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  1. Yeah I had to take my niece and her friends to see it, and they loved it. Also for parents this is a 12A too.
  2. Because it reminiscent of an era when movie posters were bad ass, and its an homage to the talents of Drew Struzan. If you have time and the inclination, go watch the documentary
  3. Really enjoyed this movie! It felt like a great homage to Adventure comedy movies like The Mummy and Romancing the Stone. There used to be tons of adventure comedies like Jungle cruise, but for whatever reason they are few and far between now. It was nice to see the genre brought back in this film. Definitely not a perfect film, but it's a really fun time and will make for a fun rewatch. Shout out to Jesse Plemons he knew exactly the right energy to bring to the role and was super fun in every scene he was in.
  4. I'm sadly more familiar with Wagner's Batman run than his Dredd. Think I need to correct this. Also I was surprised he actually wrote the History of Violence too, great book.
  5. Did he write Burger Wars, have fond memories of that if so.
  6. What did they mess up from the comic?
  7. I admit the only Dredd I read is all the Judge Death stuff, tempting but I do prefer to read physically.
  8. Ace Attorney 1-3 is the original trilogy. AA4 is Apollo Justice. AA5 is Dual Destinies. AA6 is Spirit of Justice. Then there are two Miles Edgeworth spinoff games, but only one has been released in the west officially. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles are two spinoff prequel games that are coming officially to the west for the first time. You can play TGAA without having finished the others.
  9. Pretty much a perfect summary, its why I love Sal's works.
  10. Watching blockbusters is like eating junk food. Perfectly fine every once in a whole, bit you need actual nourishment.
  11. Anyone get the vibe Egon is going to appear as a ghost?
  12. Its a pretty fun series to watch, but yeah Tony still the man til this day.
  13. I actually do like Liam Sharp's work, but not a huge fan of the painted style. However, regarding Jim Lee, I used to adore him when I was younger in the 90s but now I'm older it isn't my cup of tea. However, really don't think he's overrated, his influence in comics cannot be understated. I think because of Jim Lee we had over a decade of clones which has made his work less special I feel. Also I love JrJr too, but I also really dig Sal Buscema who a lot of people feel is too pedestrian and dry,
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