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  1. The arrows and the spear are bits that come on sprues for skeleton warriors. I just chopped the heads off the arrows and glued them in place. The spear was hacked at with clippers to make it look splintered. The flights and flag gave me a chance to put in a spot of contrasting blue. The greenery is a mix of mosses and a little flock. I pick up different types of moss when walking in the woods. Byryophitic flora works on a small scale that translates to miniatures really well. Common Sphagnum mosses are everywhere. They can be very fiddly to glue though. They absorb super glue like you would not believe and then set rock solid. For fronds you need to be really careful and use pointy tweezers. Worth the effort though. They look really lush. Much better than grass tufts.
  2. Better late than never I guess. I just finished mine, so here we go. Usual caveats about poor photos apply, sorry about the depth of field being a bit rubbish, and the yellowish hue. I will get a mount for my phone so I can take some more careful ones and some white lights to make the colour right. .
  3. Some tips on photography would be most welcome. All the pictures I take of my minis are awful. Probably because I am just snapping with my phone. Honestly, in real life they look much better, and I would love to be able to show them off. But I do not yet have a proper camera. My half decent point and press died a while back. I get by with my phone for most everything, but it is completely inadequate for this kind of thing.
  4. Also, once you have got used to Castle Panic, and know how to win consistently, you can by the Wizard's Tower expansion to mix it up again.
  5. I would second cavalcade's nomination of Castle Panic. Simple an easily readable. But good fun.
  6. The digital version of Carcassonne is my preferred way play. Passing a tablet around. Scoring and tracking the table top version is not hard, but having a computer do it as you go along is cool, and eliminates the occasional mistakes that get made.
  7. I am well behind everyone having only just assembled and primed mine. I have to travel with work for much of this week so, if I am going to meet this deadline, I am going to have to crack on when I get home. It is a nice figure though so I am looking forward to getting on with it. He is also HUGE. Place him next to normal sized humans and he must be about 9 feet tall. He even makes the Stormcast Eternal that was the last White Dwarf giveaway look a little slight.
  8. I so want to do this again, but pulling enough people together for enough time is proving hard. The game is brilliant, but it pretty ruthless and must be played in the long form for best effect. The long form forces alliances early on, you cannot do anything without them. Then, when the betrayals come, they are so much better. The short form game skips the low influence early stages and thus skips straight to the betraying, rather than the long forms inevitable betraying of someone you have helped and who has helped you, for quite a while. I need to be able to gather a few ruthless boardgamers over for a long afternoon.
  9. Finished The Marcy Case this weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed it. No spoilers but really paying attention to everything is very important. We had to do another run through because we missed what, in hindsight, was an obvious clue and thus screwed the pooch at the last moment. We have now done two runs at A Prophecy of Dragons, which is a totally different beast again. We have not progressed very far with it and it has clearly got some surprises to pull out yet. Mechanically it is a bit different and I suspect that may become even more so as we get further. As a framework for simple co-operative role-playing/adventuring, this game is amazing. The flexibility of the core concept is really something. It is currently tracking as my game of 2016 by quite a margin.
  10. Something like: "Death" "Maim" "Kill" "Slaughter" "Blood for the Blood God!" "More tea vicar?"
  11. Expansions were £15 or so when they were released. Any more expensive is just someone milking the fact that they are out of print. They will reprint them I am sure.
  12. I am in. Although I have my doubts about the competition. I will be happy to be even close to some of the expertise in here.
  13. We love it! Played the case in the box and was completely sold. Now we have all three expansions and are currently in the middle of the second run at The Marcy Case. We try to roleplay it some, which leads to us ending up in scrapes because we do things that seem likely traps. But it seems to us to be the right way to play. It is kind the point to not play optimally until you have milked the scenario for all its quirks, dead ends, traps and cul-de-sacs. Anyone who plays it through uber-efficiently will have missed out on half the content And a lot of the fun.
  14. Played The Big Book of Madness last night. We enjoyed it. We have played a few co-op games in recent weeks. We rate this one alongside Ghost Stories, although having only played it once it is difficult to know how long its legs are. Our main comparison for contrast was with Robinson Crusoe, which we played a couple of weeks ago. We found TBBoM to be more fun because you do feel yourselves getting stronger as you progress and the tension is in the question of whether you will be strong enough to make it to the end while keeping the debilitating effect of Madness at bay. With Robinson Crusoe it is like you are striving hard but struggling anyway. Starvation and death appears in the distance and creeps towards you with a slow inevitability that you can see coming for some time. It is actually quite depressing, which I am guessing is the point.
  15. I am so getting this at some point (when I have space and money to spare). I have the original, the forbidden alchemy expansion and a few of the small expansions. Despite enjoying it, we never really played it much though. It proved to be too laborious to set up and sometimes ended up feeling a bit broken. So I have all these lovely components that felt like they were just going to gather dust. Everything I hear is that it is better in every way. And I get to use all the stuff I already have!
  16. The paints will last you many more miniatures that you have, but you might find yourself buying others as you get more into it, to expand you options. I would recommend watching the Citadel YouTube videos about their paint ranges, they are full of handy tips. The internet is very much you friend, there is so much out there to look at with a little googling. I hope others come here and point you at other resources to look at. My first tip would be to look after you paints and brushes. Never rest your brushes in a cup, put caps on them when you are not using them. Be careful to keep them pointy. I lick mine to a tip all the time. Make sure you close you paint pots properly. Clean out the gunk around the lid if it begins to build up. If you do not close them properly, or they do not seal well, they will begin to dry out and may become gloopy and really hard to use.
  17. Any game with bits is going to be tricky for the driver. But barebones roleplaying might work. Ever played Goblin Quest or Fiasco?
  18. I have both those books. I bought everything 3rd edition back in the day, so I have siege and armies too. My RoC books are in pretty good nick, The Lost and the Damned particularly so. Although I was silly enough in my teenage years to photocopy the errata out of White Dwarf and glue them into the appropriate sections. They may be worth a lot, but like JoeK, I will not let them go. They mean too much to me. So many memories of youth that they conjure.
  19. I have enjoyed participating. I guess my ignoring the theme was because I have a backlog of lovely miniatures that I want to paint and nothing in it easily fit the theme. So the theme this month didn't really work for me, but if no one cares about my ignoring it, it's all good. The best thing really is giving myself a deadline to work to. It encourages me to make time to sit and paint. That is great. While I have not been very productive of late, I would have been even less so without this. So I will continue with whatever comes next, I might be lucky and it will have a theme that matches something in my backlog. Either way it will ensure I spend a bit more time at the painting table. Great work from everyone else. Feltmonkey's SDE minis particularly. Way off anything I have done. I really liked them.
  20. Great work on Gandalf. How do you do that cloth? The texture work is fab. Is it a technique or awesome control and a lot of patience?
  21. Just in before the deadline. I completed him yesterday but only took these photos just now. Usual caveats about shitty photos taken on my phone apply. Still I think he turned out well enough. Good enough to bear the close-up photos without being embarrassing anyway.
  22. Washed. Inks will come later for some shine to the leather I think but matt shades for now. And I have already sorted the bit on that front foot I missed.
  23. Totally insane that. I know it is 150mm scale, so much bigger canvas to work, on but that hardly diminishes the skill involved, particularly when you realise he built the whole thing from scratch.
  24. Base coating done. Everything that follows will make it look better.
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