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  1. i play a lot these days, main on 'Zen Warriors Dojo' thats '' to modems.
  2. mchugh


    just spotted the other topic. mods, delete-me-do.
  3. mchugh


    is this old news? either way, exciting stuff
  4. so what was the deal with meg ryan? did she forget the script?
  5. mchugh

    Racing Games

    street racing syndicate is the one to buy. i'm not biased at all.
  6. surfing that site made me find this: http://www.killsometime.com/humor/humor.asp?humor=StickWar not as good as *that* stickman thing, but a valuable waste of time
  7. its not really an experiment - its more like 'the beach'
  8. meh. i think 95% of the second one has been about before, from e3. i'm disappointed.
  9. just watched the first one - waste of time tbh, halfway through dling the second... fingers crossed its a gooden
  10. saw it last night - the twist wasnt a suprise in the slightest. thought the film was ok though, although i didnt think the outside world was going to be quite so 'now'
  11. i just played it for an hour and i was pretty impressed - i especially like the effect when you've been deafened by a close grenade - sounds very authentic (probably).
  12. that madonna one - little prayer?
  13. my ps2 and gc have been fine so far, but the xbox broke in the first month or so - DVD drive started to fail. the service was quite good though - they sent out a box to put it in, then a courier picked it up, and i had it back about 3 days later.
  14. on j. ross (after SOTD), wossy asked about a 3rd series and pegg said its something hes "just gonna have to get round to" (or something similar). i think theres room for 1 more. fingers crossed.
  15. my steam user name is GBear i play most dinner times, from 1-2, and usually half an hour here and there in the evenings.
  16. this is true. whats gonna come next though? i fear video games will be carrying the baton for quite some time
  17. i had one of them - it was my first computer in fact. cant say i'm a fan, but i do remember enjoying some of the games i had on it. i think there was a 'cops and robbers', and a 'scramble'. i eventually gave it to my primary school, so they could do something useful with it, but i think they just chucked away it in the end
  18. i use steam at home and at work, do you think this will give me grief if i try to do the pre-load thing?
  19. i'm all for the steam thing - i just wish the 'friends' thing worked on a more regular basis
  20. i thought this was going to be a thread about house hunting. i like owning DVDs, because you can watch *that* film you fancy watching, at stupid o'clock in the morning, when all the shops are shut. having said that, they've just opened a 24 hour self service rental place near my house
  21. metroid prime makes me very nautious (sp?)
  22. because that way, you'll get to it that little bit faster
  23. i've found the worst thing to result from the long hours is tension with the ball and chain. comments like: "but you dont even get paid" "i bet no one else is doing such long hours" and "you play games all day, dont come home and play them as well" dont help matters
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