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  1. Mouldwood Depths was sadistic and entirely joyless. Then I played Luma Pools and loved it. A really nice balance of challenge and reward... Until the end of level boss. I tried for the best part of an hour last night and made next to no progress. Looking at YouTube, it seems I need, or would strongly benefit from, a weapon that I don't have. So chalk up another player annoyed with the upgrade system. This game really wants me to hate it. And, like a mug, I come back for more.
  2. Looks like this one:
  3. I've been playing Rise of the Tomb Raider recently and there are a couple of sections where you have to outrun the environment collapsing around you - effectively a chase sequence. It felt like they struck a good balance of exhilaration and challenge, giving you just enough leeway and signposting, while still giving you the feeling you were responsible for your success.
  4. Well, it's better than RoboCop 3.
  5. I've got it as part of the MCC on Game Pass and didn't have to pay separately... Is that because it recognises that I bought it for the 360, years ago?
  6. I think you can finish the game without getting the dash ability. It's in a section that was added to the Definitive Edition. I spoke too soon when defending the escape sections. Second one was fine but the Mount Horu one was sadistic. No fun at all, and almost undid all the goodwill I had towards the game. I managed it in the end, then went back to find all of the orb things. Goodwill restored, looking forward to Will of the Wisps.
  7. I've only done the water one but I totally disagree. Where's the tension in finishing something first time? By the time I'd finished it my heart rate must have been 140. Each time I'd get a little further, the previous bits would get a little easier but you still have the pressure of getting through them and then negotiating what comes next. But without any time to take it in. Completing it felt like a real relief, and like I'd met a genuine challenge.
  8. Dapple

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yes, I did this yesterday with 2 x three month passes. Converted to four months of GPU.
  9. Dapple

    Xbox Game Pass

    One bit that springs to mind is on Delta Halo, a fair way in. You take a gondola thing and the flood ambush you on the other side - several waves of them. Properly frustrating. Most of it was fine, it just felt like the difficulty ramped up in some sections.
  10. Dapple

    Xbox Game Pass

    I did the same and really enjoyed it. The only issue I had was that some sections were punishingly difficult (on Heroic). I'm re-playing 4 at the moment. It's so much better than I remembered. Probably because the Covenant appear a lot more than I'd thought. The Prometheans are still a bit rubbish.
  11. Yep, first three episodes, in line with what's been shown on Sky
  12. It's on Sky on the 28th. It'll be on the new Sky Comedy channel, launching on the 27th. Should be on Now TV straight away.
  13. Dapple


    Love a bit of BT. Especially Loving You More, Primordial Sound Mix and the Spirit of Grace mix of Not Over Yet. I remember Pete Tong playing all 12 minutes of it for the first time on the Essential Selection. Amazing tune. I also love this one - Delphinium Days mix of Blue Skies. Heard John Digweed play it in an Essential Mix from the Phoenix Festival in 1996. Took me ages to find it (on the 2-disc version of Ima). A bit of an aside but look at the tracklist of that Phoenix set - amazing. 1. (00:00) Chakra - I Am (Bedrock Mix) [Jackpot] 2. (08:00) Palefield Mountain - On My Way [Stress] 3. (14:50) Robbers Of Antiquity - Phosphene Dream [Belief Systems] 4. (23:00) Squelch - Crash [Jackpot] 5. (32:10) Slacker - Flying [Loaded] 6. (37:40) The Light - Pan Fried [AAA] 7. (41:00) Humate & Rabbit In The Moon - East (Rabbit In The Moon Remix) [Rising High] 8. (49:00) Goldie Vs Rabbit In The Moon - Inner City Life [FFRR] 9. (56:40) BT feat Tori Amos - Blue Skies [Perfecto] 10. (66:00) Angeles - Its Alive [Perfecto]
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