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  1. Just watched the Skin I lived in, OK its old but WTF?!!. Always passed this by as I assumed it was just a remake of the great Eyes without a Face.
  2. Me too but I know he's a big Twitch streamer.
  3. I know but it could be also because they're found out he's not a real doctor. Its not a stunt though, emotes, refunds are now been sent back.
  4. Doubt it, if he was arrested there's paperwork and his mug would be plastered over the internet so fast.
  5. Flashpoint would be a good reset for the whole status quo But Erza Miller probably be gone...
  6. Also thought this would be the best place but have a MPC Live for sale if anyone is interested, pm me but need money so selling
  7. Hope this is OK to ask but does anyone know if you can get Komplete on disc?, have the serial but its been a pita to download any of them on slow internet. Was hoping I could get the discs from somewhere and copy them over and get Access to activate them
  8. If you think KSI is bad then you be sorely disappointed. There's this cunt who's worst and has millions of subscribers.
  9. I hear its one of those live service type of games
  10. Am the only person who thinks Train to Busan was over hyped?, its solid but I'm surprised how many people have this in their top 10 horror movies ever. Outranking Tale of 2 Sisters!!
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