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  1. Not once have I had to submit a game to ESRB by taking a single disc and sliding it across a desk at an attractive lady Maybe I should apply to rockstar?
  2. As this http://www.develop-online.net/news/eutechnyx-sells-off-nascar-assets/0202259 article showed earlier this year, Eutechnyx sold off the NASCAR rights to help focus on ACR in China, which has been in closed beta over the last week http://acr.kongzhong.com/.
  3. Forgive me if this has been covered elsewhere, but are we expecting to see any more of it at the SE conf?
  4. Still waiting to see some actual proof before getting my hopes up.
  5. The bit from HL1 where you come out of a tunnel onto the side of a cliff, and a couple of planes fly past:
  6. They should have had that on those posters they put up on the side of buses
  7. Yeah - its totally got my attention, but its more battlefield than heat.
  8. Presumably its a rolling buffer, and has the stuff you want eventually?
  9. Wow - the biggest thing I've learnt from this is that I've only played 8 games (since 2008) on my PS3, and one of those doesn't count because its one of my own. Turns out the PS3 really *does* have no games!
  10. I was quite proud of this at the time - wish I could find a better video!
  11. Sounds like a keeper!
  12. From what I understood, your new baby already arrived, its wrapped up under the tree
  13. OMG, you have your tree up already?!
  14. Maybe you're inline for a freebie
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