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  1. i'm so fond of VII it makes me sad - i'm playing FFX atm, and its just not even close. obviously the plot pushes the game along in VII, but even in the first few hours, in midgar, it still felt like you could wonder around and do things at your own pace. i've done nearly 20 hours in FFX now, and i dont think i've been able to make a single decision in terms of where to go/what to do, its VERY linear so far (i believe it opens up a bit soon though?).

    I have all the music from VII on my winamp play list. I think about the game quite often - mostly when i play "Mediocre 2", and "Super Sub-Par"*.

    *not real games

  2. i've started doing another ray tracer in C++ (screenshots from my old one can be seen on mchugh.port5.com (i think)).

    this time i'm doing it properly - as its not for an academic project this time, i've been able to take the time to really think about it, and get it properly OO from the start.

    i keep thinking about doing some sort of game engine, but i have enough of that at work - so offline rendering is a much more pleasant passtime in my spare time,

  3. i've recently started FFX as well (only clocked up about 3.5 hours so far i think). i'm intrigued by the story, but i cant say its captured my imagination in the way FFVII did. thinking about FFVII fills me with glee and nostalgia, where as 10 so far seems like a bit more of a chore.

    i played through VIII as well, which didnt seem as good as VII either, but i did feel more involved with the game.

  4. well, i had my first go last night, although the little lady would only warrant me 30 minutes, so i only got to the first save point.

    the voice acting does seem poor, but i'll probably be more likely to read the text and skip the speech, so i'll probably not be too bothered by it. its got me intrigued at least - i'll certainly be looking forward to getting back to it.

  5. well i can probably live with it being linear - i picked it up firstly because i've not used my consoles (except for dancemat) for months, and secondly, because TV is pants lately, and i just wanted something simple to sit through in the evenings.

    i'll probably give it a blast tonight, so i'll find out for myself.

    from what i've heard about the voice acting, i almost wish they hadnt bothered - although i suppose it makes it more accesible, to less attentive players (the missus)

  6. i saw this going cheap yesterday, so bought it without knowing much about it. not had chance to play it yet, but i enjoyed 7 and 8. can i expect to enjoy this one as well? or should i prepare to be disappointed?

  7. i was just looking at the latest bond game on gamesradar and it made me think about the bond games i have played. i can't believe that theres still only one good one (you know the one). from what i can gather, this everything or nothing or whatever, and 'nightfire', were original stories, instead of being based on films? that strikes me as being a great idea, because it avoids having to shoehorn set-pieces into something interactive, but why is it always done so badly?

    and a new goldeneye game? ... i wont get my hopes up

  8. i was wondering if there are any homebrew maps for ET that arent included in the standard pack, but are of the same standard?

    what is generally seen the be the 'best' map (i appreciate it could depend on player count though)

  9. i've been using CVS at work. seems pretty good to me, but i've never used anything else so i wouldnt know any better.

    so far i've only suffered one 'bad merge', but it was a script rather than code, so putting the changes back in wasnt too hard :huh:

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