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  1. In no particular order, but these films stood out for me The Mitchell's vs The Machines Dune Green Knight Night House Pig Luca Malignant If I had to pick one absolute favourite, it has to be the Beatles Get Back documentary, not sure if its cheating but it was originally meant to be a cinema release.
  2. Second movie there too, wish we had a better quality version.
  3. Thanks for the recommend guys, currently watching the George Harrison documentary. I admit its been a while since I thought about the Beatles until I saw the trailer of the documentary . I grew up listening to them religiously when I was younger, dad only had the red and blue album but I demolished that tape rewinding it listening on repeat ad naseum. Then came napster and I got every album they made, but then grunge came and metal and I sort of fell out of listening to the Beatles. I don't think I got bored with them, but the trappings of being a teenager and emotional angst, grunge and metal just resonated more at the time. The years past and I don't think I actually listened to the Beatles properly until now, just all the memories, and how bloody great they were. Also fond memories of watching Yellow Submarine on CH4 after Boxing day. But yeah the Beatles are alright.
  4. Young Glyn Jones looked like Cillian Murphy. Besides from the anthology and The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years, anything else people recommend and any other music documentaries too?.
  5. The gold plating is there to prevent rust. Because gold does not rust. It has zero influence on the sound. For audio interconnects it is nice to have gold plated interconnects but it is so little gold it isn't worth paying a premium for a "gold" version. Having a cable meet a standard and be properly shielded and of a proper gauge to keep to the standard for the length of the cable is more important than the plating on the connector. The rule of thumb is that if you‘re going to plug and unplug it often, go for gold or gold-plated connectors. If they‘re planned for a „set and forget“ kind of setup then the regular ones are fine
  6. Can't go wrong with Roland https://www.andertons.co.uk/roland-5ft-1-5m-interconnect-cable-dual-1-4-inch-1-4-inch
  7. It was Mal who switched off the amps on the request from the police, I watched it again and didn't see them going anywhere near them.
  8. I just realised Shed 7 Going for Gold riff sounds similar to I got a Feeling.
  9. Finished the documentary, and pretty gutted it ended. I wish we could have seen them complete the rest of the songs for the album but overall I could easily could have done with more. Going to watch Let it Be, then a rewatch of the Beatles Anthology.
  10. If you're watching Golden Wind, then there's 3 more arcs and a new arc called Jojolands announced this year.
  11. Advent Calender on Shudder is really good. Go watch it and tell me I'm wrong.
  12. Besides from all the Hailee Steinfeld love, I didn't know Alaqua Cox was actually deaf and also an amputee.It shouldn't matter but this woman is amazing.
  13. Yeah Mal Evan's life took a turn for the worst once they split up, and ended in tragedy The Day Beatles Assistant Mal Evans Was Killed by Police
  14. Razer entering the market too, though with the specs its going to sound expensive.
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