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  1. Immersive in the sense that it feels more real. You're touching the steering wheel and can feel every bump you go over. You're seeing the digital world move in a realistic way as you move your head around slightly so it doesn't even feel like you're watching a screen, and it's displayed in 3D so there's an illusion of true depth. Coupled with a revolutionary lighting system that is perhaps second only to the Sun itself, and with a potentially lethal amount of polygons being thrown around. Compare that to playing Gran Turismo 1 on your PS1 and bedroom tv in ugly SD and it's a completely different experience. That was just gaming...this is living.
  2. If GT5 is updated to be 3D compatible during Sonys 3D push this year (the way theyve demonstrated with WipeoutHD and Motorstorm 2), and is the flagship game that utilises headtracking, and combined with the force feedback steeing wheel and pedals, we may well be looking at the most immersive gaming experience of all time.
  3. If GT5 has headtracking that makes it appear like the TV is a window into the digital world (as seen in that hacked Wii youtube video), I'm going to die.
  4. Don't give me what, you know what I meant.
  5. I'm not necessarily saying that the move is great, simply that, if motion control is what you're after, then the Move would be the best choice out of the three. An interesting thing is, what's the Wii HD gonna be able to do? If Nintendo are going to get any sales with the Wii HD they're going to need to do more with it than just better accuracy and HD. Microsoft have gone the no-controller route and Sony have gone the augmented reality route, so the Wii HD is going to have to do something pretty impressive to compete. Since the key thing that both of the competitors are missing is hand recognition, I suspect they're going to go with the Nintendo Powerglove 2. Y'know, the exact method of hand-waving seen in Minority Report. A combination of this: ...and this (click on the video): http://singularityhub.com/2010/02/17/minor...eam-soon-video/ With this (in order to give some tactile feedback): http://singularityhub.com/2009/11/13/hapti...-reality-video/
  6. Nah, the headtracking tech is built into the ps3 spu from the start, jus not been used til now. Developers just take that data and the data from the wands and have a pretty accurate idea of ur upper body position. Im intrigued as to how accurate the leg tracking is - if its good, we will basically have natal + buttons + pointer + no lag + augmented reality + ps eye + a game for about 55 quid on amazon. Now thats what im talkin bout
  7. Incidentally, someone said earlier that a feature of the Natal that only it could do was in tracking your hand even if it was behind your back or obstructed by the screen. Move can do this as well, as if the glowing ball goes out of the field of view, it uses the constant accelerometer+magnemometer+gyroscope data to determine the precise location of the wand. Apparently it's a little too good for FPSers:
  8. Edit: edit button has inserted a load of backslashes into my post, hmm. I don\'t see why a joypad would be intimidating to a 40 year old who would have surely been around them for a good percentage of his life and played with them? Hasn\'t pretty much everyone under 40 played with a joypad at some point in their life? They would have been 17 or so when the Master System came out and in their early twenties during the snes/mega drive period. If we\'re talking people aged 50+, then I doubt they\'re even going to be playing this unless forced to by their grandkids. Anyway, it looks like Sony have their heads on straight: This part is hilarious, Move can do body tracking and transfer it to an ingame avatar, they even demonstrated it to the guys from Eurogamer: I know, right? SonyLOL! Or rather, Sony LOLing all the to the bank...
  9. Really? Who finds joypads intimidating? Definitely not young people, so old people? They've only been commonplace for about 20 fucking years now. How did these people learn how to use keyboards and mice? How do they even manage to drive a car, use facebook, or cook, or walk around all day without forgetting how to breathe? Microsoft are pandering to people who don't even want to play on their games.
  10. In the same way that reality tv hasn't been 'bad' for the industry in the financial sense, the Wii hasn't either. But with the additional money that Nintendo made from the Wii, what have they used it on? I don't see a hoarde of amazing Nintendo games on the Wii. I see retro games and games that just consist of lots of minigames. Microsoft and Sony are putting development money, marketing money, and funding for games towards this motion controlled tech and its accompanying games. None of them are going to be truly classic games, much as in the same way that nobody will be playing Wii Sports in 5 years time because the novelty of the controller will have worn off. That's all Wii Sports ever had. Novelty value. I hate the fact that just because the Wii such a big selling console, people think that that's because it's good. No, it sells because it appears to be both fun and advanced, but in reality it's arguably less fun and merely equally as advanced as it's predecessors. It's like a collection of retro consoles going from gamecube games (SMG), to N64 games (Mario Kart on Wii is almost identical to Mario Kart on N64), to Snes games (the side-on platformer), combined with a gimmicky wand attachment.
  11. Yes, but then if you were fucking on the downstairs sofa and you did some poses ala Christian Bale in American Psycho, it would call your mum and she'd hear everything.
  12. But then you have to press the button on the side of the phone to do it, yeh? And you have to get your phone out of your pocket to actually be able to hear the person you just called. So it's pointless - you may as well have just got the phone out and called them with speeddial rather than pressing the button, saying their name, then getting the phone out. It's only potentially useful if you're in the car, but it's illegal to use in the car as you're not allowed to handle your phone to press the voice control button. The millions that were spent on voice recognition in phones should have been spent on making batteries that lasted longer. It should have been spent on making phones waterproof and dropproof. It should have been spent on making touchscreens that weren't shit.
  13. Well, the Wii had pretty impressive tech too, but that didn't stop it from being a console that brought us worse visuals, worse gameplay, less control, less replayability, and essentially took gaming back a step for the first time in history. I'll tell you what the Wii is. The Wii is the equivalent of reality tv in the television industry. It's immense success has diverted funds away from true quality and pushed all the people in the business towards reducing high-end output and churning out shit. You think the money to pay for all this motion control came out of thin air? The money to pay for Move/Natal and it's bullshit assortment of games came out of funds which would have gone towards RnD for proper developments in console technology and for making good quality first party games. Sure, Super Mario Galaxy was an amazing game, but how much more amazing would it have been if it had been in 60fps in glorious 1080p? The good games on the Wii are made in spite of the console, not because of it. Technology doesn't mean shit if its not the right technology for the job.
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