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  1. On 12/05/2021 at 17:56, AK Bell said:

    Right. That's Edith Fitch done. I think Doom 64 next, which I had already started a bit last week.


    This has come at the right time. I fancy Mass Effect and I don't want to spend any real money on it. 

    This is a great walkthrough for Doom 64, if you want to focus on achievements rather than playing the whole way through:






  2. 19 minutes ago, Harsin said:

    Except there’s plenty of shots in the series that show the corridor doesn’t bend like that.

    Indeed. This one's from 'The Serenity Now'.  Can't quite believe I went looking for this but it's not like I have anything better to do.


    I also learned, from the subtitles, that 'serenity now' in Spanish is 'serenidad ahora'.  So it's not been a total waste of time.

    Screenshot 2021-04-09 191145.jpg

  3. I joined an online race last night that was fantastic carnage. It was on the figure of 8 loop, 12 laps, B class with two people choosing school buses.


    They clearly weren't interested in racing and were indiscriminately taking out anyone to trying to squeeze past. But it made for a much more interesting, and fun, race than it would have been otherwise.

  4. 1 hour ago, Andy_Why said:

    Amazon are sending me a one-time password for my delivery on Friday that I need to give to the driver. Have they been doing this for the rest of you? They didn't for my Series X.

    Pretty sure they did this for my Series X purchase in December.

  5. 1 hour ago, Clipper said:

    im not getting "into it" as we had too many derails on batteries before... the xbox controller is 55 quid retial, switch pro is 55 and (yes ok) the PS5 is 60


    So one competitor is same price and the other is 5 quid more (and has more "stuff" in it like those triggery things and microphone/speaker). So yes one is 5 quid more but, to me, that isn't enough of a discount for not having internal battery and having to supply my own batteries or a play/charge. If yhou want equivalent internal battery it makes MS far more expensive.

    "I'm not getting into it..."


    *immediately gets 'into it'*

  6. I've not played any of the Dark Souls games, and I'm not 100% sure I'll get on with it but the enthusiasm in here, and the other DS threads means I've just bought it and will give it a go...

  7. Nice.  I might have been there that night -David Lovering did a magic act as the warm-up.  I saw them later (2011 by the look of it) when they played Doolittle from start to finish, also at Brixton Academy - one of the best gigs I've been to.


    I can't say I'm that taken with their new single.  It's not *bad*, but I just find it a bit bland.  They're a band I absolutely love, but I'm not interested in any of their original music post-Trompe le Monde (which is great, IMO).

  8. I got an S on launch day but, since putting in the pre-order, had a nagging doubt that I should have gone for the X.  On their own, 4K / disc drive / bigger storage weren't that big a deal, but I felt I'd probably get an X at some point.


    After missing out on the extra launch day stock, I took it as a sign to stick with the S, which I was perfectly happy with.  But then I checked Stockinformer at about 12.15am on Thursday morning and they said Amazon had stock.  I managed to get one, and it arrived today.


    If nothing else, it's removed the nagging doubt, and the compulsive checking of Stockinformer.  Now all I need is a 4K TV.


    BTW - if anyone wants a code for £10 off a controller at Amazon, drop me a PM.

  9. 4 minutes ago, klargon said:

    Getting nowhere with Asda - just fails payment every time.  Seems to be killing all the sites again.

    I had the same. Wondering if I've now got a load of pending payments against my card.


    Edit: Nope, nothing on the card.

  10. I was wondering about the pre-orders being made available tomorrow as I'd seen that Game were saying they were for delivery in December - the 18th, I think.


    This guy is marketing lead for Xbox UK. He later replies that the allocation will 'almost certainly' be available before Christmas.



  11. Ah, yes - Premium, not Arcade.  I may be wrong, but my memory tells me the difference was about £30 when I bought it.


    I don't even have a 1080p TV right now (720p Panny Plasma all the way), but am likely to get a 4K set later this month.  I know the S will be fine, but I'm inclined to try and get an X, if only so that I'm not always questioning my decision...

  12. 2 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:


    All's I'm saying is that Microsoft don't control people's EPOS systems. Just paranoia/Doom mongering/worst case scenario.

    I think I'm just trying to convince myself it'll all go to plan, so I'm not awake at 3am checking Stock Informer every couple of minutes.


    (I have an S on the way, but have a nagging feeling that I should have gone fo the X.  I got burned years ago when I went for the 'Core' 360 and ended up buying an HDD, wireless controller, headset - meaning I spent loads more than if I'd gone for the Arcade in the first place.)

  13. Just now, MattyP said:

    According to MS there will be stock available on release day at 8am....

    Yep, and based on the previous pre-orders, I'm assuming that's when they'll actually go live.  So get those browser windows open and start hammering F5 at 7.59am.

  14. I think the Wii has been my only launch-day purchase.  Bought it from the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street / Tottenham Court Road, which was close to my office at the time.  Foolishly didn't take the day off work so it was sat on my desk all day.  We used to finish for drinks and snacks at 4.30pm on a Friday, so I set it up in the boardroom and played a bit of tennis.


    I regretted not going to Virgin for the midnight PS3 launch where they surprised everyone by giving them a new Sony TV and sent them home in a cab (https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/gaming/consoles/home-cinema/high-definition/sony-gives-away-2-500-tvs-at-uk-ps3-launch-161213)


  15. 2 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:

    Like I said earlier, no-one knows when tomorrows stock will be available so it could be midnight tonight, it could be tomorrow morning. If anyone really wants any of the stock tomorrow they're gonna have to be vigilant.

    Will it not all be at 8am then, or is that misleading?

  16. 25 minutes ago, MattyP said:

    I know... I'm not looking around the web at the moment trying to source a last minute pre-order*. Honest. :D 



    * OK futile effort I've stopped now.


    You know there are more going up tomorrow morning?




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