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  1. That hadn't even occured to me!
  2. I'm about to move house and getting sky after the move was already under consideration, but no way am I paying extra for a sports channel to watch half a season of one sport on
  3. They know how to press all my buttons with their trailers, bastards
  4. PSN goes offline for a while and we find Bin Laden. Just imagine what we could achieve if Xbox Live went down for a while at the same time!
  5. this still amazes me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RORLk5Cd_YQ
  6. mchugh

    Portal 2

    from https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=5477-WPJM-9388#ps3cloud shame.
  7. mchugh

    Portal 2

    I can't quite make out for certain from anything I've read - can I start portal 2 on PS3, and then load my save game on the PC version at work and continue from where I left off? It sounds likely, but I've not seen anything explicitly say so...
  8. My fat 60gb disc drive died last night
  9. I agree with Alex - it didn't occur to me how confusing the wii/kinect/move thing was, but speaking to family over christmas (rather than other games developers at work) made it blatantly obvious: typical consumers can not differentiate the three. When I started thinking about it, its understandable.
  10. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by replay cam, but if you mean what I think you mean, then yes.
  11. that footage was taken ages ago, give us a chance
  12. I want to register on callofduty.com so I can see my uploaded vids, but on the registration screen, I'm unable to select my language in all 3 different browsers i've tried (firefox, chrome, IE). Anyone else had this problem?
  13. that does look rather spiffy, even if I do say so myself
  14. ah nice one, that makes me feel like less of a spaz
  15. anyone got any tips for Catalunya? I can't get out of the bottom 4 or so in qualifying - I'm driving out of my skin and getting nowhere! Judging from watching the AI around me, I think I'm losing a lot of time on that awkward chicane thing at the end of the lap, the AI seem to take a different line to what the racing line suggests? I am playing with some hardish settings, but I've not had this trouble on the other circuits
  16. mchugh

    DOTA 2

    when i did a google image search for dawn of the ancients, there was boobs on page 2. count me in.
  17. yeah, sounded like he was confusing half-life and second life?
  18. www.nascarthegame.com Auto Club Revolution is a whole different bag to the NASCAR game.
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