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  1. I'd fucking love to do something like this, but I literally have no talent. I can't draw for toffee. Just posting to let y'all know that it's a brilliant idea, and I hope someone scans a finished notebook!
  2. Stranger


    That's definitely good news, but does the way that blurb is written unsettle anyone a bit? Maybe it's just me.
  3. Stranger


    So apparently this won't work on my 2007 MacBook. Shit.
  4. Stranger


    How would I know?
  5. What was the verdict on Batman, then? What's the good and the bad?
  6. Stranger


    Would there be any problems playing with a standard MacBook? I'm a complete technophobe when it comes to these sorts of things - haven't played a PC game since the Sims, ironically enough - but I'd like to give this game a go...
  7. Stranger


    Silly Q: is there a Mac version out/coming out? EDIT: Fuck that - just realised there is one. But I'm not sure if it will run on my MacBook...I have the lowest spec one of the three...
  8. Right - am finally back in England, which means I can finally get cracking on finishing a draft of the script! Give me until the start of next week - Tuesday at the latest!
  9. Am going to start writing properly today...
  10. Just a quick update: I've made a few notes about the script, but I haven't had a chance to start writing yet - maybe tomorrow or the day after, though! And I'm normally quite fast with drafts once I start, so don't worry! Proper update coming soon!
  11. Ahahah - but you see, I'm off to Portugal tomorrow, for three weeks! But the good news is, I will have internet access, and I planned to do a lot of writing out there anyway, so this is the perfect summer project!
  12. Just dropped you both a PM outlining my early, vague ideas.
  13. I'm beginning to have a few ideas for the script, and both Preacher and pocket frenzy have offered their help, so I'll prioritise this over my other writing and try and get a first draft done ASAP. If anyone has any suggestions, don't hesitate to PM me!
  14. I'll have a crack at something between 30-60 mins, then...
  15. I'd fucking love to have a crack at writing such a script. How long are we talking?
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