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  1. If this came out years ago it probably make more of an impact. But when you have another superhero show with daddy issues, recently done better in invincible and to an extent the boys. Jupiter Legacy just comes across as very medicorce.
  2. I agree. Make the pilot a female, single divorced. Has issues, workaholic?, Add some social media issues and you got the template for today's modern horror.
  3. Excited to watch Ben Wheatley's new horror into the earth but found it absolutely shit. Be interested to hear what other people think, but I did not like it all.
  4. By Gawd wasn't that amazing?. I hope they don't die sacrificing themselves to save Omega. But I can see that happening.
  5. I like Troy as an actor, however, he does sound a little too pretentious for my taste and seems a bit self-absorbed in streams
  6. Watching Dark made me feel smart
  7. yakumo


    Demon Slayer movie was good, however, its predictable if you have any knowledge of Shounen tropes. But its pretty.
  8. One of the best animated features this and last year, so much fun
  9. Hoping he upload some more photos for me, but yeah can't tell hoping its just rubbish photos but seems more likely fake
  10. Someone is selling them, but not sure if they're bootlegs. Asked the seller about better photos but don't want to annoy him and insult him as he's not sure himself.
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