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  1. yakumo


    Do you have a link please?
  2. yakumo

    Illustration Club

    Start with the fundamentals, Loomis is good but get Michael Hampton Figure Drawing book, I think its a much better book in understanding drawing the human body.
  3. Ah I remember Kingpin, it was this and Soldiers of Fortune which was the face of controversial games at the time.
  4. Its out there... Lovecraftian so could be hit or miss how they translate the material.
  5. Its exactly why I think its not going to happen.
  6. Apparently Bale rumoured to be Norman Osbourn which I kinda dig.
  7. yakumo

    Illustration Club

    Beautiful Darkness for an avatar and horror fan and artist too. Nice.
  8. Yeah it wasn't Battle Angel Alita wow.
  9. The issue with Joker is that it wears it's influences on its sleeve, and they're too hard to look past. If you're unfamiliar with movies like Taxi Driver and King of Comedy, Joker is going to seem absolutely groundbreaking and in this world of superhero reboots a breath of fresh air. But if you know anything about gritty 70s/80s Scorsese-style street dramas, it's old hat. There's nothing new here. And the Batman lore just kinda feels tacked on as an after thought (which I'm assuming, was very much the point).
  10. Surprisingly Ben's monologue really made the movie,it was quite emotional.
  11. Mayo reading a letter from a viewer, genuinely heart warming I thought around the negativity
  12. Gravity Falls. Not a movie but TV series but it amazingly great for kids and adults too.
  13. Man this film hit me hard, I didn't think it be that emotional.
  14. Yep one of the best things Marvel is producing next to the X-men at the moment.
  15. Marvel did do an imprint called the Max line which was equivalent to R rated content.
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