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  1. Did you read this thread:), yeah I enjoyed it for the most part but was more impressed with the audio design
  2. yakumo


    Jojo 2nd part has dropped
  3. I remember watching Willow when I was young when it was on ITV. I admit it was OK, but I preferred Legend and Labyrinth with the use of more mythical creatures and monsters which I think Willow lacked. Need to watch the original again to refresh now before watching the TV series.
  4. The reason I ask is because I want to avoid the oily sheen which has happened to our family Switch.
  5. https://www.gofundme.com/f/peter-david-fund Disgraceful he has to resort to a Gofundme for help.
  6. I mean this: https://www.spigen.com/collections/steam-deck/products/steam-deck-case-rugged-armor?variant=41139474923567
  7. I mean case surrounding the deck?. Mine is either docked or being played.
  8. Has anyone finished Horizon Zero on the deck?. Hear it's kinda ropey but gets worst on the later levels?.
  9. Holy shit that was was really tense, great film but frustrating end.
  10. Skinamarink It's like watching a nightmare put to film (which I believe is what the director was shooting for). Lots of things don't make a ton of sense, some parts are intentionally meandering and feel non-linear to the overall "story", you can never really get your bearings and time doesn't play a factor in the proceedings.
  11. They really did a great job showing how dangerous and precarious a prospect the rebellion actually was. The consequences were real and sacrifices needed to be made. We got a true taste of it in Empire Strikes Back and Rogue One but the “struggle” will always be my preferred Star Wars narrative.
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