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  1. for a start, i AM GBear, secondly, para wasnt on whilst i was playing last night, so i dont know what your on about to be honest.
  2. i like playing against acers - its the only way to improve your own skillz
  3. so have we made a decision yet? "rll.r | GBear" is the last thing i used. tbh, i dont care what the tag looks like, just think we look like a bunch of gays whilst we keep changing it
  4. i dont think i'll quite make it at that time, but i'll have a go
  5. mchugh

    That Tag..

    if we go with something like this, i think the clan team should come before the player name, that way, it still all lines up neatly
  6. mchugh

    That Tag..

    i cant believe how much discussion is going into this already. post a voting thread, lol.
  7. i agree, for me its deagle, then AK or M4A1 depending on team. AK is my fav. though.
  8. what kind of a reach around are YOU talking about?!
  9. monday evening is good for me.
  10. hello, i like to attack. i've just had a 48 - 10 on aztec (had to get that off my chest)
  11. lol, forgotten about that. do you still have it? can i get a copy?
  12. i dont like your type of love, it hurts
  13. speaking of confusing, why is it FAF and not FEF?
  14. like i'm gonna change my rllmuk user name MCHUGH == teh GBear
  15. [rllmuk.orange] [rllmuk.brown] [rllmuk.blonde] heh
  16. i'd like to be on a little rllmuk team.
  17. i think i've just sent a fiver - its my first time using pay pal, so let me know if it doesnt work
  18. it would help, because its better than waiting on a server all alone, on the chance that people might join
  19. we definately need a sticky for all this info - server & TS ips, pay pal info etc.
  20. everytime i come to play on it its either empty or theres about 2 people
  21. it is a bit brief atm, i usually like 30 minutes per map, but i suppose its depends on the consensus
  22. mchugh

    Cs Source

    mine were £9.99 from game - they look, and probably are, shit
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