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  1. 5% quidco too I think making it £28.50 confirmed: purchase tracked at £1.50
  2. Yeah - I expected a level like that too.
  3. I never had you down as a lefty. Takes all sorts!
  4. Was interesting on Gigatrack where it was really clear to see what a massive difference keeping the front wheel up or shifting the rider around makes - I think that track has improved my Trials skills no end.
  5. Finally golded gigatrack last night after many (many (MANY)) attempts - annoyingly with a single fault which occured somewhere I'd *never* faulted before . Pretty confident I can zero fault it and with a much quicker time, but I don't know if I can face that track anymore!
  6. sorry, just accidentally neg'd this when I meant to pos edit: just pos'd two other posts to make up for it edit2: what I find miserable is seeing that one of my work mates has golded everything in the same amount of play time as i've *nearly* golded up to the end of the "normal" tracks Won't stop me though, I'll gold everything *eventually* (hopefully!).
  7. Awwww, this is cruel as I can't get on atm!
  8. Thats news to me! Any other pearls?
  9. I hope it has some options to remove/fade down the HUD, I don't want another corner of my TV ruined
  10. I always like my comedy to have sentimental moments (e.g. scrubs), but in this the sentimentality to comedy ratio was right up the sentimentality end of the scale. The stuff that was "just for laughs" like the pond were the weakest bits, but I enjoyed the emotional aspect of the show - my wife was an absolute mess by the end of it! (She wouldn't necessarily have been so bad normally, but she was having "one of those days"). I think it'll work well as a series, given more time to develop ideas and characters etc.
  11. I've just noticed I've got 1180 msp - annoying as I assume this will cost 1200. To rub salt into the wound, I have 20 msp pending on the rewards thing, but they only pay out when you hit 100 I think (I must have literally only been a couple of days out from having that 20 in the last payout!). Trying to minimize spending at the minute so getting the game with the msp I already had would have been perfect, now I guess I'll have to find some cheap points somewhere as there's no way I'm waiting another 4 months to play this!
  12. Bit disappointing. Not that it matters as long as T2 is ace!
  13. Glad you like it - I think it's safe to say more work will be going into addressing some of the short comings you mention over the coming months
  14. If you want to get into a race, head to the "race hangout" tab - needs some work that, I agree its not obvious. Just had a notice saying its going down for maintenance in 10 mins as well So it's not appearing in the system tray?
  15. I've sent you a friend request, though I'm not sure if I'll actually be able to take part in races from this laptop. edit: just tried a single player time trial - it was better than expected for an old laptop, but I think I'd get pasted using it for races!
  16. Don't think so - I've seen it played on 360 wired controllers and steering wheels at least
  17. ACR is now in open beta http://www.autoclubrevolution.com
  18. Of all the changes with the licensing etc., this is my biggest complaint. 15mins into Race 1 Q1 and he's already doing my head in already Did MB go to Sky?
  19. I might be wrong but I don't *think* they count? Anyone?
  20. I got it on operation firestorm, up the dock end. You might not always get aircraft coming close enough there, but sometimes you can take down troops around the nearest capture point.
  21. Too much realism will eventually ruin games. I love shooting folk and taking dog tags in Battlefield, but I don't want my victim to start crying and then puke down my leg.
  22. Surely the player number thing is a mistake? Otherwise you'd have to specifically choose to just play just the 4 new maps in a rotation which would be tedious to say the least!?
  23. http://twitter.com/#!/NetflixUK I see, its updating by stealth all the time. They really should fix the "new releases" thing!
  24. Is the content (at least on the UK service) updated monthly? If so, is it monthly since release, i.e. about the 9th of every month? My 30 day trial ends on the 19th March but I'll keep it going if it feels like there's generally going to be enough new stuff to keep me interested every month...
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