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  1. I'm about to move house and getting sky after the move was already under consideration, but no way am I paying extra for a sports channel to watch half a season of one sport on :(

  2. Good call on Dead Man's Shoes, that's certainly up there for me.

    Goodfellas - "As far back as I can remember, I wanted to be a gangster"

    It's an obvious choice, but I still think it's a great opening line and really sets the tone for the film.

    Carlito's Way - "Somebody's pulling me close to the ground, I can sense but I can't see"

    In fact I love the whole opening monologue in this film

    two great choices. :hat:

  3. I can't quite make out for certain from anything I've read - can I start portal 2 on PS3, and then load my save game on the PC version at work and continue from where I left off? It sounds likely, but I've not seen anything explicitly say so...

  4. It took me 8 hours to download a 1GB game to my PSP over my home 4MB wifi, so about a million years I'd say.

    That's more to do with the 801.11b wi-fi in the PSP though. I always download PSP stuff on the PS3, then physically copy it onto the PSP. It works out to be ONE MILLION times faster that way.

    about a year then?

  5. Just to re-clarify, I don't think it's an issue that it's hard to distinguish the platforms at retail, but it's going to be harder for them to lodge these devices in people's minds because of the similarity.

    I agree with Alex - it didn't occur to me how confusing the wii/kinect/move thing was, but speaking to family over christmas (rather than other games developers at work) made it blatantly obvious: typical consumers can not differentiate the three. When I started thinking about it, its understandable.

  6. anyone got any tips for Catalunya? I can't get out of the bottom 4 or so in qualifying - I'm driving out of my skin and getting nowhere! Judging from watching the AI around me, I think I'm losing a lot of time on that awkward chicane thing at the end of the lap, the AI seem to take a different line to what the racing line suggests?

    I am playing with some hardish settings, but I've not had this trouble on the other circuits :(

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