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  1. Thanks, I be asking for the book for Christmas now. However, can I ask what did you mean by What did they exactly do?, also is the Q&A on TV tape to hear. For me I never got the hate for Paul, he was always one of my Beatles and its sad to hear what happened to him.
  2. Holy crap, I need to read this book ASAP. This is genuinely sad to read.
  3. Quick question but song credits, for example it states Mcartney/Lennon for Get Back, however, when we see Paul sculpt the song Harrison has help in creating the chord progressions. So how come we don't see his name in the credits?. Another example is all the lead stuff he creates for various songs, surely that deserves to have a credit?.
  4. One of my favourite moments was Ringo playing piano which I didn't know he could. Seeing him play boogie woogie style with Paul was simply amazing.
  5. Of interest why was it silly?, or was this simply because it would have been easier on a 486(think that was around the time) at the time?.
  6. What can you do?, Lennon from all accounts was suffering from depression and taking copious amounts of drugs, he knew they had a deadline to make and any blow out will set them back further.
  7. As much as John was a dick to George, George was pretty abrasive to Paul and mocking to him when they were figuring out a song too. Only Ringo comes out of this so far looking like gold.
  8. Yeah Paul didn't want to be the boss and you can see he hated it. Epstein was really integral to the Beatles wellbeing.
  9. Its why I was apprehensive watching it, but |stayed up til 4 in the morning just lost watching episode 2. It really is that good, I wish I had a bigger screen and better sound system to watch this really.
  10. John was on heroin(Due to Clapton introducing it to him apparently) at the time, and other drugs. Plus John was supportive of George, in one moment in when he trying to figure out a guitar part, George says “we need Eric (Clapton)” and John replies “No, we need George Harrison”. Also today its 20 years today that Harrison died.
  11. I forget how funny the Beatles were, they had a great sharp wit and sense of humor. Also mind blown at Get back, that was pretty magical right there.
  12. Yeah sorry was on mobile, thought I added spoiler tags
  13. Yup, it was stupid. I got tonal whiplast from Part 2. It can't decide if it wants to be mature or the goofy Filmation series in between.
  14. Exact same things as I had, personally I didn't like it at all. Just looked ugly but she had the power so had to fit accordingly but man it was eughhh.
  15. Because he was Professor Hulk, CG cost money and it was expensive enough with the huge amounts of CG already.
  16. Its bonkers as he has a decent mobile phone but he wants a handheld just to play retro stuff on. But the N64 is still enigma to emulate on, I admit playing and finishing Perfect Dark would be something that would be attractive.
  17. Need to get a friend something that can play N64 stuff OK as a present, any suggestions please?
  18. Anyone watch Titane?, film is wild.
  19. Thanks for the replies, going to watch this on my own instead then in the background while working.
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