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  1. Holy shit that was was really tense, great film but frustrating end.
  2. Skinamarink It's like watching a nightmare put to film (which I believe is what the director was shooting for). Lots of things don't make a ton of sense, some parts are intentionally meandering and feel non-linear to the overall "story", you can never really get your bearings and time doesn't play a factor in the proceedings.
  3. They really did a great job showing how dangerous and precarious a prospect the rebellion actually was. The consequences were real and sacrifices needed to be made. We got a true taste of it in Empire Strikes Back and Rogue One but the “struggle” will always be my preferred Star Wars narrative.
  4. Nice, cannot wait til the evening.
  5. Going to watch it tonight and cannot wait, but is the finale good or should I temper my expectations?.
  6. I liked this, did not have much interest but family wanted to see it and it was decent. My only gripe is Riri Williams but that was about it from just getting out.
  7. Not at the moment, due to my poor internet speeds I been downloading games from my library. However, next thing on my agenda is Snatcher and finding out the best method to play it. Best bet is emudeck and plonking the rom to play it unless I'm mistaken?.
  8. Thanks for everyone replying back, I'm going to be that cool uncle and buy it for her early.
  9. Yeah you're right, she's young that she wouldn't care. So much has been made about the performance that I wondered if it's detrimental to the game overall.
  10. Is the performance that bad?, going to buy this for my niece.
  11. How does it run?, I'm tempted to do this myself if the performance is decent. However, from reading thought Win updates causes issues?. Off topic, downloaded Cyberpunk. Using the default steam deck profile and I'm impressed. I have a rig which I use for 3D work which I could use to play this. But there's something cool just sitting in bed playing Cyberpunk. I'm warming towards the deck, I spent more time tinkering and downloading than playing. It's obvious too, but getting a deck is a no brainer if you're steam library is big. Sadly my collection is fragmented from Itch.IO, Epic, etc that work arounds is the only way.
  12. Thanks I heard it was messy due to the file structure?. While I would try both, I just want to dump some roms and play from the get go and not have to think about it too much. Been tinkering with the deck and it's been bit of a struggle.
  13. Is Emudeck better than Retrodeck from people's experiences?.
  14. Thought it was for your son.
  15. Thanks for the reply that was very helpful. Since my net is slow I don't wish to download 30+ gigs for a game to find out it doesn't run well. Also thank you for the link, first time I heard of Protondb.
  16. If I use Heroic Launcher would the games perform worst than say Steam counterparts?.
  17. I know Jim Sterling is attached to this so interested, thanks for the heads up
  18. Thanks, been trying to adjust it and tinker with other settings, think it's just me and I have to get used to it.
  19. Never owned a car before but I'm glad I'm not imagining it:) . Also for people who use it in desktop mode, is the trackpad twitchy?, not sure if its because I have to get used to it but it feels like a bad Windows trackpad without precision drivers. Using it with a mouse, but hopefully when playing games it feel better as its one of those things people are positive about.
  20. So setting up everything on the Deck, its nice but not sure because mine is used but it has this funny plastic smell. It reminds me of something I can't place my finger on. Haven't had chance to play anything since games are so big, and my net isn't super fast. Think I try emulation and get Snatcher working on it. At the moment using as a mini computer for basic computer work connected to a monitor.
  21. Quick question so a windeck is basically a windows only installation. Interested to know why people would want to do that since surely performance would take a hit?.
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