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    Saw them in Oxford tonight. Amazing. They had a bloke playing the organ behind them at one point.
  2. Doesn't look like it. This is what came up when I just searched for 'Deuce'
  3. I *think* it says it's for 3 months but it actually applies it to whatever XBL you have. That's what it did for me last weekend.
  4. I did that the other day - well, I'd ordered the Xbox first but it doesn't arrive until tomorrow. I bought a 1TB Xbox One S, bundled with Jedi Fallen Order, from Shopto's eBay site. They're doing 20% off so it worked out at £200. I might sell on the game which should cover the year of Live / Game Pass. I don't think they're doing a console-only, but there is a console + two controllers pack.
  5. The Frank and Walters
  6. Dapple

    Glastonbury 2019

    The Queen's a big fan
  7. Hard to tell if serious but you know that's just some dude who does Bowie impressions?
  8. Dapple


    Waitrose are doing Havana Club 7 for £22 at the moment, by the look of it. Not sure it counts as 'best for £20' but Kraken might be more giftable, given the bottle it comes in. Rum, ginger beer (I like Fever Tree, preferably the full sugar version), lime.
  9. Is that 'the boulder problem'? Jesus. The smile he gives straight into the camera when he does it. Incredible.
  10. Dapple


    Order food in an Italian restaurant and you'll generally be asked if you want black pepper on it. Go to a chippy and you'll be asked if you want salt (and vinegar). So I guess it depends on context. Who knew?
  11. Sister Ray and Phonica are both nearby too, though they don't fit the lived in / 60s feel criteria.
  12. 'The cycling project was launched in the very end of 2008, when on December 22 a Team Katusha was launched in Moscow. The team was practically organised by the Russian Global Cycling Project foundation, which itself is funded by Russian businesses such as Gazprom, Itera and Rostechnologii.'
  13. The 'ethos of cycling' ship sailed years ago, didn't it? Is there a difference between Ineos' involvement and that of Astana, Katusha or Bahrain?
  14. Season 4 starts on Wednesday 20th...
  15. 'MICHAEL CAINE, who is an Oscar winner once said of his role in Jaws: The Revenge (1987) that "I have never seen it, but by all accounts it is terrible. However, I have seen the house that it built, and it is terrific.”' Speaking of Michael Caine, Bullseye is my go-to for worst film I've seen but I've just watched the trailer and it looks amazing.
  16. They released an album, I found it in a junk shop years ago: https://www.discogs.com/Animal-Kwackers-Animal-Kwackers/release/2367007
  17. Fun fact - the singer in Opus III is Kirsty Hawkshaw. Her dad composed the theme tunes for Grange Hill, Channel 4 News and Countdown.
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