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  1. Alask

    Clash Royale

    Can I rejoin the clan, I've been gone for many moons. I'm on 4297 trophies at the mo..
  2. Am I alone in thinking without super strength Sam ought to have been getting crushed between the truck and his jetpack? At least until he hooked up the little falcons anyway..
  3. I imagine Zemo went to the same place each day and waited for him to turn up, seems the obvious place to look for him and what else has Zemo got? He's a sad kind of story now, railed against super powered people due to his country and family being destroyed. Saw half the population of the universe wiped out due to super powered people and then watched them returned again by super powered people. He must go around thinking, WTF is anyone meant to do with all this shit? The entire marvel universe is pretty much the MAD scenario writ large. You can't not have the supes, because if you
  4. So I did give up on this, then I was bored and re-installed it. Started from the beginning and picked up Leverage III pretty quickly and it's so much better when you can pick up everything and throw massive cargo containers at the enemies. I don't know who recommended it in this thread, but they were very very right. Sneak attack, Leverage 3 and the game opens up massively. Cleared it all, even the outside annoyed me less though it was still a bit irritating floating about if I'm honest. Throwing stuff around though, that's great. I think it's possibly the one true way to play.
  5. It all feels all a bit dull to me, and the whole "oh they might make more super soldiers" so what? As we saw a couple of episodes back, super soldiers aren't all that great. That one guy pushed over a telephone pole to slow down some cars and then got riddled with bullets. None of it really feels like it warrants Sam and Bucky getting involved, much less busting Zemo out of prison. I can't help thinking just leaving it to the police would be a better idea? Then if they want to arrest some people they'll turn up with body armor and a whole lot of guns, which'll probably work much be
  6. I think I'm giving up on this, I quite like it bar two things. Combat seems really swinging and goes one of two ways, either I see the enemy and they're somewhere I can run up to them and shotgun them; in which case they die very quickly. Or I don't see the enemy/I can't get in shotgun range and that means I die very quickly. Every fight seems to last 5 seconds at most and if I have to fight at range I basically lose. Not sure if that's me, but none of the guns seem any good at range bar the zappy thing and that's rubbish as most of the stuff I fight a range zaps me back and de-powers it.
  7. Dammit, I've just finished Season 3 of the shield. I've not going to manage the next 4 seasons in 12 days. I'm going to have to watch it on All4 aren't I? That's going to suck. Argh!
  8. It's pancake Tuesday in my house, makes more sense. Pancake Day : what day? Could be any day? Shrove Tuesday : What's a shrove? Nobody knows. Pancake Tuesday : ding ding. Winner.
  9. Breakfast: Fluffy American style pancakes with streaky bacon and maple sauce. Lunch: Peperino pizza. Tea: Cheesy pancakes Desert: Pancakes with golden syrup. I know it's called pancake Tuesday and therefore I've somewhat let the side down with the lunch item there, but it's at least keeping with the spirit of the day with it being both round and also flat.
  10. I mean the biggest problem with the show at the moment is there's not enough Amos. I think it actually all works better when you have the main characters grouped together, everyone's scattered this season which means they all get less time as it cuts between them. Episode 8 was ok, felt like it focussed to much on dragging out some stories rather than expanding on what's going on elsewhere.
  11. I watched this yesterday and already I'd struggle to think of any standout scenes. There's never any real highs, nothing is really funny or really poignant or feels like a moment of real peril. The standout is And that's a 2 minute gag. Feels like someone took one of those, "Live, Laugh, Love" signs people like to stick in their living rooms and thought that was enough to sustain a film. It's nice enough, but it's pretty forgettable.
  12. I found Alice in Borderland a lot better when I switched the English dubbing on. The dubbed dialogue is better for pretty much everything compared to the subtitles.
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