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  1. That Adeptus Titanicus box has mostly been painted. It is the empty box... Filled with miniatures from other places that are yet to be painted.
  2. Mine has slotted nicely into my pile of shame: I need to complete a few things on my desk first but will no doubt be pulling it out shortly.
  3. Same here. Looking forward to it arriving. What are we all painting first?
  4. I'm interested. I play Warcry a bit and have a bunch of models from those ranges that could be used in the game.
  5. I am on holiday (at home) so have been assembling Forge World Adeptus Mechanicum Knights. I fear it may be too ambitious to complete a dueling pair by month end though.
  6. A surprising amount of detail on them: Lots of studs and dangly bits. And this chaps piercings: I got the nose ring but that skull cap is held on with skin piercings. My eyesight and brush control is not good enough to pick them out.
  7. Rippa's Snarlfangs are all done: I have really enjoyed these guys, although the took a long time. Brilliant minis with a proper old school classic goblin vibe.
  8. Call of Cthulhu is brilliant but a very different style of game, so make sure you players know what the style is beforehand or you may struggle. CoC tends to be very investigation oriented. SO mostly it is visiting creepy places or talking to weird folk and trying to piece together what on earth (or elsewhere) is going on. It is best when the setting (usually 1920s) is leaned on heavily to contribute to the atmosphere. Another important point is that it it not really about the combat, which is deadly. If the players approach encounters like D&D adventurers, you scenario will be very
  9. Mostly contrast paints yes. But then some highlights on the tips of the fur because they ended up a bit too dark. I preferred that lighter touch I managed with these guys thich were almost all contrast. All five took almost no time for a really good result.
  10. I really like that green for the Storm cast Davros. I refreshing muted change from much of what is out there. A style I prefer to the more exaggerated house style at GW. My latest effort has taken me ages. This set of minis are amazing classic sculpts. But they do have a surprising amount of fiddly detail that too a fair bit of revision to resolve. I am pleased with the result but wonder what I could do if I did it again. Life is too short.
  11. Without prejudice, I like the left side more. So I suspect it is not about pushing the highlights further. Perhaps it is about pushing the darks a bit more instead. One to be careful with there. Loving your work here. It might inspire me to join in with an Adeptus Titanic's Knight. I have left myself a tight time window there though.
  12. I would like to go if I can. I'll keep the weekend free, but not book anything. Go for a day if it happens. Fingers crossed.
  13. No worries about me missing out this time. Just promise to put updates here so I can enjoy it vicariously. Have fun! And post updates.
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