better than the PlayStation or the Saturn and I wanted one more than anything. That picture just brought back memories for me. It was nearly the same with the GameCube but with the N64 I was younger (obviously) and was more excitable and a new console was just out of reach finacially, whereas with the GC I could just buy a US one when it come out. Thought I'd share. 1 more pic - whilst routing about on my HD: When StarFox Adventures on the GC was Dinosaur Planet for the N64.
  6. This is the 2nd one I've read. I didn't reply to the 1st one.
  7. Right, GoldenEye Controls. My idea was this: Xbox left stick = N64 stick Xbox right stick = C buttons Then change 'left' and 'right' on the left stick to be the 'left c' and 'right c' buttons. This gives you a Halo kind of setup for the sticks. I also set the Xbox L trigger to be the N64 R button and the Xbox R trigger to be the N64 Z button. Any better suggestions?
  8. Kryptonian


    I think you're wrong. Even though AOTCR and 2 Betrayals are set on the same level as such, they are both radically different I feel. I know it's a tired argument but I've only really played it on Legendary (went through it on Heroic first time) and I spend more time concentrating on the battles than the scenery.
  9. Back in the day, I suffered from the classic 'GoldenEye Security Camera Fear' whilst out and about.
  10. I still want it to be used as some sort of surveilance device in a FPS, ie you set up some sort of camera and you can see what's going on in that area using the GBA screen. Would be good for a online CTF game, if the GC had one that is.
  11. You want to get some bits off here and make your own...
  12. I don't see why not - the plastic it's mounted on inside would just have to be further inside the unit wouldn't it? Obviously there would still have to be a gap around the end of the stick so you could move the bugger though.
  13. You know that you can type in the gamertags through dashboard/xbox live/account management though yeah? You don't have to add a friend from a game you are playing. Apologies if you know already but not a lot of people picked up on it when it all kicked off.
  14. I might make an appearance, wasn't really on it over the weekend cos I was playing Prince of Persia instead.
  15. Nah, I've messed about with it and it definitely isn't there at times. Depends on what angle you approach it at but it suddenly just flickers and there it is.
  16. Also in that Exhibition mode you can change the number of laps too. Which is nice.
  17. I've had barriers suddenly appear infront of me. It usually happens in Sydney and it's always at the same bit. I just know now to not go straight on down the big open road at a certain point (and to take a left) cos the barrier will appear when you're about a metre away from it.
  18. I don't ram people on purpose and if it does happen, it would be cos of my general crapness. The only exceptions to this are: a ) When I'm actually side by side with someone and we are both pushing into each other a bit. b ) Similar to above but approaching a corner / road narrows. The number of times I've kept going and all the other person had to do was tap their brakes, either to follow me, or pass me on the inside but they didn't. Only to end up hitting a wall etc... ^ Spirit of the game I'd say tho?
  19. Are you using a Router? if so does it have a firewall and have you had the problem with any other games?
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