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  1. Is that meant to be a druid shapeshifting into an owlbear? Owlbears are monstrosities, not animals. Druid's can't shapeshift into them!
  2. Three legged warforged, nice.
  3. I think that’s fair, felt more like a bad Bill and Ted film than a Thor film.
  4. Been to see it this morning and thought it was pretty poor. Thor as a character seems to just be becoming more stupid and oafish in every film of his own he’s in. Doesn’t really seem believable to me, everything he’s been through and all it does is make him more childish and unaware?
  5. I mean, I may have gone a bit overboard on the detail but BT did ask for it and I remember how frustrating I found it! The TLDR summary is basically: 1. Equip Blasphemous Blade 2. Use Lord's Divine Fortification. 3. Spam L2. If you haven't used any spells yet though I heartily recommend them. Sorcery can be pretty much summed up as, "variations on blue" but Incantations are awesome. I can't think of another game with as satisfying a lightning bolt as Elden Ring. It's like being Zeus.
  6. I think I've said this somewhere back in the past, but specifically for fighting the Elden Beast I think faith melee is the easiest. Having killed it a few times, I find it the most reliable particularly if you're not all that good at the game. The healing and the mitigation makes it a lot more forgiving. Stats: 60 Vigor, 22 Strength, 15 dex and then however much endurance and mind you like to have. Then everything else into faith. Lots of faith! Talismans: Dragoncrest Greatshield (phy defence), Haligdrake Talisman +2 (holy defence), Carian Filigreed Crest (more damage), Shard of Alexander (cheaper skills) Weapons: Blasphemous Blade - use Takers Flames as much as possible. It's really strong and crucially also heals you. It'll heal your mimic too when they use it. Shield: I do like one, it's not really needed but I like to be able to block through Radagon's ground pound if get caught or through the beasts golden waves. Make sure to change the ash of war scaling on it to sacred to max it's holy resistance. Armor: Whatever you can wear that has the most holy resistance and stay at Med. Load. Spells: Lord's Divine Fortification, A heal, Flame grant me strength, Golden Vow, Something damage like if you want it (Pest threads works pretty well). Just with the talismans and Lord's Divine Fortification up you should be into the 65%+ damage reduction for holy damage, which massively reduces how dangerous the fight is. If you keep it up, drop the occasional heal when you're low on health or land Taker's Flames you can stay in the fight a long time. Your mimic will also survive a lot better, particularly if you manage to get a fortification on them during the second phase. For the actual fight, play defensive when Radagon targets you then drop Takers Flames on him when he targets the mimic. He should die quickly. For the beast, don't panic. Keep Lord's Divine Fortification up and try to get behind it to hit it. Pest threads can work quite well, I'm not sure it's any better than Takers Flames though. I tend not to bother trying to maintain Golden Vow and Flame Grant me Strength, but I'm quite lazy. Flasks I tend to go more mana than health given faith heals are more efficient than flasks and you tend to have time to drop a heal fighting the beast and you shouldn't need one vs radagon.
  7. Did you pickup the red-hot whetblade in your travels? I found that really opens up what you can use for a faith weapon as it lets you apply the flame art scaling to all the cool ashes of war which is pretty damn good. Really opens up your options as you're no longer forced to use the sacred scaling to get the benefit of your faith stat. Also scales better off flame grant me strength too as that'll boost both the physical and fire damage on it, which makes for some nice hefty hits. Probably still not as good as just running a blasphemous blade in most cases, but what is?
  8. Can we whinge about the bad guys or is that petty? I mean I know rubbish bad guys is Marvel's speciality, but.. Less bad guys next episode please, more mystery. Actually think her and Bruno would work really well in a more scooby doo format that focuses on the mystery rather than a little bit of mystery and quite a lot of bad guys who need punching.
  9. PK laying the trap there for someone to comment on Thor Ragnarok and then be accused of spoilering it! I deftly avoid the trap. I thought Dr Strange was middling, as for Ragnarok
  10. My first thought was a football manager style game but for wrestling, seems it's been done lots though. So my second thought was much more out there, a Coffee Barista game where you do all the fancy barista patterns on top of coffee while soothing music plays. Yep, that's been done too. I think based on my sample size of two and my limited imagination I can comfortably say all the ideas have already been done and there are no new games to be made. Game over dude.
  11. Probably a massively dumb question, but how do you strafe? Either it's non-obvious when you're doing it or I'm just terrible.
  12. Ooh, if they do go with that next episode I’d be impressed.
  13. I mean if Rambo Steve doesn't float your boat I don't know what to say. Mind you I always preferred the normal people having to deal with monsters. The fireworks vs the Mindflayer and the spiked baseball bat Vs the Demigorgon are classics.
  14. You are on the right track and eventually she is who you’ll need to talk to, but there are other masters in the world and until you find a particular one she won’t say anything to you. I actually think her quest is one of the hardest to do, it’s got a few bits that are just awkward. Very vague area spoiler for the person you need to find. less vague, but still not exactly narrowing it down to where specifically.,
  15. I know whenever I was stuck on a quest my first port of call was the message system
  16. I had to go google it because I can't remember what it's called. Purifying Crystal Tear is the one, it's stops one of his curses from doing shed loads of damage to you when it's triggered.
  17. It's good, but it's very teen drama.
  18. Not build related, but have you got the shackle and the tear? They help a lot, the blood loss talisman is good to. It'll trigger even if it's you losing blood.
  19. The kerb stomp in American History X was the first thing I thought of. It’s horrible, I’m a bit squeamish about teeth anyway, but teeth and concrete and stomping. It’s horrible, I didn’t even know what a kerb stomp was until then. I mean I knew it involved kerbs and stomping, but having your teeth biting down on it? genuinely something I’d rather have never watched or known about.
  20. I don’t know, never tried. Insanity to me always felt like it made the game much less fun than the other difficulty levels. Edit: appreciate fun is very subjective, but on Insanity don’t even your basic husks have armor? If you can’t drop a biotic power on husks and then explode them, then that’s not fun. ME combat is good because of the biotics and tech powers. Playing a difficulty level where they become hard to use, just seems like it’s taking away the joy of space magic?
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