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  1. yakumo


    One Punch Man is fun but I always recommend his other work Mob Psycho
  2. Still new to 3D but so low poly model in 3DS Max then I then unwrapped with the UVs imported into Photoshop to paint and texture?. Looks great by the way, its something I like to do myself but are you a professional?. Possible to see the model and the textures please?
  3. I really enjoyed Rogue the first time round, but re watching it again it was a hard slog because its so miserable. Still feel like an idiot:(, have google in front of me as well.
  4. Her part wasn't that big in Captain Marvel plus she was a Smurf, thought I'm pretty excited to have an Asian being a big lead in a movie. It was more jarring to see omid abtahi in Rogue One and then Mando.
  5. Looks like the calart style or Ardman in 3D. Doesn't look that impressive though from the trailer.
  6. How did you do this please?
  7. I like him as a political journalist but I struggled so hard to get through Black Panther run, good for him though.
  8. Nice one Chindle, hope you feel better about yourself mate. Looks good.
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