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  1. Thanks, going to have a look.
  2. Just a case of grinding, but yeah I prefer sculpting to just point pushing.
  3. Nice, can I ask what resources are you learning UE4 from please?
  4. Nice, was this UV too?
  5. Absolute GOAT. Spent hundreds of hours listening to the man, can't believe he's gone. Hard to fathom that I'll never hear anything else from him. All the best to his family.
  6. This film hits a bit too hard, the idea of feeling very lost. Which makes me wonder if the number 22 was chosen very intentionally to reflect the kind of pressure that’s thrust upon you - the pressure to make something of yourself (esp. that mentor seminar scene), when it’s perfectly fine to just exist.
  7. Yeah I was thinking of that, however, if you're putting this in UE4 tris wouldn't be an issue?.
  8. Looking good, how are you going to do the eyes?.
  9. Yeah I'm still trying to get my head around ngons, tris. I thought learning 3D it just be a case of pulling and extruding faces, and vertices but there's an actual science to it.
  10. I enjoyed the ideas but I wish they had a higher budget to execute the scares which failed for me.
  11. Don't Listen or Voces is worth watching too.
  12. If my boy Ninja isn't in the movie I going to fan rage.
  13. looks great, are you using all quads or mixing with tri in places?. For me I tried doing the low poly character but it was always the arms and chest section when I tried to learn how to rig. need more loops for movement apparently.
  14. yakumo

    Smashing Pumpkins

    I haven't bought anything from SP since Adore, but be interested to know too since I hear its a spiritual successor to Mellon Collie. Though I do find it hard to enjoy his music when Corgan is such a dick.
  15. That rascal, my only complaint about Rebels is the art styling. Wish it was more akin to Clone Wars.
  16. Clone Wars made me love Star Wars, never quite get it but I understand why now. Plus getting the despecialized version of the original films just reaffirmed it.
  17. Clone Wars last season and the last arc was amazing. Ahsoka is the best. However, my only gripe with the episode is with her confrontation at the end, there's no way this could have happened.
  18. Been learning Blender this year to learn modelling to try and get a job in a mobile game industry making assets. Anyway its been something, I was surprised how much stuff is involved, from stuff like quads and ngons, to actually texture stuff learning to UV, and then lighting etc. Progress from around First Lockdown
  19. Graphic novel, maybe HBO Max but can see a farewell season or at worst a movie. Man I'm going to miss those goofballs.
  20. Also this was fucking rad, Alfie is the best.
  21. I just finished watching this and yeah I didn't enjoy this, just dragged on and by the end I just wanted it to end. Instead watch Goedam, a Korean series dedicated to folk tales, urban legends, and the usual spooky stories you'll find in the average high school or workplace. Personally, I find it just the slightest bit over the top, but at an average of 5-10 minutes apiece its a perfect slice of horror. The gore is excellent, as is the tension leading to the big reveal, and theres plenty of new takes on old stories- and if you don't like one episode, you can skip to t
  22. Finally the sequel is out. Classic "penance paid for sin" type horror, with effective gore. It's like an Indonesian take on Evil Dead.
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