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  1. Now now! I'm sure it will be useful for something...
  2. Just to reiterate, I didn't realise that you could get the stats for the cars before you buy them anywhere except Kudos World Series and the Showroom. And Penguin_Lad is lovely, nearly more so than Kerraig UK.
  3. Twat! It really works though! I was impressed with my neon blue Ferrari anyway.
  4. I wasn't being an arse - I genuinely thought the showroom was tops and that everyone knew about it. My mate Jon didn't though and I guess it is tucked away a bit.
  5. Heh - in my losing my job thread, I said about being a 3D artist specifically geared towards making crates as there are so many of the bloody things in games. As for FPS's: 1. Living breathing worlds? Full of civillians. Like in The Matrix where Neo is trying to get to the exit without getting gunned down by the agents. 2. Having to assassinate someone and in the mission briefing you're given a photo of them and told what building they work in. It's up to you to find them. 3. Halo AI x10 (maybe too hard?) 4. Definitely more co-op shenanigans.
  6. And you get their stats in the showroom.
  7. First off - you must have the car you want in Kudos World Series. Start a live game and pick any car and pick the colour you want your car to be. For this example, pick an Enzo and pick yellow. Quit out to single player (Kudos World Series) and go to the car you want to drive. ie Ford Focus. Select it and when 'transmission type' comes up, press 'B' to quit back out. Rejoin your Live game. You should now have a yellow Focus. *it will fuck up if you the car you want to drive wasn't the last one you used in it's series. ie, if you had been using a Mini previously, when you go back to Live it will pick that cos when you got to transmission type, you were in effect deselecting the car. To get round this, go to Kudos challenge and pick the car you want and go as far as the 'medal' select screen. A bit long winded I know but I thought I'd share.
  8. I just got them in the Showroom. And test drove them too.
  9. Actually, he just said 'firewall' and that made me remember how I had to set up a DMZ and vitrual server for my PCs IP address to use XBConnect. I'm at work now but can let you know what ports to open when I get in if you want. Piece of piss really.
  10. "Connect died" my ass. He bottled it I reckon.
  11. I was thinking of saying I had SB on the beta application form but my theory was that, well, I daren't
  12. As I've just being saying in the other SB:LoC thread I'd love to get in on the action but I didn't buy the bloody thing first time round
  13. Thanks for the answers - thought I'd try my luck with #3 I could've thrown in some games and that too y'know! How much can I expect to pay for this beast?
  14. I just can't get over your humbleness and modesty...
  15. Some questions: 1. Can you still buy the original SB? (UK PAL) 2. Will the controller be available separately then when Line of Contact comes out or can you only play it if you have the first one? 3. Does anyone have the beta but doesn't have time to play it and can lend it me? (I'll pay the postage obviously) 4. Is it any good?
  16. After something Kerraig said yesterday, I tinkered with my routers settings (completely forgot about the inbuilt firewall etc ) and lo and behold I don't have any problems connecting to anything now. Good games last night too - Lazychu, Graham & Yawdib, cheers.
  17. I might aswell sell all my other Live games just as Halo 2 comes out. I love Halo. I play it far too much aswell. If any of the controls are different for 2 I will be furious!
  18. Heh - the guy who wanted to set up the game is the only one that can't make it for Thursday but you lot are still doing it! Meanies!
  19. With the speaking thing, the first thing I said was on Moto GP when I went flying off my bike at some ridiculous speed. It was something along the lines of "Jesus fuck bollocks" which in retrospect was probably not the most friendly thing to come out with but it opened the way for a bit of banter
  20. Does anyone have a link for that guy who made his PSOne portable? That was well good. I think half the game CD stuck out of the back of it for those Texas Chainshaw Massacre moments.
  21. Shouldn't you be making lovely games? I am. It's not 'Super Heterogeneous Bros.' by any chance is it?
  22. XIII is very very good, but I haven't played it online as my version is erm, unable to do that. It is very good tho
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