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  1. Yes, keep the same character between sessions and level up. No multi-classing though! If you die you can make a new character with half the xp and gold of the old character. Alternatively if you're bored of your character you can retire them and apply the same rules as death.
  2. It's going pretty well! Played two sessions now and enjoyed them both, although I was pretty close to deciding not to go to the first one. Going to a random games cafe to meet people who I don't know and probably won't recognise on sight is not really my comfort zone. I did it though and certainly felt much easier on the second occasion, partly because one of the guys from the first one was there. I figure once you know a couple of faces these sorts of things get progressively easier? So if anyone else is thinking of doing something similar and not sure about it I definitely recommend just doing it. As it happened the first session had 2 other wizards already in it and I figured a third was a bad idea so decided against playing a wizard. I've started a bard instead, which I think will be quite good once I get a couple more spell slots and a DC that isn't trivial to beat. I do feel a little bit jealous of the wizards at the moment on the basis they're getting back spells on a short rest and nobody is asking them, "and what do you say to do that" everytime they cast magic missile whereas my vicious mockery is a bit more prone to follow up questions. Still after slightly putting my foot in it with an "oi fatty" () insult in game one I'm doing a lot better on picking insults that are only insulting to monsters and not potentially insulting to anyone at the table. Mind you in the event I end up dying I'm totally coming back as a barbarian smack people in the face with an axe character. Simple, fun, everyone likes watching you get hit instead of them. So yeah, it's good. Probably not quite as good as an ongoing campaign would be, but certainly a lot better than the nothing I was doing a month ago. Also now I've got something to compare GrahamS too I can say he's definitely in my top 3 DMs.
  3. Sorry, was meaning to respond to this and forgot. It's Leeds, rather than London. Seems like a new group, only going three months or so but loads of members already. Quite the demand I guess.
  4. Yeah, if you can gather some people I'd be up for it too
  5. All the talk in the other thread about starting up a new campaign has inspired me and I've joined a local d&d group on facebook and arranged to join a game in a few weeks. It's quite unlike me as generally I'm not very forward about doing things where I have to meet new people. I really enjoyed our short lived campaign that graham ran though and have had a hankering to play some more since then. I've just been putting it off, for not really any good reason at all. Mostly just the whole new people thing and me not being particularly outgoing. I'm trying to be better about that though, so have taken a first step.. Anyone have any (preferably positive) experiences to share of joining d&d groups where you knew nobody before? It's a 'west marches' style, so rather than an ongoing campaign it's all individual-ish episodes that tie into a wider story with in theory different mixes of people each session depending who's about and what people want to do. I figured actually for a first time, that's maybe a bad way to go. It's not a major commitment and if I decide it's not for me after a session and don't go back I'm not creating any sort of issue in someone campaign either. Not too sure what to play though. I'm leaning towards a gnome wizard, I figure wizard is basically useful no matter what and nobody is going to expect me to be the face of the group as a wizard. Also less spells to remember than a cleric or druid and given we might be a mix of levels I can hide at the back as a wizard and still be helpful where as if I was up front I might be a bit twitchier if I'm level 1 and the guy next to me is level 3.
  6. If you pickup a bedroll you can use that to heal the entire party after a fight. Clears all status effects as well I think.
  7. It's closer to how pathfinder handles mirror image, but they've been playing 5e for long enough that they should have coped with the swap over by now.. I've been sticking with campaign one for my morning commute. Up to episode 48, which has the awesome arrow effect! Genius! (29s in)
  8. My son and I have painted up the Stormcast Eternals. His is the one on the left, mine are the other two. I kind of want to go back and try and neaten it all up, but given it's the first miniatures I've painted in 20+ years I'm quite pleased! Both really enjoyed painting them together too, although feel like I need to some smaller brushes next time. Maybe even this time if I do decide to try and neaten them up.
  9. Yeah, I normally prefer podcast form too. Undeadwood is a lot more staged than a normal crit role episode though. I'd recommend watching the first 10 minutes and you'll know whether you want to sit through the rest or just listen when it's on a podcast. They've put plenty of effort in with costumes, set dressing and I'm guessing a bunch of cameras given how they cut between shots. Also given the setting there's plenty of disparaging looks and steely glares going on which won't translate to podcast so you'll miss them.
  10. Not yet, but it will be next Friday I think. Doing a one week delay. The twitch/YouTube video is really good though (if only for Matt's hair blowing in the wind).
  11. Did feel very short, 4 episodes isn’t going to last long. The outfits and atmosphere are fantastic though!
  12. In an effort to massively lower the skill on display I've gone and bought these: I need a knife and a primer too right? And a second brush as one of my kids wants to paint one too.
  13. I'd say episode 6... appreciate that's quite far into the season, but honestly I can't remember anything particularly memorable in the first 5 episodes.
  14. Just to say if anyone is considering it in the future, GrahamS is great as a DM. He's really engaging and enthusiastic, which really helps when you're new and it's all a little bit weird. Because let's be honest, it kind of is weird when you start playing and you don't really know what you're doing or how to act, or even what the other people are going to be like in the party. I don't know how the rest of the group felt to start with, but I'm fairly quiet and somewhat shy so was kind of nervous (which is ridiculous at my age) but it was blast. Big thank you to the rest of the party for playing too, you're all great and I really enjoyed our sessions. I still wish I was as cool as Clip palming a dagger and shanking that goblin in the cave though..
  15. Minor timing related spoiler if you want to skip some of the episode.
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