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  1. I'd heard a rumour that they've already said they won't be doing any DLC? edit: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/gaming/levelup/a264034/live-blog-gamescom-2010-f1-2010-conference.html "10:37: Now for the question and answer session. There will be no downloadable content for F1 2010, but it's something to consider for future years."
  2. Alonso does come across as an arse sometimes but I wouldn't want to see him leave the sport - its characters like him that make it all so interesting - gives extra depth to the races! I'm with Sprite in the sense that I'm rooting for Hamilton, Button and even Webber this season, so Alonso being out front just gives those guys something to do
  3. I've enjoyed the time I've spent on this so far - I've had the freezing issue on 360 during qualifying, and I also would have met the objective in the race if it wasn't for the pit stop issues, but i'm still enjoying it - nice trying to drive right on the edge, quite stressful, in a nice way.
  4. I did think whilst watching the film that it felt like a good candidate for videogame adaptation - especially as there was a "snow level" and a "hotel level" etc. Although thats not to say that a game would need to follow the same story/locations, but with the right developer it could be great source material.
  5. Nice vid - I think that lap of Monaco might just have convinced me to pick this up. Do we know if theres much (if any) difference between the PS3/360 versions? Also, is that a Bruno Senna 430 Challenge I spotted in the background? o/\o
  6. There's no way I'll not end up buying this and playing it for hours.
  7. Looks good to me. Can see the rc car getting a bit frustrating if it can't go up small curbs/steps etc, although perhaps that provides a means of evasion. Sort of like Daleks.
  8. actually looks really good - its gagging for next(current)-gen treatment though!
  9. I hit 120 stars at the weekend, and got the first 10 or so green ones. Probably loved the game about on par with the first one, the only thing I missed was .
  10. i discovered on those bits you can just leave the spring and backflip over all the balls.
  11. i enjoyed it. thought crowes accent was much better than the ginger guy from ER.
  12. are you gonna post some pix or what? the suspense is killing me
  13. I'd never heard of this before but caught the last 30 mins last night, it was so rubbish I couldn't stop watching. He just kept running round a corner, spot some bad guys, get shot at but not hit (except of course a couple of shots in the bullet proof vest), then take aim, and *POW* one shot take down. Rinse and repeat, brilliant!
  14. Is there any element of truth in the main thread? Its just, I saw this described as a docu-comedy, but there was only a few laughs in it.
  15. Anyone else see this yet? Was ok but won't set the world on fire. Would have benefited from more Banksy as he seems quite funny!
  16. what update? Sony havn't actually fixed anything, it just works now we're all a day older.
  17. 360 caters for real time calendar change!
  18. if you f5 the twitter page you can see the number of followers growing throughout the day, maybe thats the master plan?
  19. this is my main window, that and sunday morning as well
  20. I've had good games on all the maps tbh - I only get tired of a map when I seem to keep ending up on it (just lately, i've had lots of quarry).
  21. I've just started using the ACR for the first time, and my scores have gone through the roof! I can't believe I didn't use this the first time through!
  22. i've not seen that guy from JLS *not* do a backflip, tit.
  23. she looks like a tramp whats alan carr on about? i wasn't watching earlier, is that what Liam G. did? chuck a brit?
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