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  1. Revolver On one hand it's the worst film I've seen in a very long time for so many reasons, but I now like all other films more by virtue of them not being Revolver. 1/5
  2. Thank you. That has to be it. Though its not quite how I remember it and 1995 seems quite late. It must be it thought!
  3. Please help. Theres this game I remember playing but no idea what the name was and I can't find a trace of it anywhere. You were a knight (I think) and it was platformery and slashy. You would go into caves and turn into animals like a spider, and then be able to climb the walls and ceiling. Sure there where other animals too but can't remember. I can see it vividly in my remember brains. I don't even want to play it, I just need to be validated.
  4. Lethal Weapon Mel Gibson wins by triangle choke after Gary Busey tries to drown him in a puddle. 5/5
  5. I can take or leave the freaks but I bloody love The Crown. I don't think much about the reality and just enjoy the human stories. The cinematography is excellent and I'm always leaning forward on the sofa trying to absorb more of it.
  6. Oh man, this is perfect. Straight after a space crusade post. Bought it while I was drunk for £180 and I was pretty remorseful. But now I have it I'm in love with it. Its been professionally painted and its beautiful and been lovingly put together. It shows no signs of having been played.
  7. Picard was bad because of strong female characters is my favourite thing I've read on the internet today.
  8. It's a big ask but I'm hoping that 'real time weapon change' will finally be possible. And motion controls.
  9. FYI, a VRcade has just opened in Shepards Bush. Its right outside the BBC Broadcast centre, a minutes walk from White City station.
  10. Re-watching episode 1 now. Might be an overreaction but I feel like there's so much to take in on every shot now knowing whats to come.
  11. I created a meme to accurately reflect my 2v2 experience
  12. Post times you stood against the french column and fired 3 shots a minute. Expeditions in the British Royal Navy are also acceptable.
  13. You're missing one http://www.astrocityamusements.co.uk/whats-on-free-play/4591894446
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