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  1. Finally got my "Heads up!" title at the weekend after some wally ran under my emergency airdrop
  2. I get through those pretty quickly tbh - when someones shooting at you through a window and they duck into cover to reload, just keep shooting where you suspect they are - the SCAR in particular seems to be able to shoot through really thick walls.
  3. Are people really that excited about another Halo game? (i'm not trying to stir or anything, just being miserable)
  4. \o i know, it just saddens me as i spent so long being excited for mw2, i want something else to look forward to now, but theres nothing on the horizon (for me).
  5. Is anyone else completely un-interested in all the titles they're shouting about here?
  6. I thought the first scene worked quite well, and got me interested in playing more, but then the second scene sort of brought it down a bit. If the game has more scenes like the first than the second, it could be worth playing through.
  7. this had completely passed me by until recently i saw someone on here list it in their "favourite games this gen" (or something, doesn't really matter). I tried it out for the first time today. I felt like I was doing OK but I was way off the pace (e.g. the winner scores 62k and I score mid 40s at best). Do the questions repeat or anything? Any tips? I can't see that i'm going to get to play it very often though as the fixed time isn't good for me
  8. is there some way of knowing when you're not going to be able to cross a border? thats my only gripe so far.
  9. i finally hit level 70 today, i'm *loving* the AK, so it's a shame that i'll probably prestige shortly. i'll be sure to pick them up off the floor in future (my game had been dwindling of late but as soon as i started using the AK it picked right up again!)
  10. lol, i wanted to hear his parents shouting down the stairs "Who are you talking to?!"
  11. Arc? Sony de Amigo would be better.
  12. mchugh


    http://www.gametrailers.com/video/trailer-limbo/13937 i love the style of this, would be nice if it became a game edit: oh, its 3 years old, so probably not going to happen if it hasn't already!
  13. i think it drives very well like that
  14. whats the source? is there a link?
  15. so is that for one famas bullet? no wonder it's ace when it shoots 3 at a time...
  16. yeah, on occasion i've killed someone, then started shooting at a flare, only for someone to magically appear there and soak up a load of misplaced rounds
  17. i use the famas with red dot, fmj and stopping power - its like a rail gun, awesome.
  18. i've never seen any in team DM which is what i usually play, but for a change i played FFA one day, and saw about 5!
  19. that would be interesting, like Mr Orange in RD, you could have been forced into pulling the trigger
  20. when i initially heard about this, i thought there would have been more of a build up, instead, i just found myself slowly walking round the level, watching everyone get shot (i only did one 'mercy' killing, the guy looked like he was in agony heh). It was boring to play, but it gives a reason for the and doesn't offend me or anything.
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