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  1. I'm not convinced they'll be worthless. I just sold my S on eBay for £170 (£1 fee). Not everyone is after a Series X/S, and the One S is £249 new, so I'd imagine there will still be people out there wanting an Xbox One.


    Would expect prices to drop a bit as loads more are offloaded though.

  2. This is back on Sky Comedy, all episodes available on demand, so will be on Now TV too.


    I watched the first couple of episodes but didn't get any further when it was on originally, but happened to catch S2E5, as mentioned above, and made a point of looking out for it when it came around again. 

  3. 41 minutes ago, Oh Danny Boy said:

    I think the reviews I’ve seen have been reviewing it from the wrong angle. It’s mostly hardcore gamers with expensive TV set ups reviewing it as such. One was comparing its performance in a 4K tv. Well, duh, it’s not aimed at people with 4K TVs. Mostly they focus on the difference between the X and S rather than reviewing it in its own right and comparing it to the previous generation. Yes there’s a slight fall in performance, but the fact is that fall wouldn’t be very much perceivable if you had both consoles running on a basic HD tv. If there wasn’t then there would be no need for the X.


    I've been looking at getting a new TV recently and reviews invariably compare against the cutting edge (i.e. OLEDs), so almost anything mid-range tends to be considered average, at best.


    But I'm coming from a 12 year old 720p plasma, and I don't want an OLED (too big, more money than I'm prepared to spend). It would be much more useful if reviews could tell me how something compares to what I might be upgrading from (OK, not my TV specifically, but something considered good from a few years ago), rather than the current best-in-class.


    Feels quite similar to your comment on the Series S reviews.

  4. I've just finished watching the seven episodes available so far and it feels like they thought the above clip was an example of best practice.


    Like the writers room were asked for three seasons worth of ideas and they threw the lot in, without question.


    (I make no apologies for posting the Key & Peele Gremlins 2 clip at any given opportunity.)

  5. 5 minutes ago, Pob said:

    Is anyone bothering looking at John Lewis? They are supposed to be one of the shops taking pre-orders but no mention of it anywhere.

    I'd thought they were, apparently not though:


    I managed to get an S via Argos.  Took me loads of attempts, it kept failing / kicking me back in the process but got there eventually.

  6. Yeah, it's no Succession, but what is?


    Billions is still good though. I'd not realised season 5 (the first half, pre-Covid interruption) has already been shown in the US. I think I saw it on a 'coming soon' type thing on Sky recently so hopefully not too long to wait.

  7. In the comments section of the link in the first post someone mentioned a remake of Uncle Buck.


    Turns out there have been two TV series, one in 1990:


    And one in 2016:


    The theme tune for the 1990 series was written by Stephen Dorff. Not *that* Stephen Dorff, but the father of *that* Stephen Dorff, also called Stephen Dorff.


    Amazingly, both series were cancelled.

  8. Recycling a post I made a few pages back, as it's relevant here -


    The issue with Kwame was one of consent, wasn't it? If the girl had known he was gay beforehand, she wouldn't have slept with him. So the basis on which she provided consent was false.


    Similar to Terry's threesome - when she found out the guys had planned it, she felt very different about it.

  9. 1 hour ago, Silent Runner said:


    (spoiler for episodes 11 and 12)


      Hide contents


    I remember a thread on here a few years ago where a gay member of the forum was posting about wanting to have sex with a woman. And people on here were losing their minds over it -  calling him all kinds of things and saying how wrong it was. I didn’t understand then and I still don’t understand after watching the last 2 episodes why it was a problem. If both parties know it’s a one-off then what’s the issue?


    I didn’t love episodes 11 and 12. The scene with Kwame and the Greek girl just confused me (maybe that’s the point?) and the multiple possible outcomes of meeting the rapist again didn’t work for me. But otherwise it was absolutely amazing and one of the best things I’ve watched this year.




    The issue with Kwame was one of consent, wasn't it? If the girl had known he was gay beforehand, she wouldn't have slept with him. So the basis on which she provided consent was false.


    Similar to Terry's threesome - when she found out the guys had planned it, she felt very different about it.


  10. I didn't see what version was shown on ITV4 but there are two versions. The 'normal' one and a longer version, that I *think* appeared as an extra / alternative scene.


    The rest of the film that's on now looks like the standard, unedited version, so I'm guessing they showed the shorter version of the boardroom scene.

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