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  1. Mgear

    Xbox One X

    Ah Ok. So the best you can do is two months free, when you get your XBX (or XBO).
  2. Mgear

    Xbox One X

    Apologies a bit late, but not only that but if you switch on automatic renewals, you will also get another month for free. I did this back in February to turn my free GamePass into 2 months. What I don't know is whether you can stack the one month for £1 offer on atm for a further month. Just need to remember to cancel the auto renewals of course.
  3. Becuase I can get bogged down in detail, when I probably shouldn't. The old title was incorrect and I think I saw it more of a PSA to suggest it be changed. The actual game in this instance was of little consequence although it's one I'm interested in (having bought all of Bungie's modern day games and generally loving games that are online, loot, FPS etc). To me even now there are clearly 3 digital versions of the game available which is a fact, irrespective of what the opinions are on what those version contain. I will always be pleasant and respectful of others and I made it clear that I felt the response to my suggestion wasn't particularly friendly. And I don't think that's unfair. I suppose what you see as nitpicking, I see as being factual. That said I still feel a bit taken aback by the response I received and I feel it's a shame that something as simple as a suggested change to a thread title got the reaction it did.
  4. I was trying to get away from the topic in that there's risk of it escalating in people who agree or disagree with me and it going around in circles. It's difficult when you feel you're under attack (however irrational that feeling might be). However in that case I disagreed with Thor's comment and felt I had to reply. You're right perhaps it was a poor choice of words to say 'I'm out'. Re: the second question - why ask? I purchased D2 and the two expansions on PS4 at launch, although I've not spent huge amounts of time with it.
  5. @Thor You are being naive. Maybe aggressive is overly strong word in this case, but my observation of the reaction is fair imo. Anyway apologies I don't mean to derail the thread. Re: @Gorf King's last point I hadn't realised they were announcing a GOTY so soon.
  6. Well I'm out so you'll have to go back to Destiny 2 now. I give up. I thought the old thread title was incorrect, the new thread title title is crappy and I get a slightly aggressive response from my rather harmless suggestion. So my attempt to go back on topic. I think there will be a fourth SKU/version of the game on sale, which will bundle up the D2:Forsaken, D2 base game + Year One expansions for £80-90 (the GOTY edition). Similar to how other MMO's and online games of this ilk do this 'make cheap' old content for new players. But they are withholding announcing this until absolutely necessary. Not a particularly outrageous prediction I know.
  7. Yes, pernickety about the number of D2:Forsaken versions available (atm). And you are being a bit aggressive in your response. I guess because you've taken it as criticism of a game you like. It was just a suggestion, that was all.
  8. No I'm sorry, that's not the case here. You could have simply said 'sorry I don't agree with you' or changed the title to something else - such as 'Destiny 2: Forsaken. £34.99, or £59.99 annual pass', even if you didn't accept my suggestions. But you didn't. You specifically stated the title isn't changing and then went and added some addition words about cosmetics to make a point ('It's not going in the thread title, but I'll make it clearer if that helps you'). I wouldn't respond to someone in that manner if they raised a criticism or view about something as simple as a thread title. And therefore it comes across as petty, aggressive or overly defensive. My opinions of Destiny 2 in this case are neither here or there for this point I raised. I was just stating what I believe to be correct when it comes to the number of versions of D2:Forsaken available. I would have made the same observation in a Red Dead Redemption 2 or another game thread. I admit it is pernickety and by all means shoot me down for it. But please don't pretend you didn't respond in a certain manner.
  9. I think if there's a version that included extra content in the game not otherwise available, then it probably should be stated as the most expensive version. Normally physical collector's editions tend to include physical collectables only (or more often than not) rather than additional game content - although I appreciate there have been some that that did otherwise over the years. Even so, there are 3 versions of D2: Forsaken listed on PSN and Blizzard Battle.net (I assume XBL will update at some point) of which the most complete is £69.99. I'm not sure why the need for the aggression or such defensive attitude, but hey ho, I'll shut up now.
  10. To me that's like saying Red Dead Redemption 2 is £74.99 for all the things, even when there is a £89.99 version available. Fair enough, but it just isn't correct. If you want the best official bundle at the game's launch, it is £69.99. Possible MTX spend, or whether it's worth it are completely separate points.
  11. Probably a bit pernickety but shouldn't the thread title be changed to 'Destiny 2: Forsaken. £34.99, or £69.99 for all the things'? The 'everything' version is actually £69.99 on PSN (can't see a Live price yet) and include the 'THE AWOKEN LEGEND SET': https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0002-CUSA06172_00-D2FRSDELUXEPRE01 - although to be fair I'm not sure they made this clear at the annoucement.
  12. Agreed, multi-tiering like this is bs. I'd pay more for a game if it used a more honest business model (i.e. I wouldn't mind the base version being £60, £70 or more even). But this is the company that has sold 95m+ copies of GTA, probably generating $13bn+ in revenue and yet it's CEO still thinks it's customers are 'under monetized'. This game is going to be rammed with microtransactions. Just hope it doesn't affect the single player aspect, although you can bet they will abandon that after launch. Shame because I really enjoyed RDR and GTAV.
  13. Indeed. Warframe is a another example I'd like to play on console. For me my MMO's (and Warframe) are still something I need a PC for.
  14. Oh dear. Cheers for the heads up @Flub. If I read that correctly it looks like they added the tracking software just before GDPR went live. But it appears there's a workaround to block it, and an email address to opt-out of this data collection. That said I guess really ZOS are going to have to address the allegations at some point. I've recently returned to the game, partly due to seeing some streamers playing it. Nowhere near the new content but my Magicka Sorc is CP 72 and have completed the main Aldmeri Dominion storyline and working through their final original zone. After this only 2 Chapters (levels) left for the main storyline. Hopefully then can venture into some of the DLC and expansion(s) content at last.
  15. Ouch, what a mess. TheLazyPeon just released an update on YT suggesting that Steam/Neowiz are refunding anyone, even those with more than 2 hours playtime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WP4SMQoJ8ns I did watch Shroud & Sodapoppin play Bless on launch night (assume it was paid for/sponsored), and basically the game was unplayable even when they could get onto the server.
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