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  1. Its class when you fluke a gunner seat with an ace chopper pilot - becomes like shooting fish in a barrel, had it once on wake island and spent the entire game in the gunner seat racking up kills. I bet the other team were well pissed off
  2. I see where you're going with that - would be a good way of clearing the roof of the TV station when it gets full of snipers If you mean detonation, I don't think there is a range limit - I've certainly put down C4 at one end of the map, then blown it on re-spawning from deployment at the other end. awww gutted
  3. I've only got the 4x melee ribbon to get to unlock the all ribbons achievement Any tips? I suspect over a long enough time period it would just happen eventually - I'm sure I've had 2 or 3 in a game before.
  4. I've been on the end of that, it was annoying. We were mostly getting done by the chopper though, tbf, which now I've levelled up more, I'd have more means of dealing with (e.g. stingers).
  5. The nemesis one is killing the same enemy 5 times in a single round or something
  6. btw, Rush defence + claymores = lots of easy kills
  7. As ph0rce said stick with it and it clicks over time. I've done about 20 hours now (I think) and I'm getting well into it - also getting better at staying alive for more than 10 seconds. My early experience tended to be, spawn at deployment, run across the map for 5 minutes, die, rinse and repeat. At times it can still be really frustrating, but eventually you'll have a game where something amazing happens and it'll reel you in . I wish more people would "spot" the vehicles and stuff - when I get in a jet nothing ever seems to be tagged edit: I had noticed the "back" button doing something in the past (was triggering speech by fluke as I was pointing at a capture point or something) but it was only over the last couple of days that I've actually figured out all of its uses - need more people to use it!
  8. http://mp1st.com/2011/12/21/first-image-of-modern-warfare-3-dlc-revealed/ I've actually got a photo of me sat on that fountain
  9. Had a session earlier this evening - was playing awful but had one of those moments that makes it all worth while. Was leaving a captured flag in a jeep on that beachy island level, whatever it's called. About half a mile out, saw a jeep going the other direction with two enemy guys in, so did a u-turn and started chasing it. By time we got to the flag it had become a full blown race to the capture point, skidding across the sand as we went. We both got to the capture point at the same time, the jeeps piling up beneath the flag. All three of us get out of the vehicles, and then in true cinematic style a gun fight broke out resulting in two dead tangos and yours truly spinning around to see if anyone had seen how cool a thing I'd just done
  10. Yeah, it just seems like a waste of the 30+ seconds between game to me. Its also a kicker when at the end of a game it says you've unlocked something cool - you go to use it in the next game, but turns out you were RU and now you're US or something, so you can't get to it anyway. Then you forget and the next time you play as RU you use the setup you already had until you next unlock something, and then notice you've got loads of stuff you'd "forgotten" about. Might just be me of course
  11. OK, I've put in 5/6 hours now and I've well got a taste for it. I couldn't get on battlelog (forgot password, tried a few wrong ones, got blocked). It does say playing the game some more should make it available again (I know the password now) but it hasn't so far. That BF3Stats thing is cool though - dunno if I'm arsed about getting on battlelog now tbh? does it offer much that isn't on there? Does the skill level start at zero? pretty shocking if it does as I'm at -75 atm Only just starting to get the hang of it though - trying to break CoD habbits My biggest gripe so far, is not being able to change setups between rounds? Or did I miss something? Seems crazy. I don't like to waste proper game time fiddling about
  12. Boring blog type post alert... I will confess I'm a bit of a CoD fanboy, but I really liked the look of BF3 so decided to give it a go (only previous real BF experience was the demo for BF2, which we played at lunch time for a good few weeks at work). It took me about a month to play through the SP as I kept getting drawn back to CoD, but I finally sat down yesterday and saw it through to the end. I've got to say, its good, but a few times I found myself wanting to give up. Firstly, the checkpoints - I know other games (CoD included) probably hold your hand too much, saving every 10 seconds, but at times, BF3 would really get on my tits - there's a bit where you have to peg it into the open, pick up a detonator and then run back to your buddies to blow something up. All the advice and instruction from the other soldiers was just to run - I could take out a few enemies, but standing still or even walking for more than like a second. Anyway, its not particularly hard, but its quite a long run, there and back, so it takes a while, and occasionally, you'd get shot and killed (playing on hard). Annoyingly, if you died on route to or back from the detonator location, you'd have to do the whole thing again, including a bloody scripted sequence with the soldier at the start, telling you what needs doing. Anyway, after managing to get the detonator, get back to the guys, blow up whatever it was I was blowing up (can't remember), we're all happy as Larry, and I go to get back into some tank or other as instructed when I get shot and die. You'd think you'd start post detonation, but no! had to do the whole thing again!!! Another thing that happened a few times, but most notably on that "guillotine" level was that the AI would piss off, but still talk to me as if they were right next to me, making me un-sure what I was supposed to do next. I kept finding myself on my own (just after you've destroyed the first couple of MG nests), and the guys would be saying "lets head into the ground floor!" when all I could see was a river and a load of rocks/sandbags. Given the lay out of the level, I was assuming where I was supposed to be going next, but as I was getting shot at, I did start to doubt myself and a few times started to retrace my steps thinking maybe I'd missed something. Towards the end, I had to restart the night shift level twice - firstly, I'd saved early on and powered down to go and do something. When I came back to it, it loaded to a black screen. Second time, I was near the end (protecting the HVT in the mall) and I must have ran into an "enemy spawning corridor" when it autosaved. I subsequently died, and on reloading, it had closed the door to the corridor and I couldn't get out! Had to do the whole level again (though admittedly, as is always the way, it felt a lot easier/shorter this time). Other than that, a few sound glitches (like the effect of a flashbang lasting 5 minutes), some stuttering on later levels and AI spawning issues (seeing guys appear) didn't distract too much from the fun. The game is very nice to look at and the sound is amazing - this is the first time I've ever been truly wowed by audio. Anyway, with that out of the way, I had a few games on the MP. I'd had a few games on conquest on day 1 but I just "quick matched" this time and ended up in a "rush" game. Really enjoyed it once I figured out what was going on - I'll definitely play it some more, though hard not to keep going back to CoD. Later on yesterday I put on CoD but my router was playing up so I just played some solo survival - I don't know if its the framerate or something else but shooting stuff just feels more satisfying on MW, which I think is really the deciding factor in making me favour it.
  13. Yeah my missus was in tears as well after that scene in the street. Absolutely brilliant TV.
  14. I was wondering about that - I even noticed a stat for the number of swaps but thought there was a bug as I couldn't find a button to do it!
  15. From the description you posted: Starring: James Gandolfini, Lorraine Bracco, Edie Falco, Michael Imperioli, Dominic Chianese, Silvio Dante, Tony Sirico Haha! Ace!
  16. Ian Hislop played GTA4 for a radio 4 show I heard yesterday.
  17. I'll need a new PS3 to play this as the drive broke in my old one and I never bothered getting it fixed. Has anyone seen any decent UC3 bundles? I really want the cheapest combination of PS3 and UC3 possible, as I can't think of much else I'd need a PS3 for these days.
  18. anyone tried this yet? http://uk-maniaplanet.gamesplanet.com/shop/trackmania-canyon
  19. Any FPS where you know you might be getting watched, e.g. counter-strike. I've lost count of the amount of times I've switched to a pistol for a bit of spectator showboating and ended up just looking silly as I get mowed down with an AK
  20. Fantastic TV spot. I'm really skint at the minute on account of moving house, and my PS3 disc drive is broken, but I'll mug a granny if I have to get my hands on this!
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