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  1. 16,500 cps If I get a time machine, I'll probably stop...
  2. Just got a portal Up to 2186 cps!
  3. One of those pointless time sinks for using up some unwanted clock cycles http://orteil.dashnet.org/experiments/cookie/
  4. I know what you mean - we're experimenting with stuff all the time. Does the facebook sign in not help with this? (I haven't tried it myself, I haven't got a fb account).
  5. Not sure if anyone here plays ACR at all (http://www,autoclubrevolution.com), but we've started running a "beat the devs" series which is proving a lot of fun. I'd love to see some of you lot setting times. Each week there's a leaderboard for a set car and track. The other devs and I are setting times, and the community are trying to beat them (or mostly, beat Apex_ETX (former iRacing NASCAR champ)). This week its the stock RX8 around a short route @ Hockenheim. I nearly broke the top 40 this morning until a colleague put me off This particular car is free though costs a few credits meaning you'd have to play for a bit first, but if there's anyone genuinely interested but short of time, I might be able to get some codes. Apologies if this comes across as a sales pitch - I'm very aware of that but I can honestly say my only reason for posting this is that I'm having a lot of fun! Don't shoot me!
  6. mchugh


    I'm sure these have been posted before, but I was just thinking, I reckon there's a pretty good kickstarter project in these: http://forums.overclockers.com.au/showthread.php?t=914885 http://forums.overclockers.com.au/showthread.php?t=940141 Could someone start one so I can just back it rather than failing to make one myself?
  7. I loved garden state so was happy to throw a few quid at this: http://kck.st/12fyTSa It'd better be good now!
  8. If you make use of a mark or some dirt on the window as your avatar then that makes two of us
  9. If I'm super hungover, then just about anything - I remember welling up over "Casper the friendly ghost" once.
  10. I wouldn't really complain about the dash changes etc - my biggest disappointment has been the changing demographic. I remember playing the first R6 Vegas game with randoms and having some good craic with folk from all over the world. Nowadays I don't even plug my headset in.
  11. mchugh

    Far Cry 3.

    I had something similar(ish) happen last night - I was doing a hunting mission and it failed telling me I didn't use the right weapon despite having not deviated - from what I can tell I'd hurt the tiger (or whatever it was) but then he'd ran over the edge of a cliff or something and the fall must have finished him off.
  12. mchugh

    Far Cry 3.

    *Tries ramming money into monitor*
  13. I got all but Y and Z then made the mistake of viewing the source thinking "they'll never have it in there". I was wrong.
  14. mchugh

    Far Cry 3.

    What's strange then is that someone can see their mates get blown to bits with C4, but not think its worth raising an alarm for
  15. mchugh

    Far Cry 3.

    Yeah, its odd, feels like the game should give more info on detection. I was trying to go undetected on every outpost, but always just let rip when I got spotted, so was running out of outposts (on the first island at least) in order to get the two undetected liberations required for one of the tattoo things. I've got them now, but the second one I got, I was anything but quiet. I'd managed to zipline onto a roof in the middle of an outpost, and had 9 C4's with me, which I just kept lobbing off the edge of the roof onto pirates below. After the first one, more of the pirates gathered to investigate which made them sitting ducks. Despite all sorts of panic from below, I was still considered undetected. I had sort of been assuming that to be "undetected", you'd need to kill people without them seeing you, and not let other pirates see the bodies - sort of MGS style.
  16. Wow, you saw her twice?!
  17. That first MG:R picture looks like Pat Butcher has taken up cosplay.
  18. I don't get it. Was trying it on iOS - what are the 'i' and trolley icons for in the bottom right? They don't seem to do anything for me. Also, what is the number in the top left?
  19. I watched the enquiry earlier tonight - that was brilliant.
  20. I've been working my way through this on netflix with the missus. Having only seen literally one or two episodes the first time round and being unimpressed, we decided to give it a go from the beginning, and I would have to say, we're loving it. It certainly doesn't carry the subtlety of the UK version, but once you put that aside and judge it on its own merit, its actually very good.
  21. Are you setting an endurance challenge for someone or something?
  22. Yeah - plus it hardly makes him any quicker anyway, in SP at least.
  23. On day one I had an issue trying to download the 11mb update on 360, but as I wanted to play the story first I wasn't bothered. Now I'm having a play with "new york minute" mode thing, I want to see friends times etc. so I'm trying to get the patch, but it just fails to download every time (the bar fills like 5% then stops) - anyone else had this? I've tried clearing the system cache, I've also deleted the disc 1 install file (didn't bother installing disc 2) and a partial update download, but nothing seems to work - very annoying!
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