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  1. Tim

    Xbox Game Pass

    I need to go back to that and get it finished once and for all!
  2. Found these collection of big box PC games earlier there is a boxed Gravis Game Pad in there too which came with a free copy of Commander Keen. I'm happy that Sam and Max and Day of the Tentacle are in there too.
  3. The first game/s I owned was also an amsoft collection that came with my CPC 6128 I got for Christmas 1987 I think. The first I played was Roland in Time, although the collection also had Roland on the Ropes, as well as crazy platformer called Tubaruba which I have fond memories of.
  4. Tim

    Nintendo Switch

    I've had both and it is a good noticeable difference, double the capacity of the V1 In terms of justifying the upgrade ... I think that would depend on how battered your V1 is and if you play in handheld mode most of the time to benefit from the better battery.
  5. Cheers everyone, I was tempted to get it, espescially as Sega Rally is includes but I would probably suffer the consequences at home with yet another console! If any of you live in/ near Essex & fancy it, it might be worth getting in touch with "Parr" as it's only been listed for a day or so.
  6. On my local Facebook selling group, someone is selling a boxed Dreamcast with 1 joypad and 20 games. I can see there are a few duplicate games in the listing but I was wondering is this a bargain these days assuming it's all working?
  7. One of my faves - Day of the Tentacle had the original Maniac Mansion accessible in one of the bedrooms in the main game.
  8. These days I’m playing on my Switch more than anything (as I can play it on the commute, so more compatible with parenthood) - the switch updates tend to take no more than a few minutes. When I do get on the Xbox One at home, I’ve occasionally had updates that are frustratingly long, but it seems few and far between and overall easier to get along with compared to my experience of PC gaming. To be fair it might be that PC Gaming/ updates have come along since I got my gaming rig 8/9 years ago? So you may have a point here in comparison to current gen/ a modern comparison. Unfortunately I do not have the time, money or patience to buy and build a new rig to put this to the test.
  9. I was going to type a similar post. I had a gaming PC built around the end of the last generation and reaped all the benefits of cheap and diverse gaming mentimed on the OP. Nowadays, being a parent with so little spare time to play games , I much prefer the convenience of booting up and playing via a console in short bursts, knowing it won’t crash/ need an update or configuring to play/ work properly.
  10. Grim Fandango Remastered is currently less than £3 on the e - shop - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Grim-Fandango-Remastered-1462552.html?awc=12777_1578594698_f1a119d770f1690b4a82c44a98717155&affil=awin&utm_source=AWIN&utm_medium=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.digidip.net%2F&utm_campaign=0k009g5lweii&utm _content=Discount+Code
  11. Ive had quite a few gaming mistakes over the years but I reckon the absolute worst was The Sega Menacer which I got for my 13th birthday. It came with 6 free games, one of which was a Toe Jam and Earl shooter in the vein in of Operation Wolf with tomatoes fr bullets, but the Menacer Gun didn’t calibrate that well and all the games were pretty poor. From memory, the only decent game that worked well with it was Terminator 2 The Arcade Game. I quickly got rid and flogged it to someone at school.
  12. I absolutely loved these, escape from blood castle was my first and my favourite. I had one called Danger Cove (?) and one called Ghost in the Mirror which I enjoyed along with several of the Agent Arthur titles. I loved the detail that was put into the illustrations, you would often see comical expressions and/ extra characters which would take your attention and add to the immersive ness of the story. I seem to remember Usborne published a few titles aimed at older kids with more in depth stories and puzzles although I never had a copy personally.
  13. Just one carboot today and did alright, I got this little haul for £7.20. I was quite pleased with the gameboy as it came with batteries & in great condition, and finally getting settlers 7 which I have wanted for a few years now.
  14. I loved Superkarts, it was one of the first games on my 486 PC that was on CD, it had from what I remember an amazing soundtrack and secret routes on the tracks which hid cash collectables. One of first PC 'big box' games along with Day of the Tentacle and Sam & Max.
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