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  1. 15 minutes ago, RaoulSilva said:

    Has anyone done the Kennedy INtl landing challenge?


    My landing gear don't open unless I do it in the first few seconds, and then when I go to land the voice screams 'landing gear' when they're already down

    That happened the first time I tried it, I guess I left it too late. Ended up trying to ditch in the water, Sully-style.

  2. It's a really odd point, that completely ignores some really important reasons for choosing to eat out.


    You could make that argument about any type of food (that you can make a 'better', cheaper version at home), yet people still want to eat out.

  3. I finished 5 (again) just now. I picked up an old save point part-way through the game after finishing 4 the other day.


    I found the revive mechanic really frustrating. I'm not sure if it's actually the case but it felt like it was easier to have your shields depleted, with the intention that it's balanced out by teammates being able to revive you. But it constantly interrupted the flow of the game and it was often hit or miss as to whether anyone was close enough to save me.


    Otherwise there's plenty to like, but that alone was enough to spoil things for me.

  4. I finished Halo 4 for, I think, the third time last night.  I played it when it came out, then a year or so ago when I got an Xbox One and started it again more recently on the Series X.  I found I enjoyed it more with each playthrough.  Some of the levels in 4 are excellent, namely the ones which are mainly Covenant.  'Composer' (on the Ivanoff Research Station) was absolutely superb.

  5. 17 minutes ago, McCoy said:


    I really like 5 guys for what it is and that is a quick tasty burger and the novelty of the drinks machine. 


    For what it's worth, on my own I'm entirely happy with little cheseburger, small fries and regular drink which comes in at £10.75. Now, I'm a greedy bastard but the little cheeseburger always seems so sufficient I've never even been tempted by the regular burger and you're right they always give you loads of chips so small is fine (perhaps regular if I'm feeling really hungry). 


    I reckon, for quantity of food, that £10.75 is probably equivalent to big mac, large fries and drink at McDonalds so still pricier but not massively. 


    What toppings do people go for? I go for:


    Mayo, Lettuce, Pickles, Tomatoes, Grilled Onions, Relish and Jalapenos and it is a lovely messy ball of stuff. 

    According to 'Burgerlad.com' (!) a large Big Mac meal is £5.19 (I was going to guess around £6), so it's plenty cheaper than Five Guys.  I'd say that even a little burger and small chips at Five Guys is a fair amount bigger than a large meal at McD's though.


    I'd go for Five Guys over Honest myself.  Honest is good, but I prefer a trashy burger to a gourmet one.  Little bacon cheeseburger, 'all the way, no tomatoes', small fries.

  6. 10 minutes ago, Jammy said:

    The weird one for me has always been animated movies. With one or two exceptions who have distinctive voices, like Tom Hanks, I can’t understand why they bother with star names, especially if they’re putting on accents which make them nearly unrecognisable. There are plenty of voice actors who are better and cheaper.

    Right, but the unknown voice actors wouldn't be invited onto talk shows or whatever to plug the film. Having a name attached is about recognition and publicity. 

  7. 23 minutes ago, Papaya Dance said:

    Well that's blown my theory out the water!


      Reveal hidden contents

    I thought they'd find the pistol the dead guy who overdosed stole from the cancer-woman and that would turn out to be the murder weapon. 

    Still two episodes to go though I think? Maybe I'm still right but there'd need to be some serious twists and turns. 


    Absolutely loving this.

    Only one more to go

    Just now, Sirloin said:
      Hide contents

    It’s the other brother surely. Or at least he was having an affair with her/is the babies father.


    I ended up thinking the same

  8. 1 hour ago, mushashi said:

    Only 6 episodes, but so was The Corner, and that was brilliant. I haven't seen any of David Simon's work since watching the first series of Treme years ago. I hope he hasn't lost it, but his best work has been set in Baltimore so fingers crossed.

    Show Me A Hero (set in Yonkers) was excellent, as I recall, and that was a six-parter as well.

  9. 2 hours ago, Pockets said:

    I had a go of that Doom game for the achievement points and because I had it all those years ago. 

    I didn’t unlock any achievements in my brief go and found it really weirdly depressing and nostalgic to the extent I couldn’t play it.  I remember being impressed at the time that I was able to play this PC game people had talked about on console. It just made me so glad things are much better now. 

    I tried the Garden Between game and that’s quite interesting. I’ll give that a decent go but I agree that it’s not worth doing for the points alone, I just can’t be arsed. 

    I've been playing it alongside starting Cyberpunk. There's something about its simplicity that I've really liked. And the original Doom, which I'd not really played before.


    It's not mattered to me that it's clearly dated, but maybe that's because I'd not played it when it first came out, so there's no nostalgia aspect.

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