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  1. The Share function is brilliant, but utterly fucking useless sometimes. Whenever I have attempted to record something in FIFA of Battlefield, instead of saving the last 15 mins of gameplay as video, it saves the 15 mins from 15 to 20 mins ago, which is utterly fucking useless! I thought it was just EA games, but it's happened with Assassin's Creed now as well.

    They need to fix this.

    Presumably its a rolling buffer, and has the stuff you want eventually?

  2. My misses is the best. I cancelled my pre order when WatchDogs was delayed because I was really struggling to afford it and it was the game I was getting it for. Cue Thursday night and she tells me I better not try and find a PS3 to buy, I think she means she dosen't want me to spend out on one, turns out my son told her how bummed out I was because I was gonna miss out on the launch, especially after missing the 360 one due to mine being DOA and there being no stock to change it for, so she ordered me one without me knowing and did a few overnight shifts to pay for it as my bday and Xmas pressie.

    So if anyone wants to add me for some multiplayer it's blurie and I've got Killzone, FIFA & battlefield (went on a trade athon in Cex).

    Sounds like a keeper!

  3. Got my PS4 nestled under the tree, along with the vertical stand, camera, extra controller Killzone, Battlefield 4 and Need For Speed. It's gonna be a hell of a Christmas. :)

    In other news, has anybody seen the madness which occurred at Media Market (European store) on launch day:




    OMG, you have your tree up already?!

  4. Not pointing fingers, but please keep in mind that this is a largely UK based forum, and that it is also home to a lot of games industry folks. I know that there are atleast a few from Blitz on here and if I was in their shoes today, reading comments along the lines of "but they made crap games" would probably sour me towards the rllmuk community. As developers we all have to work on projects at times that we don't enjoy, or things happen that are way beyond our control, and that a studio closure is more often than not, pretty far removed from a reflection on the 'minions' that actually create the games we play.

    Best of luck to all those affected today, it's a real shame :(

    Spot on. The sort of license heavy stuff they've done in the past is exactly the sort of stuff that keeps independents going - sadly we can't all pick up $256million dollar projects!

    I don't know if its bad form to link to our job page here?

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