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  1. i'm dying to play it, but i'm at work all day (despite feeling rather unwell) and when i get home, 'she' says we have to put the christmas tree up. how long does that take?
  2. just opened steam and it appears half life 2 deathmatch is now available. anyone fancy a game tonight?
  3. mchugh

    Cs Source

    your not looking at my rope.
  4. mchugh

    Cs Source

    anyone playing now? i have some time and shes given me permission!
  5. mchugh

    Rllmuk Cs:s

    i'll be on that IP at 20:00 on sat, providing 'she' lets me.
  6. i installed it at home last night (took 4+ hours), and downloaded what i needed to play CS:S today at work. now its my lunch hour, and i want to play. but i cant because i get a 'no disc inserted' error when i try to start the game. my computer at work doesnt HAVE a DVD drive. FFS.
  7. i was thinking that earlier today. at least people got to play FF7.
  8. tbh, if theres a working pirate version, you'd be better off with that at the minute. otherwise you just pay £30+ for a useless piece of plastic.
  9. can anyone get on steam at all? this is driving me nuts. wouldnt feel so hard done by if i could actually get all the way through the installation from the disc itself :s
  10. if things dont get moving soon i'm gonna make that noise the kid makes in www.pwned.nl
  11. sounds like a good idea. wanna do the honours?
  12. i had a subscription box come up saying its too busy, but that i can play retail hl2 in the meantime. only i cant, as i cant get into f00king steam.
  13. ffs, steam timed out before it managed to register :s
  14. hello, managed to get on steam, and i'm 'registering a product i already own'. dunno if its gonna actually let me play the friggin thing though
  15. TBH, its a good job i AM trying to install the game, because if i'd just come home and tried to play CS like i normally do, then i'd be really pissed.
  16. how far has everyone got? if anywhere...
  17. the card that comes in the retail version says once you've registered it online, you can play it offline
  18. grrrr. i've preloaded the game, but i went out and bought a retail copy anyway, as i thought it might end up being easier. however, when i try to log onto steam, it times out and if i try to install it from the disc, it gets to the "setup has determined you've got dx9, so we wont install it" etc. and the next button doesnt do anything!? anyone else get that?? what a pain in the ass. it'd better be worth it/
  19. lol, i guess you mean eutechnyx
  20. "Atmoic Planet" is actually in middlesbrough
  21. i did the games programming course at Teesside, and i'd have to say its pretty good. helped me get a job anyway. you dont get stabbed too much if you stay in the right places.
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