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  1. Indeed. This one's from 'The Serenity Now'. Can't quite believe I went looking for this but it's not like I have anything better to do. I also learned, from the subtitles, that 'serenity now' in Spanish is 'serenidad ahora'. So it's not been a total waste of time.
  2. I joined an online race last night that was fantastic carnage. It was on the figure of 8 loop, 12 laps, B class with two people choosing school buses. They clearly weren't interested in racing and were indiscriminately taking out anyone to trying to squeeze past. But it made for a much more interesting, and fun, race than it would have been otherwise.
  3. Pretty sure they did this for my Series X purchase in December.
  4. "I'm not getting into it..." *immediately gets 'into it'*
  5. I know £13 for biscuits is daft (I've only ever had these when bought as a gift), but these are genuinely amazing. Delicious, with proper chili heat. https://www.fortnumandmason.com/lucifer-s-biscuits-250g For an everyday biscuit, the McVitie's Chocolate Digestive is king.
  6. I've not played any of the Dark Souls games, and I'm not 100% sure I'll get on with it but the enthusiasm in here, and the other DS threads means I've just bought it and will give it a go...
  7. Dapple


    Nice. I might have been there that night -David Lovering did a magic act as the warm-up. I saw them later (2011 by the look of it) when they played Doolittle from start to finish, also at Brixton Academy - one of the best gigs I've been to. I can't say I'm that taken with their new single. It's not *bad*, but I just find it a bit bland. They're a band I absolutely love, but I'm not interested in any of their original music post-Trompe le Monde (which is great, IMO).
  8. I played Halo for the fifth or sixth time recently and still spent ages going round in circles on the escape pod bit. No, there isn't a map.
  9. Well, this was excellent - season two in particular. A shame it doesn't seem to have captured the forum's imagination. Hank and Gene have been mentioned as great characters, but I think Sally came into her own in S2, some great performances from Sarah Goldberg.
  10. Can't you plug the XM3s into the controller, using the lead they come with?
  11. OK, it's not as Louis Litt, but Rick Hoffman does make an appearance in episode 7.
  12. I got an S on launch day but, since putting in the pre-order, had a nagging doubt that I should have gone for the X. On their own, 4K / disc drive / bigger storage weren't that big a deal, but I felt I'd probably get an X at some point. After missing out on the extra launch day stock, I took it as a sign to stick with the S, which I was perfectly happy with. But then I checked Stockinformer at about 12.15am on Thursday morning and they said Amazon had stock. I managed to get one, and it arrived today. If nothing else, it's removed the nagging doubt, and the compulsiv
  13. Wait until *actual* Louis Litt turns up!
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