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  1. I've noticed the fan on my Series X will turn on for a short period every now and then, even though it's in energy saving mode. It generally makes a very brief buzzing noise before it does. It works fine, there's no suggestion that anything is wrong with it, and it's done it for some time now, I was just wondering if this is standard.
  2. Wordle 207 3/6 Got lucky with the first two letters and took a punt on guess three.
  3. To anyone reading the above - do watch Succession, because it's amazing. But, for the love of god, do not go straight to season 3. The first two seasons are also on Now (for two weeks, by the look of it) and you'll be spoiling some amazing storylines/events by going straight to 3.
  4. Never speak to, or even acknowledge the existence of, your colleague ever again.
  5. My lovely horse Running through the stars Where are you going With your fetlocks blowing In the (solar) wind?
  6. I imagine it's a fairly high priority for Sony and Microsoft.
  7. I recognise Noel Edmonds, Bobby Ball, Dennis Quaid and Stan Laurel, but I'm not sure who the others are.
  8. Heroic run-through straight away, Legendary over Christmas
  9. Am pretty sure that if you hit the wall after the final corner - before you cross the line - it flags the *next* lap as dirty. You can rewind, take the corner again, missing the wall, and the next lap starts clean.
  10. Oh god, this just reminded me of a CTF game I played last night. I got the flag and a teammate was waiting in a Warthog. Now I *think* you can get in the passenger seat holding the flag, right? I didn't realise that at the time, so the only thing I could think of doing in the heat of the moment was to jump onto the gun platform and try to balance on it as it drove off. Needless to say, it didn't work out. Absolute eejit. Glad I wasn't on voice chat.
  11. After having a sneaky game of ranked Slayer at lunchtime where I got absolutely schooled I'm now all in for never looking at my K/D ratio... Sometimes you have a game where you just can't catch a break.
  12. Yep, a good point. And there are definitely times when I'm happy to play a more supporting role, especially in Oddball or CTF.
  13. Isn't part of the problem that the K/D ratio seems to have a greater influence on points scored within games (and therefore placing in the ranking table) than actually taking care of the objectives? I've had a number of games where I've had loads more time with the Oddball, or captured more zones/flags than other players, but place less well because I'm not getting as many kills in the process.
  14. I really like Stronghold too. Maybe it's because I only join games on my own, without voice chat, which means I'm always on the back foot with something like CTF if the other team are working together. But because Stronghold splits the focus across three areas and always keeps you moving around it feels like it's less predictable and harder for a team to dominate.
  15. That's going to be the case more often than not, but a slower car can win - for example if the faster one keeps hitting trees or whatever. In FH4 there was an achievement for beating someone in a head-to-head that had a car much better than yours (i.e. a certain number of levels higher).
  16. Astroneer, play via cloud gaming. Takes 2 minutes.
  17. Astroneer provides an easy way to get the Top 10 Co Op achievement. Start a new game, open the menu and change outfit. That's it.
  18. I found Poseidon's dash boon (Tidal Dash) to be really good for clearing the Temple of Styx rooms, especially with Typhoon's Fury, which does extra damage for slamming foes against a wall. One time I also had Second Wave, which slams them a second time. I don't think it's possible to get the Satyr Sack 1st time (I think I got that from watching a 'devs react to speed run' type video). It's always the 2nd or 3rd path.
  19. Dude would have known the answer if he'd played Hades.
  20. Well the jerk store called, and they're running out of YOU! (You can have that one for free deKay)
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