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  1. Liked it but so short! 30 mins but the credits started with 7 minutes to go
  2. Skipping the tech stuff and focusing on this bit - a jigsaw will help you loads!
  3. Re the CGI, my only issue with it is her forehead/hair. It just doesn't look right but I assume it's easier/cheaper to have it like that and swept back. Liked everything else though Saw an article somewhere about now that Hulks arm is better, the MCU has ruined *everything* as it means there's no consequences to *anything* now. I guess they haven't read any comics or watched many films. Some people just like to get annoyed about anything it seems. Like the 10k 1 star reviewers I guess.
  4. Ah sorry, wasn't sure if you were aware. Yeah, hope it improves @bradigor
  5. Thanks guys for the codes - I have extra now too if anyone else needs one?
  6. Without wanting to get a rep as ‘that guy’, if 2 people have the fall guys perk this month but aren’t going to use it (coconut outfit) my boys would be eternally grateful. And to tie in with the above, they both have GPU subscriptions but the perks are age restricted, it’s a blanket ‘not available’ message which is understandable on sub stuff like Disney or whatever where you presumably have to add payment details for after the trial but for DLC tat it’s annoying for them
  7. How's your internet connection? Sounds like it could be be struggling to access the licenses etc maybe?
  8. I've given him a go based on this but I find his voice quite harsh I was just about to type maybe it'll grow on me over the new 3 hours but he's loudly exclaimed about the cost of something now
  9. Without wanting to be that guy, if anyone else has codes my 2 boys would love them... They both actually have GPU subs but can't access perks, presumably due to their ages despite the MS site all subscribers get them...
  10. My son is into this and I have some concerns about what he wants to do - he’s only 10 and one of his friends seems to have unrestricted access to *everything* tech related so has TikTok, Instagram, makes as many in app purchases as he wants, will call my sons phone after 10pm etc so mine feels like he’s getting left behind as he’s not allowed to add random people online and get the in game benefits that comes with it - e.g. his mate will do remote raids and get good Pokémon regularly. The latest thing mentioned is an app called PokeRaid where you essentially trade friend codes with strangers online to join them, you have to do some kind of verification with them and it’s not clear if you then pay to use their service to join a remote raid. I don’t think I’m being overly cautious with him but don’t actually know what interaction someone can have with someone once they have their Pokémon Go friend details, if any? It’s not a game I play so any advice would be appreciated. Also, do we have have a forum group or anything that he could play with? I trust people from here more than random other folk…
  11. Awesome @Boothjan
  12. I'm not sure that's happened in this thread?
  13. Although the spec says you're supposed to be able to hot swap HDMI leads, there's plenty of tales online of fried sockets so I'm wary of doing it.
  14. My 50" Panasonic Plasma says 505w in the specs in the manual!
  15. Yeah, it's a fair point I was surprised how much energy mine was using but also surprised no one else mentioned it either. When I got my first plasma it was just me in a flat, now I have kids and loads of xboxes etc and with energy prices as they are now it's something I've thought about more I guess. They still have a good picture, great motion and really black blacks. It's just a shame they use so much and heat up the house
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